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Missing Child Dream Meaning

Missing child in dreams

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Missing Child dream meaning

Missing Child

To dream of a missing child can be rather worrying! You may wake up panicking, calling out your child’s name or checking that they are still in their beds.

As a parent, you always have a hidden worry that they go missing. According to principles of spiritual connection to the dream interpretations of a missing child - in general, they strengthen us, they challenge us and this dream is not reality! The first thing which is important to note is that this is not going to happen in life. It is not real. It is how you are emotionally connecting and wired up at the moment. It is only normal for a caring mother or father to dream that they cannot find their child. I have broken this dream meaning down so please scroll down to find your dream.

Obviously, in daily life we care for our children deeply. This requires much attention, generally, this is a worry and anxiety dream, we have already concluded that it is quite common for a parent to dream that their child goes missing. In daily life we always need to be on guard, avoiding dangerous scenarios. Some may consider this dream a nightmare, often these dreams occur when the child is growing up. It can signify that you are using the innocence and youth of your child. Having dreams of a missing child can be either a positive or negative omen - depending on the specific details of the dream. The missing child is symbolic - as we outlined above it is not going to happen in waking life, but this dream is associated with your feelings. Are you are missing something in life? To lose your child or not know where your child indicates that you feel you are "losing control" in life. Separation anxiety around our children is natural. How many parents sleep with their children when they go on holiday? I think it is more than you imagine! Parents have this awful fear that their children will go missing, worse they will come to harm and they cannot do anything about it. The theme of losing children can really affect us especially when we wake up. In fact, I myself have experienced this dream and it has been with me for the entire day. The theme of losing a child can be somewhat mortifying. Especially the panic that you feel inside even after awakening. If you concealed losing your child in the dream it can indicate that you are confused and anxious about something in waking life. This dream gives us a glimpse of how much love the feel for our children. The child itself could also be yourself, your own child or a divine child.

If you cannot find your daughter in the dream this indicates that you are connecting to your own inner child in your subconscious mind. Maybe there is a female aspect that you feel you are currently missing? It can possibly mean you feel you are losing out on career progression. To lose your son in the dream suggests that other people will provide guidance but you are still losing the aggressive and masculine nature needed to combat obstacles in your life. To not be able to find your child in the dream is focused on your own inner child. If you are not able to find someone else's child in a dream, and they go missing this denotes complex relationships in the future. To find a missing boy in a dream indicates change. Dreaming of a famous missing child case is generally more to do with hearing about the case in the media. Going back to the specific meaning of a missing child in a dream.

Your dream:

  • Been looking for a lost or missing child.
  • Found a lost or missing child.
  • Seen a child being abducted, or another event before it happened.
  • Cannot find your daughter in the dream.
  • Cannot find your son in the dream.
  • Not able to find your children in the dream.
  • Children are missing in the dream.


  • You found a lost child and were able to reunite them with their loved ones.
  • Your child did not go missing for long in the dream.

What is the detailed dream meaning of a missing child?

Many times when we have lost something in the waking world and we find it. This is no different in the dream world. To lose your child indicates our own hidden fears and anxieties - we ourselves are feeling lost. To find the missing child in a dream is positive and denotes great luck. If you see a missing poster or call the police in a dream then this suggests that you have hidden support around you!

For your child in the dream to not be at school when you pick them up indicates a subconscious loss of life. To see yourself waking up in the dream to check your children are still there indicates you will be thinking about a childhood memory. To dream that your child is lost in a crowd illustrates that you have undergone many difficult ordeals in life. The good news is that there is a brighter and happier future. If your child is missing in a dream and then you suddenly find them illustrates that you are going to support a good cause in the future.

If the child went missing due to human trafficking then this is quite a distinctive dream it just suggests that you are worrying unnecessarily about life. To dream, a family member takes a child and subsequently, the “child goes missing” this indicates possible fear of separation in waking life. If the child is gone in the dream and you cannot find him or her this dream is about your worries. If you subsequently raise the “alarm” by calling the police in the dream, then this can suggest that you have a hidden desire in life. To dream of a stranger taking your child suggests that you need distance in order to think about what you want in life.Are you the missing child in the dream? If in the dream you yourself is a child again, and you are lost or missing suggests you are feeling vulnerable in life. This can be a sign that you are missing your youth. You are expressing the want for more social events in life, try to live your life a little: put less stress on bills and responsibilities. Your inner child is telling you it’s time to slow down and take time to enjoy life - it's not all work and no play. Dreaming of yourself as a child missing could also mean that you need to find out who you are again. You may have changed yourself to fit the mold of people around you, such as a spouse, a co-worker/work, friends, and or other family members. Deep down you know that this is not who or what you want to be.

What does it mean to see a child abducted in a dream?

To dream of a child being abducted does not mean that it is going to happen in real life, but a possible abandonment of the symbolic situation in life. A child missing can create many different disturbing emotions in life. In the dream state, this is no different for your child to be kidnapped or abducted in the dream can indicate strong feelings of fear. The missing child is connected to our own “inner child” As the child is associated with our own youth seeing a lost child suggests an opportunity missed. To lose your own child (in waking life) and then in a dream indicates general fear about being a parent. Have you been able to make use of all the experiences that have come your way? This dream is a wake-up call - you need to review things in life. Don’t worry the dream is not literal in its sense. It is associated with your anxiety and moving towards a new phase in life. To dream your own child went missing can be connected to losing a personal item in waking life - don’t worry it is not literal.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a missing child:

Scared.Helpless.Overwhelmed.Hopeful.Lost.Confused. Joy. Child-like. Emotional.Worried.Nervous.Happy.Blessed.Thankful. Here are some other dream meanings that will help you define what this dream means:

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