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Jackdaws are feisty, annoying, and territorial birds. Much like crows, jackdaws are black and signify health issues and even death.

Hello, my name is Flo and I have been interpreting people's dreams for 20 years. Spiritually and also psychologically. From a spiritual perspective, try to be wary of evil and negativity abounding your life when you dream about jackdaws and understand that sometimes you cannot be prepared for the worst of times. In occult literature, jackdaws are very evil and ill omens. Maybe you could see one flying high in the sky or one landed on you in the dream! There is one area that jackdaws are positive omens and this is in romance. Jackdaws mate for life and seeing them in a dream just before being married or when committing to a relationship is a sign that you will be with the person for life or that they are your soul mate. Freud and Jung psychological theory states that to see this bird is connected to our images in daily life. So did you see a Jackdaw?

Detailed dream meaning

We have discussed the one area where jackdaw dreams are positive – when you are getting married or finding love. They do represent coming together and the death of your dating life. They are a foretelling omen and say that for better or for worse who you are with is the one that you will be with. Now, this can definitely be a positive dream if you are in love with this person. If you are feeling abused or taken advantage of, this can also indicate that for worse even that you are going to be stuck with this person for as long as you live. There is no getting away from the person that you dream of when you imagine a jackdaw in your dream.

In myth, jackdaws are very similar to crows and ravens and with them, they bring heavy warnings. Specific to the jackdaw is that ill times are going to fall on you and because of the stamina of the bird the jackdaw is a symbol of a long-lasting difficulty in your life. Sometimes people have dreams where jackdaws represent a specific person and will have the face or the voice of the person that is going to be causing you a problem. If you have a personification of a jackdaw in a dream realize that for the time being any way that there is no easy way to get this person from your life and the best way to deal with the situation or the person is to avoid them when possible and be very careful around this person. Nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass, but in the meantime you need to hunker down and deal with it. Yelling or pushing is only going to make the situation worse and the person is not going to back down from you.

Dreaming of a jackdaw on your property is an indication of trouble visiting you at home. This usually is an issue of decreasing property value or health issues. It is also said that if a jackdaw lands on a fence in a dream that you are going to have troubles with your neighbors.

For all of their trouble, jackdaws can be very wise birds. The totem of the jackdaw is rare but when it visits you or if it visits you, you had better heed the advice or warning of the bird. These birds speak prophetically in a dream and are never wrong. It is said that you can call the jackdaw to you when you are seeking advice but be wary because often the totem can see far into the depths of your own psyche and dredge up images or information in which you are not ready to process. Remember that while jackdaws can symbolize death that even in the worst of times there will be a rebirth and that you will not be in the dark for long. Those that live to tell of a jackdaw omen end up being blessed with renewed energy, wisdom, and foresight once their evil times have passed. Hope you liked this dream meaning. Check out our great tarot sections by clicking here.

Positive changes are afoot if

The dream was content it means you are getting married and you have a foretelling jackdaw dream.

In this dream you may have

Heard a jackdaw. Been visited by a jackdaw. Caught a jackdaw. Sold a jackdaw. Killed a jackdaw. Shot at a flock of jackdaws.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

Depression and inner madness. Being gravely ill or worried about someone’s health. Feeling alone in the world. Personal or financial loss. Bad luck with a home. Not getting along with people. Death.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a jackdaw

Worry. Concern. Fear. Helpful. Stalked. Wise. Curious. Scared. Shock. Annoyed.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012