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Text Message

Text Message.

A text message in a dream is associated with communication.

To receive a text message is associated with changes that will take place in life. If the text message is on your phone and you receive a voicemail along with the message it suggests a difficult situation in life. To send a text message in some old dream dictionaries foretells that a difficult situation will enter your life. 

A text message on an iphone in your dream indicates that someone will become a great friend of yours. To be unable to read the text message denotes that communication problems will stand in your way.

If you have seen or sent a text message in a dream it suggests a communication or message. If you have seen a text message in regards to a written message denotes a new short termed relationship. If the text message is written in careless english you need to foresee a situation that can effect a relationship.

Sometimes people dream of the text messages which are full of words and neatly written.  If you dream of a neatly written text message in an envelope (which is not sealed) this shows that you need to relax more. You must congratulate yourself you are unmarried person. If you have seen a text message on a mobile phone this could be a warning in life, please be careful with associates or fake friends, as there may be sudden endings of lifelong relationship in waking life.

In your dream you may have seen:

  • A text message with colorful pictures.
  • Text massage flying in the sky but you cannot reach.
  • A crumpled text message.
  • A torn pieces of text message.
  • People staring at a text message.
  • Text message with strange letters.
  • Text message on a mobile phone.
  • Text message on an iphone.
  • Text message on an ipad.
  • Text message on a smartphone.
  • Sending text messages.
  • Recieving a text message.

Detailed description:

Text messaging in life is extreamly popular. Sometimes we send hundereds of texts a day. To dream your lover texted you on the phone suggests a love relationship. If your friend text you in the dream someone is going to check your intentions. A text message sent via an electronic device: ipad, iphone, smartphone or a mobile phone then others are going to support you in a dificult in life. You may discover that someone will frantically try to raise your expectations. To dream of sending text messages indicates that you need to get fit - maybe go to the gym more regually. In the age of obesity, it is a sign that we need to be more active in life and this dream shows that by sending the text message it is a communication from spirit to take care of yourself - through diet or emotionally. If you dream a text message was written down on paper you will meet someone who will light up your life. If the writing is coloured then this indicates happy times. Color writing in dreams is associated with the things we love such as friends, wealth, love. To win a prize via text message in your dream suggests that family and friends will be supportive. 

A crumpled old text message points out to a sorrowful situation in life. 

Torn pieces of paper in this dream is negative. It may be loss of occupation wealth, position. For lovers it may be a sad ending to the relationship.

People who are staring at a text message on the phone but cannot read them indicates a good social life. You are going to hear some good news if you dream of sending a text message abroad in your dream. For parents it may be a new son or a daughter. 

Some people dream of picture text messages with strange pictures or letters; it may be a symbol of oncoming strange or sudden change of your life. To dream that text messages contain a photo of someone or something is a suggestion that you need to take a holiday. Maybe consider a tour or cruise. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a text message...

 Anxiety, Fright, Enjoyment, distaste and anger.

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