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To be stabbed in the back in a dream can be quite traumatic.

To stab somebody in your dream in the back indicates that you will encounter a difficult, ruthless and will encounter a complex individual going forward. This individual may be narcissistic in their nature. To see somebody being stabbed in the back new dream is a suggestion that you are not feeling that secure about life at the moment.

In your dream

  • You stabbed someone in the back.
  • Someone else stabbed you in the back.
  • You saw someone being stabbed in the back.
  • Someone was chasing you to stab you in the back.

To have a knife in the back in a dream indicates that somebody doesn't believe in you. If you dream generally more about backstabbing in the sense that somebody is gossiping about you this suggests there is somebody around you that is not to be trusted. You must be aware of anyone who is dishonest or could cause you some difficulty in the future. Perhaps you are being taken for granted by somebody.

This dream is your subconscious mind telling you to wake up and review all those people around you. Try to bring about people's feelings so that you are aware of what people really think. You could be carefree in life, but this dream is more of a warning that there are people around you that are not to be trusted. The other advice given in many ancient dream dictionaries is that to be stabbed in the back denotes that you must trust your instincts. If you dream of backstabbing in any way then watch out or others.

Backstabbing is connected to insecurity in life. Are you feeling insecure? If so, try to understand why and move forward in life.

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017