Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Marathon is a long distance running event. In a dream, a marathon signifies a struggle or an ongoing challenge.

The struggle is going to be long and demands preparation long before the event to prepare the body. Endurance must be developed and the will to finish the race must be instilled. Few people choose to undergo the rigors of training for a marathon. Thus, to see a marathon event in a dream could mean different things depending on whether the dreamer was merely a spectator or among the participants.

If the dreamer is one of the participants in the marathon, it could mean that what he has prepared for has now come. Was he confident in the dream, ready to race? Or was he a little bewildered, feeling out of place? A feeling of bewilderment could mean that perhaps the dreamer is being warned of an impending struggle ahead, a long tedious struggle. If the dreamer is confident, the dream is an affirmation of his readiness and eagerness to start on a challenge that he has been waiting for.

Participants in a marathon usually join not for the material reward for winning the race but more for the satisfaction of having accomplished a daunting task. Thus, someone who dreams of being in a marathon could be:

  • A person who has not found personal satisfaction in his life and seeks it.
  • He is forewarned of an impending challenge or problem that he has been avoiding but will soon be imposed on him.
  • What he is planning to do will take dedication and time.
  • He could be pursuing a love interest that will take time to grow.
  • There is an incoming challenge that will take time and strength for him to overcome.

Someone who dreamed of seeing someone else in a marathon could mean:

  • The other person could be someone he knows who is going to have a big challenge up ahead.
  • The other person’s difficulties could be the dreamer’s doing.
  • The person he dreamed of could be someone he likes and beyond his reach.
  • The person he dreamed of could be in love with someone else, or busy with work or project and cannot take notice of the dreamer.

The environment where the race was held could also have meanings. A cloudy day or rain could mean frustration in love. A clear day could mean there is hope for success.

A multitude of participants in the marathon could mean the dreamer must realize that the struggles or challenges are not unique to him. Sparse participants could mean the dreamer feels lonely facing life alone. Perhaps, it is time to have some social activities that are devoid of competition.

The terrain for the marathon could have sexual connotation. If the terrain is narrow and uphill, the dreamer could have sexual frustrations. If the terrain is of wide vista, the dreamer could be:

  • A person seeking freedom from a commitment or responsibility.
  • A person seeking a job that entails traveling.
  • A person seeking time for himself without abandoning his duties.

Some psychologists, prominently Freud, posit that dreams mostly have sexual symbolism. This is usually with visions of water, narrow, long, uphill roads, or passages, staircase, and others.

Still, what the dreamer associate the things in his dreams with is also significant to the interpretation. For instance, the flower violets in a dream could be associated with the French viol, with no sexual connotation. But, if the dreamer associate the flower violet to the word violate, it could have sexual connotation.

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2013