Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

The neck is the support system for the head and there is much figurative alliteration that can be taken from dreams of the neck.

Whether it is sticking your neck out or having a long neck or twisting your neck, dreams of the neck often represent you in a situation in your life and how you should be handling yourself. Neck dreams also act as warnings and should be paid attention to and heeded accordingly. To dream of a thick neck, signifies that you are becoming very quarrelsome and quick-tempered.

In this dream you may have...

  • Slapped something away from your neck.
  • Been focused on your neck or someone else.
  • Been choked, strangled, or hung by the neck.
  • Tied something around your neck.
  • Noticed someone’s neck.
  • Saw a woman with a man’s neck or a man with a woman’s neck.
  • Had your head chopped off at the neck.
  • Chopped someone’s head off from the neck.
  • Had your neck turn red.
  • Had a different kind of neck – longer. (growing) or short (shrinking)

Positive changes are a foot if…

  • Your neck is long.
  • You notice the neck of someone you have a romantic interest in.

Detailed dream meaning...

The direction of your neck in a dream or noticing the side of a neck is an important key to the meaning. When you are focused on the front or sides of the neck it is representative of being a forward thinker or capitalizing on your feelings/emotions. It can also be a sign of confidence. If you notice the neck of someone you are interested in then it is a sign of mutual attraction.

When you are focused on the back of someone’s neck, it means that you need to turn them around and get them to listen to you. You may be feeling that they are ignoring you or suppressing your feelings about them. Feeling something on the back of your neck can indicate that you need to watch your neck or be careful who you are vouching for in the real world. Sort of like, watch who you stick your neck out for – it is a warning.

The length of the neck is also important. A neck that is growing or long is indicative of a high confidence level and making good choices regarding networking or social topics. The opposite is true for a short or shrinking neck.

When you are feeling tension in your neck or feeling strangled by your neck the psyche is trying to tell you that there are relationships and people around you that are taking advantage of you. You are being forced to be a certain way or you are having beliefs shoved down your throat. When there is someone specifically strangling you in a dream then this is a direct message for you to stay away or avoid this person. This person is likely to be trouble for you. Do not ignore this sign in a dream! Likewise if you are being hung from the neck in a dream, this is a warning to watch the people around you and be careful who you are trusting. It is likely someone is trying to get you in trouble or waiting to take advantage of you.

In very violent dreams, sometimes there will be visions of having your head chopped off from the neck, such as with a sword or guillotine. When the neck is severed you should be aware that your opinions are not being heard or that your voice is not being listened too. Because the neck is where the vocal cords are and controls speech, it is sometimes a representation of our ability to communicate, being able to express what we want, as well as confidence levels. These areas of your life need to be focused on when you have dreams of the neck as well.

When you tie something around your neck in a dream then the color and item is very important to interpret also. For example if it is a red tie, it is likely associated with feelings of power or passion regarding an issue in the workplace.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Needing assistance or hope.
  • Dealing with health issues.
  • Worried about health of a friend or family member.
  • Unsure on your path in life or if you are making the right choices.
  • Searching for wisdom.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream near-death experiences…

Afraid. Scared. Timid. Nervous. Resistant. Lost. Hopeless. Worried. Free. Happy. Shocked. Dismay. Wondrous. Wonderful. Light. Godly. Translucent. Helpful. Curious. Loved. Accepted.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012