Maid Dream Meaning

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Being the made is a positive omen in a dream, it can indicate that a new business opportunity will present itself.

To dream of a maid (from a psychological perspective) implies that you are suffering from a lack of confidence in your own strengths. A maid seen in a dream when you do not have “maids” in real life can suggest you need to focus on your own inner goals and desires. To give a maid an order in the dream denotes false hope. To see a maid cleaning or carrying out cooking duties suggests your desire to “look after” the family. A maid that is unwilling to carry out any work in your dream indicates unhappiness with your relationships in life.

There are different types of dreams involving maid

  • You as a maid.
  • Dreaming your own maid.
  • Dreaming a maid and not having one in real life.
  • Someone from your family is a maid.
  • A maid from a total different period of time.
  • You are the maid in your dream.
  • You see others as maids.
  • Family members are maids in the dream.

Interpretations of the dream of a maid

To dream of cleaning someone else’s house suggests you are struggling to understand how others can serve you. It implies there is an aspect of your self that you need to recognize. If you are the servant in the dream this can suggest that you feel somewhat exploited, especially at work. If we look at old dusty dream books, they foretell to become a servant indicates a promotion or new job opportunity.

To dream of family members as maids denotes a longing for escaping from the relationship. It suggests somehow, relatives have “control” over you.

A maid is in essence a servant to someone, thus, in the dream state is connected to ones self esteem. This might be related to a trauma in childhood. In dreams the maid is like a symbol of healing, caring for others and putting events in order.

To dream that "you" are a maid implies that you will find a female in life pleasant company. To see yourself as a maid in the dream, is a sign you are unhappy with your accomplishments in regards to finances. To see a butler in a dream indicates money and wealth.

If someone from your family is your maid in your dream than it suggests this person is getting too involved in your personal life. You have allowed this person to interfere in your decisions and you might want to do rethink the situation. The relative has good intentions. A friend seen as the maid in the dream denotes “forced” intervention.

If you dream of a maid from a total different period of time (for example is serving in an ancient castle or wearing an impeccable uniform than this is a sign of focusing too much on others. Either someone is getting too involved in your life or you are being ignored by the ones you care for.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a maid

Astonished. Confident. Happy. Proud. Upset. Surprised. Content.

By Florance Saul
Jun 10, 2013