Storm gray clouds

Storm grey clouds

Dark Clouds Dream Meaning

Clouds are connected to mood in life. Therefore, the color of the cloud is important. Dark clouds represent your suppressed emotions, and you long to release your anger and pain. However, fear of hurting those around you keeps you from expressing your true feelings. Don't let this toxic emotion consume you - it's time to take control of your life and let your storm rage. And, if you dream of these clouds moving quickly, know that a release may be just around the corner.

If you see fluffy white clouds that suddenly turn black or gray indicates that you may feel depressed. A storm can suggest “thunderous” intentions. The storm clouds can suggest a possible depressed state of mind.

What do storm clouds mean in a dream?

To dream of gray or black storm clouds in the sky is connected to emotions in life, as above but the main spiritual meaning is that you will have a spiritual experience in life. There is a focus that clouds are supposed to be white in color but the more rain that builds up - the heavier they are.

To see thick foggy type clouds suggests that you will have a high-pressure job in the future. It can also imply that things will be clearer in the future. There will be some high pressure in life. Clouds can also suggest your feelings within and if stormy it means that things will be unsettled in life.

To see storm clouds of different colors indicates a chance of succeeding in life. To see storm clouds and rain at the same time indicates possible problems at work. Even if wiser heads prevail in life - you may find that highlighted concerns at work. There is a focus on meetings and ambition in life. There is the question of wisdom if you see storm clouds gathering in the sky. It may imply that you need an incentive in life to continue.

Flying storm clouds can also indicate force and leadership. There is a current delay in your life. If the cloud is moving then this is connected to motion and moving yourself in certain directions in life. Clouds in ancient dream dictionaries denote your inner thoughts and intuition. It can suggest a high knowledge in life.

Red storm clouds in a dream indicate balance but also anger and passion for others. To see the sun behind the storm clouds is associated with balance in life. To see green clouds means a new life and healing. The sky itself seen in the dream indicates that you will regain freedom in life. Brown-coloured clouds traditionally is associated with feeling safe in life.

Gray clouds in your dream

Heavy, gray clouds forming in the sky is connected to your mood. The rain is associated with tension in life. Perhaps you have been feeling frustrated in life. Make sure that negative energy does not accumulate things.

Storm clouds covering sunlight

If in the dream there is little sun, or small rays of sunshine coming through the storm clouds then this indicates that you need to focus on your own emotional state in life. There is passion for work - if the sun manages to come through the dull gray clouds in a dream.

The clouds are not shaped normally

If the storm clouds are not shaped traditionally (are square, circle, diamond) shape indicates that you will see a wider impact in life and need to focus on your own direction. There also seems to be inner conflict in life.

The storm clouds are black

The storm clouds which are black indicates that you will be feeling that you need creativity in life. The storm clouds are also associated with helping people if they are heavily black in colour. It can also suggest that your mood is going to be adverse in the future.

In your dream

  • Storm clouds were forming in the dream.
  • Storm clouds were passing or moving in the dream.
  • Gray clouds were in the dream.
  • Black clouds were in the dream.
  • The sky was cloudy.

Feelings of a dream of storm clouds

Temper. Listening to your mood. Depressed. Worried.

By Florance Saul
Aug 11, 2017