Face reading

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Amazing face reading. Understand hidden features of the face.

Mouth types

Flat Mouth

Large Mouth

Square Mouth

Wide Mouth

Thin Cut Mouth

Crooked Mouth

The "M" Mouth

Smiling Mouth

Wrinkled Mouth

Open Mouth

Lower Mouth

Revealing Mouth

Unrevealed Teeth

Pinching Mouth

Wide Smile

Biting Lip

Lines On Lips

Unbalanced Lip

Protruding Lips

Sunken Lips

Solitary Lines

Blowing Kiss

Cherry Mouth

Leaf Mouth

Grained Mouth

The Pout Mouth

Crescent Moon

Cupid's Bow Lips



Long Thin Lips

Boat Mouth

Pearl in the Sea

Beauty Spot Mout


Snake Mouth

Cow Mouth

Pigeon Mouth

Dragon Mouth

Ridged Mouth

Kiss Me Now

Lower Mouth

Protruding Mouth

The Rat Mouth

Tiger Mouth

Goat Mouth

Piggy Mouth

Ear types

Low Set Ears

Broad Ears

Protruding Ears

Forward Slanting

Backward Slantin

Face Sticking Ea

Fan Ears

High & Low Set I

Big & Small Imba

Imbalanced Ears

Metal Ears

Water Ears

Fire Ears

Wood Ears

Earth Ears

Chess Piece Ears

Arrow Feather Ea

Fetal Arrow Ears

Open Flower Ears

No Ridge Ears

Large Wind Gap E

Sunken Life Gate

Double Pearl Fac

Pearl in the Ear

Buddha Ears

Round ears

Hard Ears

Reversed Ears

Narrow Ears

Thick Ears

High Set Ears

Eye types

Downward Slantin

Upward Facing Ti

Wheel Eyes

Big Watery Eyes

Small and Watery

Small, Long, and

Dreamy Eyes

Cat Eyes

Snake eyes

Small Eyes

Very Small Eyes

Small and Long E

Big Eyes

Overly Big Eyes

Black Eyes

Blue Eyes

Brown Eyes

Green Eyes

Hazel Eyes

Protruding Eyes

Sideward Gazing

Yin Yang Eyes

High-low Eyes

Close Set Eyes

Far Set Eyes

Triangle Eyes

Single Eyelid Ey

Droopy Eyelids

Double Eyelids

High Focused Eye

Low Focused Eyes

Nose types

Large Nose

Small Nose

Fleshy Nose

Flat nose

Crooked Nose

Long Nose

Flat nose

Crooked Nose

Short nose

Pointy Nose

Bony Nose

Rounded / Bulbou

Dipping Nose Tip

Mole on the Nose

Lines on the Nos

Scar on the Nose

Large Nostrils

Small Nostrils

Fleshy Nose Wing

Wide Nose Bridge

Narrow Nose Brid

Knotted Nose Bri

High Nose Bridge

Low Nose Bridge

Sky Facing Nostr

Nose Piercing to

Lonely Mountain

Bareback Nose

Sword Edge Nose

Satchel Nose

Squeezed Nose

Last Say Nose

Spear Piercing N

Revealed Stove N

Bamboo Tube Nose

Garlic Nose

Eagle Nose

The Dragon Nose

The Tiger Nose

Lion Nose

Rhinoceros Nose

Monkey Nose

Big Ape Nose

Small Ape Nose

Deer Nose

Riverdeer Nose

The Carp Nose

The Dog Nose

The Goat Nose

The Pig Gallblad

The Cow Nose

Eyebrow types

Thick Eyebrows

Sparse Eyebrows

Small Eyebrows

Long Eyebrows

Short Eyebrows

Strong eyebrows

Gentle Eyebrows

Bended Eyebrows

Chipped Eyebrows

Imbalanced Eyebr

Double-Layered E

Big Short Eyebro

Thin and Dry Eye

Triangular Eyebr

Wavy Eyebrow

Crisscross Eyebr

Meet in the Midd

Fluffy Eyebrows

Double-Edged Eye

Confused Eyebrow

Raising Eyebrows

Reverse Growth

One Line Eyebrow

Sloaping Eyebrow

Sharp Eyebrows

Thin Eyebrows

Small Broom Eyeb

Mole In The Eyeb

New Moon Eyebrow

Elegant Eyebrows

Twirling Eyebrow

Perfect Eyebrow

Dry Eyebrows

Hook Eyebrows

Point Eyebrows

Brush Eyebrows

Righteous Eyebro

Dispersing Eyebr

Pitiful Eyebrows

Rainbow Eyebrows

Longevity Eyebro

Fuzzy Eyebrows

Monk Eyebrows

Sword Eyebrows

Thin Eyebrows

Risen Eyebrows

Upturn Eyebrows

Tail Eyebrows

Bushy Eyebrows

Silkworm Eyebrow

Face types

Round Face

Wood Face

Fire Face

Air Face

Metal Face

Water Face

Earth Face

Latest articles

Earth face

Earth Face

The faces of the element of earth are square in shape, often full cheeks and plump lips.

Water Face Reading

Water Face

You can almost always bet that a person with a round face, often smooth cheeks and under-defined cheekbones and brow lines, will be sitting pretty

Metal Face

Metal Face

Those with the the element of metal prominently represented in the face will have sharp, clipped and narrow features.

Air Face

Air Face

Traditionally, the element of air was missing in many of the facial reading traditions.