Antenna Dream Meaning

Antenna Dream Meaning

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The dream meaning of an antenna denotes that will finally get the chance to prove your talents and this dream can herald a happy period in life.

What does it mean to dream of a television antenna?

This dream indicates communication, in order to understand what this dream means we need to look at the definition of an antenna. Basically an antenna provides transmission waves and currents of areas to produce electric currents. In life we use antennas for radio, television, mobile phones, and satellite communications. But what does it mean to see one in your dream? Effective communication is associated with success in life. A dream of the antenna is all about one’s communication skills. There is a question we need to ask ourselves, how can you improve the quality of your conversations? This dream is all about how you transmit information to people. After having this dream it calls you to think about what you have achieved so far in life. Understanding a "communication" is known as a pattern matching process. Communication with others creates a shared understanding and this dream indicates that you need to work on social conventions and improving your communication skills.

What is the general meaning of seeing an antenna in a dream?

I have sort of answered this above but I want to share some more meanings with you. I have made it easy to bold the key areas so just scroll down to find your dream. An antenna can be seen in a dream when in waking life we wish to communicate better. People who dream of a television antenna need to demonstrate clear, consice communication skills. The actual “type” of antenna seen in the dream denotes the true meaning of such a dream. The type and strength of the antenna is a great clue to the interpretation of this dream. The larger the better. This dream is focused on “communication” methods and how you are perceived by your friends, relations and work colleagues in life.

A broadcast antenna indicates you need to communicate with a wide variety of people. If the antenna is blown over in the wind then this can suggest rocky relationships. If you see in a dream a fuzzy television without a connection then this can suggest that you will progress in your position at work. If you are struggling to get a mobile phone reception in the dream, due to problems with the antenna or reception this can indicate the flow of communication energy is not only emotional but physical.  Are you spending time with the people that you love? In life, we sometimes get wrapped up in our own world and failed to spend time with those people we should.

To climb an antenna in the dream indicates communication problems and you wish to resolve them. You were fixing an antenna in your dream that indicates that you wish to fix a conflict. If the antenna fell on you in your dream state meaning that someone will worry about you. To see someone from your family climb to fix the home antenna indicates success. To see yourself climbing on the roof to fix the home antenna in your dream indicates opportunities. To see your own television antenna broken in your dream means you will have a new start. I will now briefly go over some quicker dream meanings so here goes:

  • The antenna was transmitting a bad signal in your dream state = difficulty communicating.
  • You bought a new antenna in your dream indicating new relationships.
  • You sold your antenna in your dream which denotes difficult communication.
  • You were on a roof trying to fix the antenna which means destruction in life.
  • You saw an antenna on a UFO fortells feeling powerful in life.
  • You saw a broken antenna denotes loss of communication with someone in real life.

What is the meaning of a broken antenna in a dream? 

If your antenna broke in your dream state it implies that you will soon experience problems communicating with someone close. However, you will be able to manage the problems or issues and everything will revert back to normal. Fixing an antenna: If you were fixing an antenna in your dream it indicates your deep hidden feelings of trying to “fix” your life. It is not uncommon to dream of “fixing” something when one wants to fix an old relationship with someone they cared for. Start with a message or a telephone call. If an antenna was in the landscape in your dream then this signifies a communication problem with someone close to you, to see an antenna fall from a roof in a dream indicates someone has hurt your feelings. Apparently, this person is always trying to blame others for everything and their communication has allot to be desired. Try communicating about your suppressed feelings and if things don’t work out soon walk away.

If someone from your family climbed on the roof to fix a home antenna this dream suggests a family member has a communication problem with other family members or you (the dreamer), and you find this difficult to cope with. If you have a communication problem with someone in your family, keep in mind that you should listen to your heart and not their voice, no matter how convenient it sounds. Bad TV signal in a dream: If the antenna transmitted a bad signal in your dream state it reveals your bad communication skills. It also shows your wish to improve your “personal and social” skills and become more open to people. In order to do this you must first accept yourself the way you are, and after, let others get to know you better.

Purchased an antenna:

If you bought an antenna in your dream it denotes that you will soon hear a great news that will turn your life upside down. You will finally hear what you wanted and you should be prepared for a positive change in life. On the contrary, celebrate and enjoy the news. Selling an antenna: Selling an antenna in your dream indicates a possible end to the communication with someone you care about. In order to prevent this – talk to people you care. Ask them how they feel, how are they doing. Show interest. Climbing on a roof to find the antenna: If you saw yourself on a roof trying to fix an antenna it can suggest that you are willing to climb to the highest point to get what you want. Never give up on your dreams. You know that your dreams are the reason why you wake up in the morning. Fight to achieve them. And you will be happy. Truly happy!

If you saw an antenna on a UFO this dream implies something mysterious will be revealed in life. Do you want to get close to someone who was constantly trying to hide something? This person will finally lower their shields and support you. However, it could also mean that you should act more mysteriously if you want to attract the “right” person. 

Broken antenna in a dream:

If you noticed a broken antenna it indicates your past and your wish to forget it. Don’t hesitate to let new things change your life and help you heal your wounds. The broken antenna in your dream is telling you something – what’s broken, can be fixed, however, it will not be the same again!

You invented a new advanced type of antenna:

It indicates your wish to find a way to communicate with someone. However, it could also denote that you yearn to find someone new, communicative and exciting in your life. 

Your antenna broke during a horrible storm:

You will receive some bad news and you will be broken for a while. However, you will become stronger in time. 

You saw numerous antennas in your dream:

Deep inside you yearn to find more friends who will be as communicative and awesome as you are. However, keep in mind that not everyone is good. 

Feelings that occurred during a dream of antenna: 

Fear. Happiness. Open. Sad. Depressed. Excited. Scared. Hopeful. Weird. Funny.

By Florance Saul
Sep 17, 2017