Slave Dream

Slave Dream

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Slave dreams can come in many different forms.

If you become a slave in your dream, it could mean that you have borrowed money excessively until you are a slave to the lender or the interest of the loan weighs negatively on you. A slave is a person who is the property of someone else with no freedom of their own. If you are free and you dream that you are a slave to someone if you recognize the face of the person, you are surely going to serve them, or they might blackmail you.

The slave dreams are common for those people who are suffering from depression especial those who are unhappy in their friendship or romantic relationships. It is an indication that there is need to make up for a major change in your social life

In your dream

  • Seeing a slave.
  • Seeing a black slave.
  • Going back to “slave” times.
  • Being a slave.
  • Seeing animals as slaves.
  • Forced labor.
  • Being a slave due to a marriage.
  • Historic slavery.
  • Sold in your dream.
  • You sold people in your dream.
  • Trafficking human beings.
  • Children were being sold into slavery.
  • Women victims were trafficked for prostitution in your dream.
  • You witnessed a slave raped.
  • African slavery.

Detailed dream interpretation

Seeing a slave in your dream could imply that, you are unable to get what you want in your life. You might be chained to duty, or you have resigned yourself to doing what others demand of you. It could denote that, you have a strong resignation spirit that you feel that, there is no use wanting a particular situation in your life because you tried and failed. Do you feel little enthusiasm?

A situation where you see a black slave in your dream can denote that, you will soon lose your respect and wealth, and this will cause you to be unhappy and sorrowful. This dream is a warning, and you can do everything humanly possible to prevent this from happening. Protect your wealth!

If you see yourself going back to old slave times in the dream this can point to you feeling oppressed. You have a feeling that you are a prisoner where you live, and you are struggling to get the freedom to enable you to work out on your goals. Though you are an adult, you still feel the burden of expectation from those around you, which is high on you. You have this perceived notion of always being able to please others. This could result in resentment and feelings of frustrations, and it is high time that you break free. In the dream, you may have a feeling that your parents are not ready to help you and this could imply that, you are over-dependent on them or other people seem to take over when it comes to decision making. It is time to stand up and make sure that you fight for what is rightfully yours so that you can become happy in life and stop seeing yourself as a slave. Avoid being limited by what other people expect of you.

A dream where you see that you are a slave denotes that, you are not taking good care of your life. It could be that you are a slave to your family, your job, a habit, or an obsession. If you dream that you are a sex slave, it means that you are very submissive when it comes to giving into demands. It is a time that you take more of the initiative and be the more dominant person in your life.

A dream where you see animals as slaves can denote that, you have lost focus of your life and are acting in a strange way which is making it impossible for those around you to help you. You need to slow down and try to ask for help from friends and relatives before you go into ruins. On the positive side, animals laboring in your dream can denote that, you will be prosperous shortly but end up in difficulties with others.

A dream of forced labor denotes that, you will have to struggle to meet your set goals in life. Alternatively, forced labor in your dream could foretell wakefulness and comfort. So if you are in business and you dream of working as a laborer, it represents sham and conceit, or you might be deceiving people to control their money, or someone will defraud you of your assets. On the positive, seeing yourself laboring in the dream could mean that, you are discreet. You thrive and are virtuous. It suggests that you are having an easy life full of satisfaction.

Laboring in a dream could also foretell of your peril or misfortunes. If you are the one laboring, it could foretell that you need to start a new enterprise, and if you are a farmer in the dream you will have a bumper harvest. Being a slave due to a marriage can mean that, you are being forced to do something which you are not ready to do. It could mean you are in debt.

You are suffering from depression, you are feeling sorrowful, carrying a liability or endeavoring to achieve a high ranking position. It could be that you are feeling a lot of pressure lately and you need to adjust accordingly to enjoy life. It is a dream which denotes that, you lack security and a sense and desire of freedom. You don’t want your close friends or relatives to affect your decision-making process.

If you dream of historical slavery, it denotes that, there is something in your past which has affected you positively. There is something that is holding your life together, and if you try to disintegrate yourself from it, you will end up suffering and losing out on what you have so far gathered. It is a dream with the advice: be close to your friends and relatives to progress faster in your life.

If you dream that you are sold for slavery it means you are worried in life. If the buyer is a woman then it suggests that you will regain dignity and honor. When you are sold in a dream it means someone somewhere in your life is trying to humiliate you. Those around you may be trying to make life difficult for you, but with determination, you can overturn the tables and succeed in your life goals.

If you see yourself selling people in your dream, it denotes a good business idea. You might have been put in a tight situation by people around you, but it will turn out that, the situation will teach you life lessons. You are now the one who is rescuing others at the moment. Do it willing without hard feelings and you will continue to prosper.

To see people trafficking human beings in your dream implies that, you are going to get relief in your grief and sorrows. If the people you are trafficking are brought by others, it means that you will be afflicted with sorrow and grief.

If children are sold into slavery in your dream this denotes other people want your time. It could also suggest that you are due a promotion at work or you will need money. Work hard in waking life, and you will succeed.

Women victims trafficked for prostitution in your dream foretells that you are a slave to other people's feelings. It could be that several people have stepped on you for a long time and it is time to stop and think about what you want in life. It could be that you wish for a reunion with someone. You are going to encounter some difficulties in your life. If you witnessed a slave raped in your dream, it can foretell that you being trapped in your thoughts. It could be that others don't want the same things in life. You are encountering strong feelings of being controlled by others. Trafficking in your dream can denote that you are having pressures in life which are making you feel confused. It is time for you to get up the desired energy in life. If you don't, it is going to hurt your performance at work. You need to be in a position of being productive in order to set your own goals. You might also be the one who is trying to control others! You need to give others the freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives, just the same way you want your freedom.

Seeing African slavery in a dream can mean that, you are having a serious life crisis in waking life which you need to handle with care to avoid hurting those around you. Involve friends and family in working through the crisis because, it seems, as an individual, you might not be able to handle it. Life is all about the struggles and hard work, plus determination and you will be successful.

Feelings associated with the dream

Crisis. Problematic. Strong. Betrayed. Pressurized. Free. Serious. Undermined. Successful. Happy. Encouraged. Enabled. Worried. Awful. Determined. Difficulties

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017