Missing Child

Missing Child dream meaning

Dreams About A Missing Child

There are many different "missing" scenarios that can appear in a dream, abduction, trafficking, grief, frantically trying to find them, you may not even find the reason for the disappearance. Someone is recorded missing every few minutes or seconds in waking life - but normally (97%) of those people are found.

The reasons your child (or a child) went missing in the dream can be diverse. Normally, the most common dream is that you are in a crowded place running around trying to find your child, or they are not there anymore. It could be that you don't have children or the child is someone else. Missing children in dreams are about the fact you are normally feeling separated from someone/or something in waking life.

Is this dream of a missing child a sign that it will come true?

No denying that it appears this dream is negative, for one to dream of a missing child can be rather worrying! You may wake up panicking, calling out your child’s name, or checking that they are still in their beds. As a parent, you always have a hidden worry that they go missing. According to principles of spiritual connection to the dream interpretations of a missing child - in general, they strengthen us, they challenge us and this dream is not reality! The first thing which is important to note is that this is not going to happen in life. It is not real. It is how you are emotionally connecting and wired up at the moment. It is only normal for a caring mother or father to dream that they cannot find their child. I have broken this dream meaning down so please scroll down to find your dream.


Dreams about a missing child general meaning

  • The dream of a child missing or lost indicates you may have challenges of blessings
  • This dream can occur if you are going through a breakup with an ex or you are separated from the father
  • This dream happens when you are feeling isolated or separated in life.
  • This dream indicates that you may have lost something in life that you valued
  • The dream indicates that you are not having peace at the moment
  • Losing a child in a dream indicates that your child will be passing through some milestones
  • This dream could indicate a strained relationship between you and your child

Why did you have this dream?

The missing child is symbolic - as we outlined above it is not going to happen in waking life, but this dream is associated with your feelings. Are you missing something in life? To lose your child or not know where your child is indicates that you feel you are "losing control" in life. Separation anxiety around our children is natural. How many parents sleep with their children when they go on holiday? I think it is more than you imagine! Parents have this awful fear that their children will go missing, or worse they will come to harm and they cannot do anything about it. The theme of losing children can really affect us especially when we wake up. In fact, I myself have experienced this dream and it has been with me for the entire day. The theme of losing a child can be somewhat mortifying. Especially the panic that you feel inside even after awakening. If you concealed losing your child in the dream it can indicate that you are confused and anxious about something in waking life. This dream gives us a glimpse of how much love the feel for our children. The child itself could also be yourself, your own child or a divine child.

Due to the rise of the digital and online worlds, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a real connection with people. Dreams of a missing child often mean you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and maybe you are separated from the people and things you love. The feeling of being alone is a key theme in this dream, in real life have a look at your social relationships - are you feeling can be isolated and lonely? Many people have experienced this feeling before, which can be coped with in a variety of ways.

The constant flow of comments on Facebook may seem like there is a connection, but it can leave us feeling isolated and longing for something we don't understand. While social media certainly contributes to the loneliness epidemic, I believe travel also plays an important role. 

Ultimately this dream is caused by loneliness or separation anxiety. No matter what occurs in the dream, your first step must be to recommit to what is important in life, especially if you have been disconnected from your emotions. In society, we are not sometimes comfortable expressing them publicly. Emotions are okay, and they are not a sign of weakness. The capacity to be emotionally available is not easy. When we have been hurt before, we often put up walls to protect ourselves. As a result, we feel protected, but all it does is prevent us from connecting with others. Learning to trust again requires working through these emotions. Our ability to connect with others on a deeper level is enhanced when we are emotionally available. Through mutual respect and trust, we can build meaningful relationships. We can find support from these relationships when facing life's challenges and the dream of a missing child is about the fact you are missing something in life - maybe such a connection.

Missing children is about finding connections in your life, it is often the absence of connections with others that leads to this dream. Working on our emotional availability can help us combat loneliness. The ability to build meaningful relationships provides the support we need to face life's challenges when we are emotionally available.

What does this dream mean for your child's relationship?

If your own child went missing then I will consider what this means. The dream can also indicate that you are symbolically understanding your child's needs care and attention in regard to their feelings. Obviously, in daily life, we care for our children deeply. This requires much attention, generally, this is a worry and anxiety dream, we have already concluded that it is quite common for a parent to dream that their child goes missing. In daily life we always need to be on guard, avoiding dangerous scenarios. Some may consider this dream a nightmare, often these dreams occur when the child is growing up. It can signify that you are using the innocence and youth of your child. Having dreams of a missing child can be either a positive or negative omen - depending on the specific details of the dream.

Child gender and the dream meaning

If you cannot find your daughter in the dream this indicates that you are connecting to your own inner child in your subconscious mind. Maybe there is a female aspect that you feel you are currently missing? It can possibly mean you feel you are losing out on career progression. To lose your son in the dream suggests that other people will provide guidance but you are still losing the aggressive and masculine nature needed to combat obstacles in your life. To not be able to find your child in the dream is focused on your own inner child. If you are not able to find someone else's child in a dream, and they go missing this denotes complex relationships in the future. To find a missing boy in a dream indicates change. Dreaming of a famous missing child case is generally more to do with hearing about the case in the media. Going back to the specific meaning of a missing child in a dream.

Why missing a child in a dream can shake you

There is nothing more important to us than our child. When a child disappears in our dreams there are certain things that are occurring in our subconscious mind. As parents family members and neighbors do everything in their power to help in the search for the missing child. Maybe in your dream, you saw law enforcement, as a parent if you are there is nothing more mentally challenging than not knowing where your children are. In the dream, your children could be abducted by strangers, family members and acquaintances, and sometimes strangers. Each year 1.3 million children are reported missing. Fortunately, most children are back home in a short period of time. This is still a dream that psychologically can shake you.

What happened in the dream?

I've detailed some situations in where the child could have gone missing. When you notice your child missing in the dream your whole world could fall apart. The feeling of a child gone missing could trigger feelings of desperation, confusion, and isolation in the dream and you cannot find any way to get the support. This is an internal crisis. Normally, the child is either a representation of our inner child or alternatively a sign that our life has been turned upside down.

The feeling of going missing is linked to our own energy and also the spiritual seed found in all our souls. This dream can be sparked by anxieties, friction and mostly are reactions to things being rumbled in our life. The emotion of feeling something is “missing” in a dream is often stored and released by the various methods of our past experiences, our ego manifestation, personality, and the things that we go through in daily life. 

This dream is often in connection to social conflicts of life and how we as individuals encounter other individuals. If other people appear in the dream of your child going missing it can indicate that you do not feel you have the physical and mental space order to think things through.  At times dreams that invoke the feeling of missing something (including that of a child) can suggest that you are searching for something in life that you cannot find. 

As I’ve said previously it is very unlikely that the dream of missing a child is going to happen in real life. It is only natural to be more vigilant after having such a dream.  When we go through chaos, we can’t seem to understand a way out or anything that we do to help the situation. The missing dream can often occur. The panic, the running around trying to find the child is just an indication of how you are dealing with life at the moment, nothing ever seems to be very simple in daily life. It can lead to questions such as “What is the point?”

If you are trying to deal with uncertainty in life, perhaps a career move or complex relationship breakup and the dream of a missing child embraces the storm in chaos around you. What advice do I give after having such a dream? Try to embrace your child, and provide the nurturing environment that they need. 

It’s often hard when we try to make money and survive,  but this is the true nature of this dream.  Except for the chaos. Often life can be somewhat improved by understanding that things just become unpredictable. It is important to fight for what you believe and accepts that we learn with every path of our imperfect life.  Remember, you can only control your own actions and not predict the future. The feeling of uncertainty holds us to ransom, ensuring that we limit our own life ambitions, business ideas, and ambitions going forward. Think about the time you waste to make sure that your path in life is correct, remember there is no real path, only what you feel inside should happen.

Dream of leaving a child behind

Sometimes we can dream that our child is missing because we’ve left them in the dream state. Maybe you left your baby behind, or a child in a store. This dream is directly affected by how we constantly feel we are taking a step forward but often in pursuing our goals this can generate situations that always lead to another. If you think about water and how a river flows,  it never really stops - this is a good metaphor of life that it just flows. If you throw a pebble into this water a rippling effect transports throughout creating small waves.

To dream of leaving a child behind is a direct association of the zigzag motion of this water. In the dream state, we can relate the ripples of life. Is this how you are feeling? Perhaps you always feel that when you get so close to your goal something crops up or a problem appears. Remember the greatest thing that we can do as human beings is to try our chance at things in life. 

The dream of leaving something behind  is an indication that you feel you’ve left a part of you behind (if the child in the dream is yours.) Try to think about what you feel you’ve left behind in life? Remember that our minds are often overlooked in daily life, the mind itself is powerful and full of spiritual energy.  It is important in order to progress in life that potential energy is stronger, sharper, and more focused. The dream of leaving a child behind can often result in panic upon awakening. Adversity within the dream state can force you to dig down into your own soul to find out what you feel you are really missing in your life right now.  I hope that resonates with you.

Dreams of missing child and running around

The first thing we do as parents if a child goes missing is run to see if we can find them. You only have to go to a busy park on a sunny day to see parents on edge that their children will go missing. As human beings, more importantly, as parents, we have a protective nature. This allows us to preserve ourselves in difficult times.  These types of running and nightmare dreams about our children often occur when we trying to run away from something in daily life. 

Personally, if you see yourself running after a child who then goes missing can often yield a feeling of failure in waking life. Within each of our souls is a potential for the most amazing powerful life. If we are missing something important then these types of dreams occur. Every single one of us is meant to create a positive energetic impact on mankind. This can be communicated in many different ways. The dream itself is urging you to take the steps forward in order to understand how you can best communicate with others. Remember that you are meant for great things in this life.  

I don’t feel dreams of a missing child and running around trying to find them is directly connected to the paradox of parenting. What this is all about is running away from your chaotic lifestyle. The dream itself is asking you to become crystal clear on what will make you feel fulfilled.  If you are feeling concerned, lost, worried about life in general, the dream is trying to tell you to stop running around and think about how you embrace the chaos in your waking life to move forward.

Dreams of being a missing child

If you dream that you’re back in your childhood days then this jolts us into recognizing our own inner child. If we think about being human beings humanity allows us to experience joy, happiness, and appreciation. However, there are times when the reality of pain exists. This dream can be difficult, unpredictable, and have some odd symbolism. 

In popular culture and dream psychology, we’ve all heard the term inner child. Many famous psychologists such as Carl Jung have written about the inner child at length. We all have an inner child who we often ignore as the basis behind this psychological theory. This dream might be a direct association with yourself in the early years of your life. Perhaps even a patchwork of development you have ensured. When you look back at your childhood days, what can you remember? Do you remember the fun or playfulness? Or do you remember the pain and trauma that some of us experienced? 

Obviously, you were a child in the dream, vulnerable and in need of nurture. The pain of being missing from your parents when you are an adult in walking life can be directly associated with a difficulty in waking life where your needs are not being met. Try to start to heal your inner child which can take time. The first step in this dream meaning is to try to explore your relationship with your inner child. You could start this by looking at some of the childhood experiences you’ve had. Are they happy, sad, are they full of pain? What do you remember the most? Think about looking at these aspects of your childhood after experiencing this type of dream and working through any memories that could be resurfacing in elements of your existing life. That is the spiritual advice of this dream.

Dreams about someone's child going missing

To dream of seeing another person’s child go missing can be connected to the endless flow of our energies from one human being to another. If you think about time, it’s an endless flow of energy, to and from infinity. We can never change time.

The reason I mention this is that somebody else’s child goes missing, in dream psychology can represent that you feel you are missing out on time. We can free ourselves from the climatic wheel of action and reaction by how we are perceived in daily life. Spiritually speaking the child in the dream (who you could or could not know) will represent your own inner child within the dream state. 

The process of acknowledging our own emotions around the child is important. This could be a dream where we need to accept certain elements of our parents and the way they behave during our childhood. That said, the dream could be transformational depending upon your reaction to the dream. If we think about the way that we acted in the dream this can help it interpret the meaning. If you soothed the person whose child went missing then this is a positive dream omen, it indicates that you are developing your own illusion of autonomy in life. 

There are many psychological and ideological aspects of a dream whereby somebody’s child goes missing - but whose child went missing? Was it a friend or a relatives? The relationship with the person in the dream can provide a clue to how you feel in that particular relationship. As a teenager with a new car, there is also a tendency to be over fascinated in life.  The dream of the missing child (who is not your own) can indicate you are feeling you need to be more fascinated with past events that have shaped you in life. 

To dream of being responsible for the child goes missing (perhaps they were in your care during the dream) is just a reflection of our social conflicts in life. The fact that we sometimes lose things. I remember once I went to an exhibition which I was managing, at the end of the day a list of customers that came to the stand went missing. At that point, I knew that I lost my job.  And I can remember the sheer panic of how I felt. The reason why I explain this small extract about my life is that the missing child could be a metaphor for something that will go missing in daily life. Now, the most important thing is to embrace the chaos that we all feel in tune with our own being.

Dreams of a child going missing but not remembering anything else

It is not uncommon for the child to go missing and you cannot remember anything about the dream apart from the fact that the child was gone. This dream expresses the need for a stable focus in life. The child can be a metaphor for the fact that you’re going to embark on great work in the future. There is a contrast to be made between our central position in life and what we want to achieve. 

With little cultivation in reaching what we want in life, we can often dream of things going missing in our dreams. I can remember that all the other dream elements became a blur when I experienced a dream of a missing child. There was no idea of how the child went missing or why just that feeling of loss within the dream state. 

Dreamwork is important to understand and shape our own memory and thoughts. As human beings, Carl Jung gave a theory that our dreams were associated with archetypes and were based on our feelings in our culture. Jung's approach to emotion-triggered dreams such as these where they invoke a sense of movement in our life and that the dream will play a role in how we feel in life. If you have a child in real life it can just be a reminder to spend more time with them and nurture their development.

Dreams about a child missing in many people

A dream of seeing a child missing in a large crowd or many people (such as a match or sports event) indicates that you long for direction in life and you feel bombarded by all sorts of problems. If the crowd was large it can suggest that you cannot figure out how to focus yourself and move forward. If you are running in the people looking for your child it is associated with the need to gain help with your needs in waking life. 

Dreams about a child missing from your home

If your child is not in your home then this can be connected to how safe you feel in regards to your family life. IF you cannot find your child in your home during the dream this can be associated with possible intrusion by an unwelcome visitor. Emotions can become raw in the dream so it is important to try to remember that this is just a dream. 

Dreams about searching for your child

Dreaming of a missing child often is connected to the fact that the search is hindered. If law enforcement was involved to help the recovery of your child during the dream it can indicate that you may face legal battles going forward. If you see yourself in the search and other people are involved then this can suggest that you want to feel more protected in life.

What is the detailed dream meaning of a missing child?

Many times when we have lost something in the waking world and we find it. This is no different in the dream world. To lose your child indicates our own hidden fears and anxieties - we ourselves are feeling lost. To find the missing child in a dream is positive and denotes great luck. If you see a missing poster or call the police in a dream then this suggests that you have hidden support around you!

For your child in the dream to not be at school when you pick them up indicates a subconscious loss of life. To see yourself waking up in the dream to check your children are still there indicates you will be thinking about a childhood memory. To dream that your child is lost in a crowd illustrates that you have undergone many difficult ordeals in life. The good news is that there is a brighter and happier future. If your child is missing in a dream and then you suddenly find them illustrates that you are going to support a good cause in the future.

If the child went missing due to human trafficking then this is quite a distinctive dream it just suggests that you are worrying unnecessarily about life. To dream, a family member takes a child and subsequently, the “child goes missing” this indicates possible fear of separation in waking life. If the child is gone in the dream and you cannot find him or her this dream is about your worries. If you subsequently raise the “alarm” by calling the police in the dream, then this can suggest that you have a hidden desire in life. To dream of a stranger taking your child suggests that you need distance in order to think about what you want in life.

Dream of an adult who is a child gone missing

If in the dream you see an adult (in waking life) being a child again, and they are lost or missing suggests you are feeling vulnerable in life. This can be a sign that you are missing your youth. You are expressing the want for more social events in life, try to live your life a little: put less stress on bills and responsibilities. Your inner child is telling you it’s time to slow down and take time to enjoy life - it's not all work and no play. Dreaming of your partner as a child missing could also mean that you need to find out who you are again in the relatiojnship. You may have changed yourself to fit the mold of people around you, such as a spouse, a co-worker/work, friends, and or other family members. Deep down you know that this is not who or what you want to be, but you do know who you should be!

What does it mean to see a child abducted in a dream?

To dream of a child being abducted does not mean that it is going to happen in real life, but a possible abandonment of the symbolic situation in life. A child missing can create many different disturbing emotions in life. In the dream state, this is no different for your child to be kidnapped or abducted in the dream can indicate strong feelings of fear. The missing child is connected to our own “inner child” As the child is associated with our own youth seeing a lost child suggests an opportunity missed.

To lose your own child (in waking life) and then in a dream indicates general fear about being a parent. Have you been able to make use of all the experiences that have come your way? This dream is a wake-up call - you need to review things in life. Don’t worry the dream is not literal in its sense. It is associated with your anxiety and moving towards a new phase in life. To dream your own child went missing can be connected to losing a personal item in waking life - don’t worry it is not literal.

Dreams about missing your child after separation

After separation when the child is with your ex-partner or at another parent's house there is an internal feeling of missing that child. If you are in a shared custody arrangement or a 50/50 split there will be times where you do not have your children. This indicates that you have lost a sense of control. If you are the Mother and you dream of your child missing or lost your child if you are not with their Father it could be the representation that you are clearly missing your child due to the separation. 

There's nothing better than cuddling your child to sleep, take them to the park and if you no longer have your children then it can be very painful. If you are the father and the dream and you have had difficulty seeing your child then mentally this could be a dream about that possible loss. In any event, your child has been taken away from you to some degree because you are no longer able to spend all the time with your child. If you are missing your child while their contact then this dream could be due to this so please bear this in mind going forward.

Dreams of missing a child at a store

To dream that you cannot find your child because they are missing in a department store can be connected to your outer life and there appears to be chaos everywhere. It's a dream that could mean that your inner child has been lost. Often this dream is connected to the way that we live our lives in a rigid manner. If you don't have children it could be a dream of your inner child where you feel lost in the chaos of life. If you eventually find your child this is a positive omen that can mean that you will be finding something important in life go forward Arsenal and explore ways of life each week 12 to expenses, how efficiently you focus on your life the better.

Dreams of missing a child on holiday

Holidays are supposed to be a great time where we can relax and recuperate. If your dream holiday turned into a complete nightmare because you are missing your child can suggest that something is being lost in your life, this raises questions about our openness, wit, grace, and how we are going to advance in life.

Dreams about a child being abducted or kidnapped

When we have gone through a difficult long-distance relationship we can often feel lost if you have recently broken up with a partner a dream of loss is normal, it indicates you are trying to get over an unreciprocated crush or the loss of a loved one. 

Sometimes children are overprotected and we do our utmost to shield them from harm. Not surprisingly, there also remains a strong belief that a family needs to care for the child and meet their needs to dream of a child kidnapped or abducted by a strange is a traumatic dream experience. It encourages us that we need to understand the children's feelings and associations in life. 

Dreams of a missing child when you don’t care for them in real life

Both parents may choose not to have contact with the children or family for many reasons, if you dream of a lost child and you no longer live with that child or they are an adoptive or foster care and this could be your own worries and anxieties over your child's welfare. 

What does it mean to dream of my daughter (little girl) going missing?

The dream of your little girl going missing is connected to eliminating your worries about your child in daily life. We have a strong spiritual bond with our children, this is only natural. Your daughter is most probably cute, healthy, smart, and progresses in life very well. Therefore, it makes no sense for us to dream that our child is missing. We always worry about our children, that is what we do. It's in the nature of our species to try to protect and foster our young. This is our job. The dream could just be a metaphor of the fact that you're worried about your little girl in waking life. If you think about hens they do the same thing and protect their young. There's an enormous amount of energy exerted in the dream of fear, trepidation, and above all the anxiety of something that we adore and love and life is no longer there. Every parent's fear and worse nightmare. If you are a person to whom people bring their worries then this dream can reflect your own worries in life.

What does it mean to dream of my son (little boy) going missing?

For the sake of history, we often have such nightmares when we don't feel relaxed in regard to the care of our child. Our son is our life, the person that we love and care very deeply about and it's a huge responsibility to be a parent. When your son went missing in the dream - you had no control, in the dream, you probably felt that you were helpless. It can often signal that you feel a huge array of responsibility coming your way, it can often be a metaphor for something that is out of your control. If you're going through a separation it's common to dream of a child being lost or missing. 

This is the dire consequence of separation, in that we do not have a child 100% of the time. If you are not going through a separation and you dream that your son is missing it could signal that you need to be more vigilant about his care and welfare going forward if in the other parent's care. It is a dream where we are normally left panicking, and a very small percentage of dreams literally happen in the real world. This dream is about the separation anxiety that you are feeling and as parents, we naturally become quite fearful of losing our child. Obviously, it could be a nightmare dream such as you waking up feeling depressed, sweating, or even crying. 

Naturally, you check on your child and they are absolutely fine. It can indicate that there is a situation where you're losing control. This could be related to your child or directly associated with something else in life. When we don’t trust the other parent with our child, perhaps they don’t look out for them as much as we do. This is a control-type dream. The dream of missing your child and unable to find them is probably a dream of worry over your child's welfare.

Dreams of missing baby

To lose a baby in a dream is referring to your own inner child. Often, babies and dreams are associated with something new such as a new job or project in your life. The age of the baby is also connected to how you are feeling right now. To dream of missing your newborn baby can suggest that you may need to look at ways of dealing with your anxiety. 

To dream of losing a baby can suggest that there are elements of your childhood that have been unfulfilled in some way. It could be a sign that you have lost your innocence in daily life and maybe you have been trusting other people too much. Obviously, losing your baby or missing your baby can signify that there may be a need to let go of the situation. The dream can often appear when we don't have a baby in real life and this can heighten our emotions. You may feel a sense of panic or nervousness when you realize that your baby isn't there anymore. There are various scopes to the dream. It can signify that you are losing something precious and important in your life. 

This is not necessarily the baby itself. There is a magnitude of feelings that often occurs when we dream there is a child or baby missing. There is an array of symbolic meanings connected to this dream. Even if the dream appeared to be realistic in nature, put your mind at rest and tell you that these types of dreams are often common among parents. If you don't have a baby in your life then the dream is directly associated with your inner child.

Dreams of missing child and they die

Dreams about child death can be frightening. If the child went missing and then died this is connected to a milestone they are reaching in waking life. It could be that they are starting to talk, walk, progress at school and this marks the end of that phase for the child. When it comes to dreams there's nothing more unsettling than seeing a child dying this brings about the feeling of anxiety in waking life. 

If your child died in suspicious circumstances in the dream can indicate external challenges. This is a highly emotive and distressing dream, which is often the result of your inner child needing safeguarding. Often, when faced with transformation in life it is not uncommon to dream of a child missing and then found in a homicide or that your child was dying. In January 2010 there were 52 child victims who were in the media (in the USA) and many more each year. This equates to what we hear in the media. In the UK for comparison, there is one on average child death every week. The reason I mention these statistics is that Sigmund Freud believed sometimes our dreams are connected to “outside forces.” and to the media. If you read a story about a child going missing and then dying this could just be you processing this terrible information in the waking world.

Cot death is sudden and unexpected and if your child goes missing and then dies in their cot during a dream can suggest that you are in a highly anxious state at the moment. Often, dreams such as these will become recurring and have a lasting effect on the dreamer in the day. It is important when examining the reason for this dream we can look in more generic terms. The dream represents normally a prerequisite to rebirth in daily life. It could be a symbol of your internal worries but also transformation and movement. Representing drastic change imposed or a phase of solitude that you will experience. 

This dream is one of our most fears because the natural conclusion is that we will encounter unexpected loss. Instead, it is energy coming into the dream state to enable you to think deeper about peace with change. The change we all need in life, we must surrender to change at times. Although this dream could leave you feeling worried the next day, remember our own positive energy for the best outcome. The rebirth could be in the form of a new job, car, marriage, or even the end of affairs in life. Spinning this dream meaning around is important to understand that we must move forward to prepare to focus on a positive ending in a situation. 

Dreams about multiple children going missing

To dream that more than one of your children went missing could suggest that you are feeling a sense of loss comes to your identity. The fact that both your children or more than one child is missing indicates you might be feeling unsupported in waking life. If you're not able to escape the daily responsibilities of life and this dream can often appear. You can be very worried if our children go missing in real life and in the dreamworld it normally indicates the traumatic experience. The fact that there is more than one child gone missing can suggest your own inner fears and worries. 

Dreams about losing a child in water

To lose a child in water or go missing underwater during a dream is connected to our emotions. the water featured in your dream is associated with emotions. In your dream, you could have seen your child get lost in the swimming pool, river, ocean, or even pond. Water is an interesting symbolism. There is always a fear that we could possibly drown in water, and this is the fear of people dying. If you dream your child is missing near the water, far from the water or even inside the water the key to understanding what this dream means lies in our feelings in waking life. It can indicate your feelings out of reach in the problem relating to the missing child. If you're frantically trying to search the body of water looking for them when this sounds like there could be some choppy emotions when it comes to your child. The dream is often symbolic and can suggest unclear feelings and decisions. 

Think about the following:

  • The type of water the child was missing in?
  • The behavior of the water the child went missing in?
  • What was your reaction to the child going missing in the water?
  • What was your emotional state?

To dream of a child being lost or missing in the ocean can be a nightmare. Perhaps you are on the boat and your child fell in? Maybe there was a tidal wave featured in your dream. the ocean is associated with a huge body of deep water, is mysterious underneath, and in dream symbolism terms it represents that we are dealing with tremendous emotions. To be literally consumed or overwhelmed by the body of water connected to your child can suggest that there will be trouble brewing ahead. The problem with the ocean indicates that our mind is trying to deal with emotional upheaval when it could be in connection with our child. If you swam and try to rescue your child you could not find them then this can indicate there was a present situation where you are feeling your growth is limited. If you see yourself going into the water trying to find your child then you may be feeling threatened by deep emotions and that you are avoiding relationships and waking life.

If your dream involves a river and your child goes missing in the tide, this can indicate that emotions will be strong and there will be a force that may overwhelm us. We must also consider that although the dream was negative in every way, explore your feelings about the new challenges ahead of you. Remember that Noah built an ark to survive, you too can build an ark in your own life. Often, as your child is involved it can represent there are milestones that your child is undertaking and you could be emotionally worried about them at the moment. If you never find your missing child in the dream this can represent a possible turbulent emotional time in the future.

Dreams about leaving a child behind

To dream of missing a child after accidentally leaving that child behind. Perhaps for example you left a baby in the pram by accident then returned and you could not find your baby. Or maybe you dream of leaving your child on holiday when you're on the flight. A lot depends on the nature of the dream and the relationship to how you actually lost your child and in what circumstances. 

Try to uncover the other symbolism in order to have a clear direction of the dream meaning. Usually, these types of dreams occur when we are dealing with issues of freedom in waking life. In most cultures leaving a child behind is connected to a traumatic event. As parents, both mums and dads can face a number of difficulties as the child moves through life. Parents who leave their kids behind in dreams willingly can suggest that you just need some time away. In life, there is a social expectation that we never abandon our children. If you willingly left your child in the dream then this is connected to something external, that you wish to move away from something in waking life.

Dreams about looking for my daughter

To dream of searching for your daughter and they are missing perhaps in an earthquake, hurricane, floods, or simply in a department store all carry the same meaning. The common element of many dreams is forgetting something or not being able to find something. Dreams of searching for your daughter can indicate that you are concerned about their wellbeing. In life it could reflect your wish to discover yourself more. What are you really looking for? Searching for your daughter can be traumatic if you cannot find her in waking life and normally represents the fact that you need some time on your own. Try to discover ways in which you can avoid people who challenge you or give you criticism. 

Dreams of looking for my son

Dreams where your son is missing, or you are searching for your son represent trying to find something that is missing in your relationship with your son or you are generally worried about him. Often as parents, we are highly anxious. In waking life, we have all had encounters with lost keys and forgotten errands that we care to remember. These absent-minded errors can disrupt our lives. Think about the great cellist Yo-Yo Ma who found out in October 1999 he left his $2.5 million dollar instrument in the back of a taxi. The police managed to find this for him, but we all are sometimes absent-minded. In real life to understand what happens when this occurs,  we need to explore the queues and reminders of our everyday tasks. 

The horror of a son going missing in a dream and seeing yourself searching for him could be a cue to how you are feeling in waking life. Are you worried about your son? Is your son with you all the time? Are you worried about the care your son receives when you are not around? This dream is rarely something that will happen but more about our jarring experiences in waking life. We do have areas of life where we are essentially "blocked" and common objects go missing. However, our son is one of the most treasured possessions. 

Dreams about a missing adult child

To dream, you have a missing child and the co-parent also goes missing when looking for them can indicate that there is something you have lost in life. It can often represent you are blocked, there are personal experiences where we temporarily lose access to parts of our mind. This is evident in neuroimaging studies that can provide glimpses into how our mind works. To keep missing people in your family that you love very much during the dream can suggest that there are common parallels between our own stages in life and those people that go missing in the dream. Searching for anything in a dream can represent that you are searching for an element in life. If your parent and dream of your child missing when they are an adult can suggest that you are looking for a way to connect with your adult child. A dream of this nature can reflect that you need to prove that you cannot hide your feelings from your adult child.

Biblical meaning of a missing child in the dream

Biblically speaking children featured in dreams is a heritage from the board and the offspring is a gift, this is mentioned in Psalm 127:3. We must stand behind our children and help them grow and develop. In proverbs, 22:6 children need untrue and training to face this world. Children need a solid structure for growth. Therefore, biblically the dream of a missing child can indicate that you are worried about their emotions, social interactions, and spiritual growth. Think about if this is on track? Can you support their lives and developments going forward? A lost child biblically can also suggest that we need peace in life. There is no doubt that bringing up children is a hard job. We need to show kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control.

If we turn to the Scripture in Hebrews 12:7 children should also be disciplined. Dreaming of a child go missing can be connected to the discipline that you show in waking life if it is your own child. Children after all a rather vulnerable, wee often as parents worry about any damage violence that can happen in waking life. If you are currently faced with conflict worried about your finances then it is natural to dream of a missing child. Obviously, we live in a difficult world at times there's lots of child exportation, physical abuse, and also bullying. As parents, we generally try to protect our children and extend our love and light to their development. The protection element of this dream from a biblical perspective is important. Numbers 32:17 state that women and children will need protection in life. We must be aware that if your child goes missing in your dream it could be related to not feeling that you have filled the protection element in the relationship with your child.

Dreams of missing a child in a natural disaster

Natural disasters can sometimes occur in a dream state. Over the last 10 years, there have been 300 natural disasters that have cost millions of lives. Natural disasters themselves could include tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, storms and floods. To dream of a natural disaster in connection to a missing child could suggest that the impact of being a parent is somewhat challenging. If you see blizzards, ice storms, or snow in a dream this can suggest that you are feeling a lack of control and you are “out in the cold.” Natural disasters disrupt lives, they have an extreme impact on different communities. If you find yourself in a natural disaster during a dream can signal that you are feeling chaos in waking life. To find your child after a natural disaster is a positive omen and denotes that things are likely to calm down going forward. 

Dreaming of missing a child during a war

To dream of a war is often a symbolic dream whereby we feel we are at war with either our own thoughts or somebody waking life. War affects our dreams in different ways, the child's attachments in real life are disrupted by war, this could be due to the loss of parents who are trying to protect them and also the emotional unavailability of parents who are distracted due to fighting and fear of death. 

To dream of war in a dream can be rather miserable and end up being a nightmare. If you are exposed to situations of terror and horror during your dream this can be connected to the fact that you feel lost in waking life. To dream that you lost your community, or other people have died is generally about the loss with your own perspective. Consider the purpose of the war if you can remember and this will help you get a truthful meaning. War is associated with loss and control in daily life so consider the details of the war and how your child was featured.

Summary of the dream about missing children

There are many different considerations in the dream of a missing child. Often, we wake up feeling terrified that this might happen in real life. We might recall seeing someone at a particular time or place in a dream or encounter the fact that we never found our child. We are occasionally susceptible to episodes of blocking in real life, where we cannot remember certain things. Our memories are sometimes permeable to outside forces leading to questions about all traumas during our dream. A missing child could often represent childhood milestones all the inner child.

It is important to extract key elements from the dream and interpret these as individual symbolisms. Young children are especially vulnerable to the influences of the world. The child is missing in a dream and later found this can indicate diverse situations in life and the need to nurture your child. Divorced or separated couples often dream of missing children and this is influenced by the memories and perceptions of the separation in waking life. Although little is known about the brain systems while we sleep there are some intriguing clues as to the symbolism that occur during waking life. Traumatic experiences in this dream such as wars, natural disasters and accidents can have a knock-on effect in this dream.

Your dream:

  • Been looking for a lost or missing child.
  • Found a lost or missing child.
  • Seen a child being abducted, or another event before it happened.
  • Cannot find your daughter in the dream.
  • Cannot find your son in the dream.
  • Not able to find your children in the dream.
  • Children are missing in the dream.


  • You found a lost child and were able to reunite them with their loved ones.
  • Your child did not go missing for long in the dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a missing child:

Scared.Helpless.Overwhelmed.Hopeful.Lost.Confused. Joy. Child-like. Emotional.Worried.Nervous.Happy.Blessed.Thankful. Here are some other dream meanings that will help you define what this dream means:

By Florance Saul
Jan 8, 2013