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Shit and feces in the dream state may reflect a problem or “blockage” in life.

You need to be careful about preventing a problem in the future. Negatively, shitting in a dream may reflect reckless behavior of another person. I do not like to use the swear word here but if you're searching for a dream of seeing / or having a “shit” in your dream it can mean that a problem will comet to light and really be “shitty” in life. This is focused on negative things in life. Maybe you feel like giving up in life? To see pee and wee is also the same dream meaning. To see shit covering a floor in a toilet indicates that you will find difficulty in life but you can overcome anything. To have a shit in a dream can suggest that you wish to “remove” something from waking life. This could be a bad situation or a person in life.

In your dream

  • You could see shit filled toilet.
  • Shit was all over the floor in your dream.
  • You were eating shit in a dream.
  • Someone eat your shit in the dream.
  • You were emptying your bowels in a dream.
  • You see yourself shitting yourself in the dream.
  • You could not find the toilet to shit in the dream.
  • You were cleaning up shit in your dream.
  • Flooding bathroom which is covered in shit in the dream.
  • Not having toilet paper to wipe off the shit in your dream.

Details of a dream of shit

Emptying bowels and shitting in the dream (your own shit) can suggest a possible burden in life. Have you been connected to someone emotionally recently? To be unable to wipe your bum or clean up the shit suggests delays in life. The emptying action of “shitting” in your dream can denote removing an emotional problem. To see yourself shitting a lot in the dream suggests the possible problems in life.

To have an experience that you consider embarrassing in a dream - connected to shit means you need to review your own goals. Make sure you can achieve what you can in life. To eat shit in a dream is connected to negative energy emotionally, it can suggest you are drained in life.

To suffer any type of humiliation when you see shit in the dream can indicate that you may have a humiliating time in front of others in the future. To shit in front of somebody in a dream suggests a new start and removing old problems.

The location of the toilet in your dream is equally important. To try to find a toilet to shit in during the dream (but not find one) can suggest new plans on the horizon. It means you may find some delay and blocks in life. To see your own shit covered on the floor in a dream suggests that you need to “clean” your own life up in waking life. To wash off shit can indicates a new business venture. To wash shit off your body can be associated with your own hidden characteristics, have you been acting “shitty” towards others? If so, try to be kinder. To see someone else shit in the dream can often associate with annoying and arrogant people in waking life. A dream in which you smother shit in your own home or jail cell suggests that you will encounter obstacles in life. If you are female it can indicate that you will need to overcome problems with the help of a man.

Often, dreams of shit / feces can involve the flooding of the bathroom. This is rather common. The shit may come in a dream due to raising water or blocked drains in the dream. It is connected to “blocks” in waking life. Are you full of negative ideas? Do you have positive energy? The fact the bathroom is not working and flooded with shit (feces) suggests that other people will want to help you overcome obstacles.

To dream of eating shit / feces signifies undesirable situations or issues. It can suggest "shit" problems in life. To dream of shit covered on your hands represents a problem that needs to be solved. To dream of a house, building, or property covered in shit might reflect waking life scenarios where you're having a "difficult" time in life. To wipe your bum of shit can suggest an issue that is out of control. If it is your own shit that you see - it may represent an element of yourself (your character, activities, things that change, etc.) To see dogs shit in a dream, or step in dogs shit can mean a large amount of difficulties in life. Are you being influenced by someone else's problems or difficulties? Are you too “involved” with someone else. To see animal shit can symbolize a feeling that other people in life do not respect you!

To dream of your own shit indicates that one will experience an amount of pressure. It can also suggest that material wealth will be challenged in the future. To dream of a child shitting can suggest great prosperity. To see someone you know on the toilet shitting is a positive dream, it suggests you will be comfortable.

To dream of cleaning up shit indicates that you need to clean your life. To see public toilets covered in shit denotes sickness in life. To shit maggots in a dream can suggest that you need to think about how you approach others. To have “uncontrollable shit / poo” in a dream is focused on many “blocks” in your way but you can overcome these and succeed in life.

To see spiders and shit / poo in a dream can mean that you will gain some feedback from someone that is not positive.

If you see shit in a toilet full to the brim (or overflowing) then this can suggest you will have challenges in your personal life. To clean the toilet can indicate you will find frustrations in life. To pack up shit (feces) in your dream can suggest you are piling up a problem. The “piling” action of gathering shit in a dream can mean there are areas that you need to address. Are you working too much? To see a broken toilet covered in shit can mean important work in the future. To “search” for a toilet to take a shit and not find one can represent negative thoughts in daily life. It can suggest a part of your life that you need to remove.

Re-ocurring dream of shit

It you keep seeing dirty toilets covered in shit in dreams then this means you need to think about your material wealth - do not spend anything (Save, save, save) is the advice. If you see wee as well as shit it can suggest that you need to save money.

Feelings associated with the dream of an action

Dirty. Worry, Problems, Unhappiness, shitting dream.

By Florance Saul
Aug 9, 2017