Brown snakes

Brown snakes

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Brown snakes in the dream foretell of your strength and independence, they are connected to rebirth and a new start in life.

If the brown snake in your dream is peaceful, alone and content, it implies that you have the ability to succeed in life and survive anything. If the snake is aggressive, it symbolizes your emotions of feeling angry at yourself, or you are easily annoyed or raged. A snake can also symbolize a dominating or annoying female friends in your life. If you see a two headed brown snake then there is concern over a mother or grandmother in waking life. The snake in a dream may attack you, or enter your home. If this is the case, there is possessive love in the air. Alternatively, seeing a snake in your dream could denote that, you are undergoing a period of contemplation and introspection - especially when you see a brown snake under your bed in your dream.

When you dream of a brown snake, it is possible that, in your waking life, you are going to awaken to some new meaning in your life. It is the ideal time to look forward to a period of inner reflection and growth as well as success.

A dream where you see a hibernating or sleeping snake denotes that you need to carry out meditation. Maybe you need to undertake some soul searching before you propose new work ideas.

A brown snake standing up high in your dream implies that you are supposed to stand up for what you believe in. A brown snake wriggling around in your dream (it is big in size) is a sign that you are going to be involved in gossips, quarrels or slander. If you see a small brown snake in your dream, there is a chance that you are going to receive financial assistance in the form of grants or loans.

Killing a brown snake in the dream is a sign that, you are friendly towards others in a situation which seems to be rather awkward. It is reminding you that, you should look beneath the surface of others and not rely on what others think - because, they might be hiding their true self.

Here are specific colors related to Snakes in a dream

  • White snake in a dream = inner peace and overcoming conflict.
  • Brown snake in a dream = people are going to support you going forward.
  • Black snake in a dream = Snakes that are black found in a dream denotes that you should be at peace with your life.
  • Red snake in a dream = anger and possible conflict.
  • Orange snake in a dream = someone will create problems.

When you see a brown snake running away in your dream, it is an indicator that, you are trying to run away from issues in your life. If a brown snake is seen eating someone in the dream suggests that there is a dominant female figure in your house.

A brown snake attacking you is a sign of anger and that you have uncontrolled aggression and this is making you feel trapped. Seeing a brown snake trying to bite you is a suggestion that, you are undergoing a life-threatening situation due to overwhelming obstacles which are endangered. Alternatively, it could represent feelings of conflict in your life with a person who is dominant and jealous. You feel that you are being attacked due to your independence. There is someone who is attacking you by stealing your freedom or ideas from you; someone who doesn’t want you to have friends; a person who doesn’t want you to have financial freedom. If the brown snake was in your hair you fear that you will be alone.

If a brown snake killed another animal (or was fighting with another snake) in a dream then this is associated with someone who is powerful and greedy, who doesn’t like sharing anything with you and could attack you using all their strength. It could represent an authority figure like parents.

If you see yourself hunting a brown snake in your dream, it shows that you are on the right path to success and your goals will be achieved in the shortest time possible without delays. If you kill the snake, it symbolizes that you have great strength to overcome the great obstacles that come your way. It is foretelling a future which is profitable and full of fortune after going through a rough time. It could be that you have dealt quite a lot of negativity from an opponent in business. If in your dream you see someone else with a brown snake around their neck in your dream, it shows that your business enemy is going to suffer loss at the hands of others.

To turn into a brown snake is a representation of autonomy and confidence. On the other hand, it is a sign that, you have a desire for others to leave you alone as you might be in need of some “time alone” to come up with some creative ideas.

A dark brown snake appearing in your dream is a symbol of brutal passions and enemies full of hatred. A dead brown snake in your dream is a sign of a passing of authority figure that is in your life. It can alternatively suggest that you have lost the ability to take charge of your own life.

A bunch of brown snakes represents your ability to face fears you have. For a snake to be aggressive and it is hunting down your friends and loved ones in the dream, it could represent certain concerns you have. You could be too worried or preoccupied with receiving instant gains from your work. All you need is patience, and it will come to pass. Think of the bigger picture and make sure that you concentrate on progressing in life. If you see a brown snake stalking you, it foretells of strong rivals or enemies. Rivals seem to be making plans against you by trying to find your weakness or trying to turn your friends into enemies. A brown snake with pattern featured in a dream suggests feeling trapped or bullied in real life. You have a choice to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity and take precautions where necessary.

A long brown snake in your dream is a sign of patience; a brown snake cut in half foretells that, you shouldn’t worry about your future.

A situation where you see yourself setting traps for the snake in the dream, it is a sign that, there are obstacles in your path which might prove to be difficult to overcome. The traps represent the downfall. A brown snake talking to you in your dream signifies that you should listen to good advice and you have to be keen in a work context and listen to what others are telling you.

A baby brown snake in your dream is a sign of being fiercely protected and loved, and it could relate to the love you have for your children or parents.

A dream where you see yourself feeding a brown snake in your dream (as if it were a pet) is an indication that you are need to control your anger and rage. Make sure that your emotions are in check.

Seeing yourself hiding from a snake in a restaurant could mean that, you are having health issues. If you avoid the snake by hiding, this foretells that you have minor health problems. It seems that you have to face a problem head on because there is no-one to help you.

In your dream

  • You noticed brown snakes in your dream.
  • You dream of a particular brown snake.
  • You see a brown snake with two heads.
  • The brown snake had three heads.
  • You dream of your boss killing a snake.
  • A black snake is in your dream.
  • A brown snake is in your dream.
  • A brown snake chased you.
  • People were scared of a brown snake.
  • You worked with a brown snake.
  • A brown snake was in the zoo.
  • A brown snake was captured.
  • The brown snake was an adder.
  • The brown snake was a python.

Detailed dream interpretation

In all dreams that involve snakes you need to take into account all the circumstances surrounding your dream to bring out the true meaning. This dream can bring out several spiritual questions and can make you think differently about things in your life.

As we have already concluded some popular “snake” dreams above it is important to see your life from a different perspective. A snake in your dream will give you strength and power which will change in your life. It is time for positive transformation and problem solving. This dream is popular when you have some issues in regard to your work. The good news is that snakes generally signify positive outcomes in dreams - rebirth.

To dream of a particular snake is a representation of that part of yourself which is independent or that which you don’t like sharing. It could be you or someone else who likes doing things independently without wanting other people to interfere.

If the dream is a nightmare or the snake is frightening you in the dream it could mean that you have a complex personality which could be in the long run be unhealthy.

A black snake is in your dream implies that it is very hard for you to be emotional unless someone seriously provokes you. But when it happens, your reactions is one that no one is ready for. If you dream that you are facing a black snake, then it foretells that you need to appear friendly to those who are around you because you never know if they are temperamental and you might not be ready to take in their tantrums. If a brown snake is attacking you in your dream, it is a representation of you being pushed to the wall by those around you. It might be high time to be patient and flexible with your timelines to avoid developing tantrums over them.

A brown snake is in your dream is a sign that, you are going through a reawakening and you have the ability to survive again through times which were unshakeable. Take it easy and climb the steps one after the another so that, you don’t slide back to the dark times again. If the brown snake has zig zags it suggests that you have a desire to have a happy family; if you are married, you want a happy marriage if not, you are yearning to get a trustworthy partner who will be able to give you happiness and love. Work hard to improve your relationship with your children.

A brown snake that has chased you in your dream and you start running away due to fear is a sign that you are avoiding a big issue which is happening in your life. The dream is a warning that you cannot continue running away; it is time that you stopped and tackled an issue. You can ask those around you to help where necessary. It could also represent a fear of being alone or someone is not being noticed by you.

A snake in the zoo is associated with communication. There is competition that is forthcoming at your place of work. If there is a new person who has joined your team from another department or from outside, you will have to caution against their intent.

Alternatively, it can denote that, you are finding a solution to a problem which has been troubling you for a while. It is important that you remember the details about the snake's movement and action as it will give you answers to the dream meaning.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Confidence. Aggressiveness. Unconscious. Answers. Subconscious. Authority. Strength. Benevolence. Sovereignty. Connection. Soul. Criticism. Resurrection. Duality. Protection. Energy. Powerful. Grounding. Peace. Hibernation. Patience. Introspection. Life. Judgment.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017