Dream About Water Inside Or Outside A House

Dream About Flood Inside Or Outside A House

Dream About Flood Water Inside Or Outside A House

There’s a flood of emotions coming straight for you. It's exciting to wake up the morning after a dream of a flooded house. You have just experienced a life-changing moment - our bodies are made up of water and it is vital to drink water to survive. The flood indicates our own subconscious mind and also the energy from within - this needs releasing. Just like the flood rises up, you need to rise up. You have control! You have the power! This is your time. The key message here is to: raise up and raise your standards. 

It's amazing when you start to raise your standards, this becomes a powerful thing. This could be from making sure you are not treated poorly in relationships to raising your worth at work. And yes, I have been having dreams about a flooded house, and I have raised my standards in all areas of life. It is now your time. You have endless control to change your life. This dream is like a shadow that will help you move out of the dark into the light.

Dreams of flood water outside your house

I'm excited to share that this dream is about making sure you don't let the water in. Water in dreams is connected to emotions. If you dreamed that you looked out of your house and you could see a flood then this is associated with your emotions right now. If the "threat" of the water was to come into your home then you don't feel safe about how you are mentally feeling. It could indicate you are having a hard time emotionally due to a threat. Perhaps you were worried about the water entering your home, you were preparing your house for flooding or you could see outside and water levels were rising. The dream is connected to your own responsibility and can also indicate that you are carrying so much burden, which could be financial as it is directly associated with your house. Water is about our emotions and a house is about ourselves. The first floor (ground) is about our own conscious mind, and likely you are feeling threatened. If the flood was on the upper floors then this is about your spiritual development in life.

The other important element is to look at the house. Is this a house you recognize? If you dream of your house positioned by water (such as a river or sea) in a dream but in reality, it is not, then this could indicate there is something painful on your mind. If you are single it could represent that you are unsure about a new love who is giving you mixed signals. The water consistency is another clue as to your own feelings, if murky or discolored it could suggest feeling overwhelmed. Something outside is out of control, someone might be out of control and it could symbolically feel that you are having emotions that are unresolved and could be due to a breakup/divorce a move away from your property. If the floodwater did not enter your house then I do feel this means that you will be safe. In very small instances the dream could be a premonition that there could be an event of flooding due to heavy rain. If the water level outside keeps rising this means a situation is going to get out of control, the advice here is to be less emotional and think logically and calmly. If in the dream the water did not come into the home and you remained dry this is positive and means an outcome will be in your favor. Remaining dry is a good omen. If you have been crying then the flood in a dream could suggest you're crying emotions. To get to safety or using a rescue boat or float to remove yourself from the danger is another positive omen. I know these dreams are worrying but remember that you can conquer any adversities in life. 

There was one strange dream whereby I was suddenly living by a river that flooded. In real life, my house is positioned on a hill. Therefore, this dream was about the emotions I was feeling and the fact my house was in danger as I was going through a breakup. In addition, the flooded water was moving my house around, which indicates my emotions were simply out of control. If your house is moving or damaged in the dream it can indicate the lack of control you are currently feeling. Remember things will pass. 

Dream of flood water inside your house

If you dream of your home being flooded, it represents your emotional state. You’re probably overwhelmed by your emotions about a family situation. If you could see your childhood home, it probably has to do something with your childhood and your family. Perhaps you’re repressing your emotion about a certain matter but they haunt you in your dreams. Or you will forgot about something that happened long ago and it’s coming back into your life. You’re probably becoming more aware of your life, in general, and about your whole existence. A flooded home in dreams is often interpreted as a negative sign. However, it’s not. It’s a simple representation of your personal struggles and what you’re facing in your waking life, probably something related to your past and your family. You might also be experiencing conflicts with a family member or have negative feelings for a family member. If the water was withdrawing (away from your house), it might represent a lost battle against a family member due challenging circumstances. If you were cleaning your home after it was flooded, it denotes the effort you put to deal with your inner child and heal from difficulties that may arise in the near future.

If your home was ruined by a flood in your dream state, it’s a sign of upcoming conflicts or tensions. Your dream wants to warn you about a possible escalation of issues with part of life you’re avoiding. You should confront your own thoughts and feelings about others. It won’t go away without facing things first. Your dream might also highlight intense emotions and that you’re being overwhelming.

What does it mean to see a house filling up with water?

Seeing a home filling up with water indicates emotions are running high. It can represent that comfort in life is of ultra importance. Also, a house move is predicted (as I have already mentioned).

Type of water:

Seeing lakes and rivers particularly the sea indicates the waters of the mind and above all the collective according to the dream psychologist Sigmund Freud.

What does it mean to dream of a house full of water?

The house is a representation of the self. If we think about the dream it can represent our own images and also what we reflect in daily life. As an archetypal symbol, it can represent emotions, comfort and our feelings of being safe. If the house was underwater then this can be quite a powerful dream. If you were frightened in any way the symbolism could be associated with any dangers or worries about your future residence.

As the water itself posed a risk to the home it could indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by something important in life. If the house is completely submerged in water during the dream this represents our emotions, memories, and also past failures. It's important to take the advice that you must move on in life. In most dream dictionaries water is connected to our own emotions and how we express these towards others.

The flow and general color of the water are equally important. If the water was clear then this is a positive dream, but rarely is the water crystal clear.  Water can relate to religion and also how we connect with other people. If the water is polluted or looks mucky in any way then this can signify there will be some difficulties in regards to emotion.

The water quality itself is also important. If it was deep this can represent deep emotions. Think about how the water was represented in your dream. With the water clean? Did the water pose a risk to you or others? Was a water very deep? Did the water pose a risk to you or your family? Was the water motion turbulent? All these answers can give you a clue to how you're feeling right now. Especially in connection with your home.

What does it mean to dream of the ocean inside or outside your house?

I mentioned earlier that I have encountered many dreams involving water and houses. One particular dream there was the ocean embedded in the bottom of the house. I could only view the house from the outside. This is a typical dream of how our subconscious mind is working. The ocean itself is a representation of how we move through the difficulties and problems in life. The flow and the tide and waves are also important the more turbulent the water the rougher you are feeling in connection to a relationship. If you see waves lapping against a house then this can signify the flexibility that you have in order to work through your problems. The upper level of a house is associated with our spiritual life and lower our physical.

What does it mean to see a house immersed in water?

If a house is completely covered in water in your dream this is an expression of how you're feeling. It can indicate your feeling overwhelmed about a problem or a new direction that you're going to be moving towards. The fact that the house is submerged in water can also symbolize that in the future things will work out well.

Dreams about a flood water inside your house

Floods are connected to our own emotions and the feeling of being overburned in life. To see objects floating in a home (due to a flood) represents difficult feelings of others. There is a struggle that is indicated in this dream. You should not worry. The flood is your feelings about how you are living your life right now. Maybe you wish to change things. There may be a problem between your mind, spirit, and also emotions. Stopping a flood in a dream is a great omen. If you are gathering sandbags to prevent the flood from entering is symbol of trying to “stop” something in life. You know something is coming that is going to effect your safety and you are trying to stop it.

What does it mean to dream about a staircase filled with water?

To dream about a staircase reveals your overall progress in life and your personal sense of hierarchy. It indicates that you’re not standing in one place, but moving in a specific direction. The staircase represents a symbol of movement.

Perhaps you’re making some efforts to get to your promise land. And by promise land, I mean a place of calm, comfort and peace. It’s a place you always dream about. A place where all your prayers are answered and where you can feel completely accepted.

Staircase in dreams also represents the current steps you’re taking. But to fully interpret your dream, you have to pay attention to details such as the structure of the staircase, the condition of the staircase, and the direction you’re taking in your dream state. If you saw yourself on a staircase in your dream it signifies inevitable success.

However, it doesn’t guarantee happiness and fulfillment. Maybe you will have to take a bigger step to feel that way. Meaning, you will have to move forward instead of looking back. Apply changes that are crucial for your happiness. For example, if you’re in a toxic relationship at the moment, leave to feel happy again and focus on success.

To dream of a staircase means you’re given the freedom to choose between going up, going down or standing in one place. And you know that only one of those choices guarantees real happiness. Now that you know more about the staircase as a symbol in dreams, let’s talk about staircase filled with water in dreams.

I have talked about water like a dream symbol in previous articles. But let me remind you that it symbolizes the unconscious and emotions. So, if you dream of staircase filled with water, you’re probably going through a spiritual, mental, physical or emotional transition in waking life. And it’s probably difficult for you because you feel overwhelmed by your own emotions.

You could be facing materialistic and financial problems too and you feel helpless. Water represents one of the most common symbols in dreams. But not a staircase. So, you’re probably facing a weird situation. But as long as emotions (water) is involved, you’ll be just fine because you will experience an emotional breakthrough very soon.

What does it mean to dream of an unknown house flooded?

The house as a symbol in dreams has multiple interpretations. It all depends on the details in your dream state, such as the condition of the house and how you felt about it. But, in overall, it stands for safety, privacy, and comfort. To dream of different states and parts of a house, represents different things and emotions, as well as mental states. If you saw yourself walking into an unknown house or just saw an unknown house in your dream, it symbolizes the inner changes you’re facing. If you are going through some type of transition and you’re probably not able to recognize where you should be headed. Your dream reveals certain aspects of your personality that remain unknown but in order to feel better about yourself and evolve in life. An unknown house in dreams might represent suppressed fears, emotions or memories that you don’t want to face but they’re constantly coming back to you. To see an unknown person in an unknown house in your dream signifies a part of your soul that’s subdued.

What does it mean to dream of buying an unknown house which floods?

To buy a house in your dream, in general, symbolizes commitment to something important and big in waking life. You’re about to integrate something important into your life that will probably change it for better. Are you choosing the normal things over the things you would rather do and focus on?. Time will show if you made a mistake or did the right thing. However, if you bought an unknown house which floods, it means you’re making the wrong decision. Or you’re just overwhelmed by many things and don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore. Either way, your dream is trying to warn you of a possible danger that will cost you much. Listen to your gut. I kept dreaming of a house flooded by a river once and this dream kept coming back over and over again. It means that I was taking on too much at the time. Think about if you are taking on too much!

What does it mean to dream of clear water entering a house?

As I have said before, water is connected to emotions. And it usually symbolizes the unconscious and hidden thoughts. For example, seeing a lake, an ocean, or a pool in your dream reflects the unconscious itself. So, to dream of water entering your house or any house in your dream foretells your emotional state. You’re probably overwhelmed by emotions or have a lot on your plate right now. Are you scared of making an important decision or are worried about facing a certain issue? Perhaps you’re avoiding confrontation with your emotions too. But as long as the water is clear and clean in the dream, you have nothing to worry about. It represents a change or risk but either will affect you and your life in a positive manner.

What does it mean to dream of ocean water inside a house?

I just mentioned that seeing the ocean water in your dream reflects the unconscious. So, it’s safe to assume that dreaming of ocean water entering your house signifies change entering your life and improving your relationships, especially the relationship you have with your family. Perhaps you’re feeling lonely and depressed but it will all go away soon.

Your dream has a positive meaning. It stands for something big happening in your life. It will be major and result in a transformation of your personality. If you’re having a dream of crashing waves against your home, you need to ask yourself if you’re going with the flow? Perhaps you’re planning life too much and it results in disappointment because it doesn’t always go as planned.

In summary, the symbol of a house in water can help move towards greater insight in the future. There are no doubt emotions that are running wild and you are in control.

By Flo Saul
Sep 27, 2018