bucket dream meaning

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams that include a bucket are quite common because our dreams often contain the same everyday objects we use in our daily waking lives. However, these items, when placed inside a dream, have interesting symbolic meanings.

The most effective way to interpret bucket dreams is to remember the specifics of the dream sequence, like the condition of the bucket and exactly what it you were doing with it, for example. It is also important to think about what was contained in the bucket, or pail, if anything, and what you did with the contents. A bucket may be a rather mundane household object, but in the context of a dream, it can deliver a strong message.

In your dream, you may have

  • Seen a bucket.
  • Found a pail on the beach.
  • Witnessed an overflowing bucket.
  • Had a bucket with a hole in it.
  • Carried a bucket from one place to another.
  • Noticed the bucket was dirty or full of disgusting muck.
  • Had trouble picking it up, because the bucket was too heavy to lift.
  • Used a brand new, shiny bucket.
  • Moved a bucket full of water.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Discovered a pail on the beach.
  • Carried a bucket.
  • Discovered a shiny new bucket.
  • Lifted a full bucket.
  • Transported a bucket full of water without spilling.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you dream of a bucket or there is a bucket in your dream, this may symbolize females around you. If you see or carry a bucket in your dream, there may be an improvement in your current situation. If you come across a bucket on the beach, then this often serves a subconscious reminder that you need to slow down and enjoy the good things in life.

If the bucket in your dream appears full, this means you will experience abundance, love and wealth. If the bucket is too heavy for you to carry, you are feeling overwhelmed. Consider this a strong warning to start pacing yourself and to assess your current workload in your waking life.

If the bucket is empty, it signifies you will overcome a loss or conflict. To dream of an empty bucket may also indicate you feel empty inside or that something is missing from your life. If in your dream, you are holding or carrying an empty bucket, you may have a complacent or lazy mind set. An empty bucket may also signify that you are a person who does not make plans for the future. If you dream you are near an empty bucket, you could be struggling within yourself. An empty bucket may indicate your need for a change in your overall outlook on life, which is keeping you from being successful.

A bucket with a hole in it or one that is overflowing with water is a connection to your emotional well-being. However, carrying a bucket full of water means mental stability and positive energy. A full bucket also indicates you possess the power of foresight, which may result in financial success. To dream that the bucket has a hole in it may signify that someone in your life is telling you to leave them alone. A bucket full of holes may be a reflection of your inner feelings of rejection or disappointment. If you spill the contents of a bucket in your dream, this can represent worrying about unpredictable circumstances in the future.

If the bucket is dirty or dented, it could indicate the desire to fix any mental or emotional problems or to do a stringent cleaning of your waking environment. It could also signify the need to dig below the surface of a situation that has been troubling you. If the bucket is full of dirty water or muck, your dream may symbolize that you harbor feelings of anxiety, resentment, and anger. Carrying a bucket full of sludge could also indicate that you have a health problem or are worried about someone close to you who is sick or in some sort of serious trouble.

If the bucket in your dream is brand new, this means you are happy with your life and things are going well and will continue to do so. An empty bucket that appears in between, meaning it is neither dirty, nor shiny, may symbolize you are feeling empty, but you will overcome your sense of loss in the near future.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • An improvement in your situation.
  • The need to slow down and enjoy life more.
  • Solving a problem that has been worrying you.
  • Repressed feelings of rejection and disappointment.
  • The desire to change or clean your surroundings.
  • Being confident in your ability to make plans for the future.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a bucket

  • Overwhelmed and over-worked.
  • Success and confidence.
  • Emptiness or feeling left out.
  • Peace of mind and happiness.
  • Guilt from not doing enough.
  • Anger or resentment.
  • Worry and fear.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012