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To dream of alms or almsgiving in connection with a religious rite refers to material goods that will soon enter your life. If you perform a religious act in regards to alms, then times are going to be happy in the future.

What does it mean to give to the poor in your dream?

Alms are basically gifts of money, clothes or material items given to the poor. So what happens if you dream of giving alms or receiveing them? Being poor in a dream can indicate that you may need to focus on yourself for a while. In my view, this kind of dream indicates that you should be watching what you spend money on. If you see a poor man in a dream this can suggest that you may need to overcome obstacles in life. To help this poor person by giving clothes or gifts can indicate ongoing support will be needed in life. To see a large number of poor people in the dream can suggest that though others you will always get what you want.The key to this dream is for you to begin to place the balance in the right way. With an understanding of the spiritual side of life, you need to be able to open up more to others, as well as yourself. Having alms featured in your dream demonstrates the need for communication with others so that whatever you do focus the mind, you should consider what is in it for others. In other words, how many people will benefit from your actions? The more people will benefit, the more successful your endeavors will be.

In your dream:

  • Given alms to others = happiness.
  • Dreamed that you are part of a secret order = delay but for the best.
  • Been in a strange land or place = will rely on others.
  • Received alms from someone you know = you will gain advice going forward.
  • Asked for alms = others want to connect with you.
  • Made alms = you will give advice to someone who needs it.
  • Distributed alms to the poor = take some time out.
  • Expected alms = happiness will be yours.

The good news is this dream is full of positive changes. I hope you find this useful and I will quickly run through positive changes going forward. If your dream is not covered then please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I will try to get back to you. 

Positive changes are afoot if: 

The dream was positive in nature and you felt good. The religious symbols in your dream resulted in feeling relaxation. You had happy times in the strange place. You are confessing any sins or wrongdoings during your dream. You have understood and gained insight into the situation within your dream. You express emotion within your dream which is positive in nature.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of alms? 

The alms in your dream may be associated with any of the following religions: Buddhism. Christianity. Hinduism. Islam. Judaism. To give alms to another person in connection with any of the above religions is a sign that you may have a good year. This should be a time of enjoying life. If you refused the alms in a dream it means growth and that you need to move on in your life. This dream is likely to be prevalent across a number of your dreams. Are our dreams normal...? Well the answer is of course "no", so do not read too much into this meaning, but just take note that it means the process of cosmic ordering is waiting for you.

It is recommended that you revisit this dream through meditation. There is a fear of losing control of your body, and also your soul. The alms may also indicate that you are possibly coming to terms with something in life. If you dream that you are being asked for alms, and you refuse to give them to everyone it portends great joy coming your way. It is said that if you dream of giving alms, you will be prosperous in the next world. To dream that you are prosperous and you can easily give alms means better times will come. Alms in a dream suggests recognition from others. If you ask for alms, this is the omen of adventures in love. Giving alms suggest conceit, great joy, and also happiness. Preparing alms is the sign of dignity. If you receive alms in your dream means inheritance, and loss of a situation. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of alms: 

Amazed. Scared. Worried. Confused. Grateful. Upset. Surprised. Content. Faithful. Appreciative. Happy. Enjoying. Good heart.

By Florance Saul
Oct 3, 2012