Dream of rape

Rape Dream Meaning

Rape in dreams is about our own energetic fields being violated. There is an exciting spiritual message at play here. Think about the impact of your words next time you hear yourself say "I couldn't do that" or "That's just me." Do you limit your self-image in this way? Is your self-image restricted? If you are not confident in something, you can push yourself to do it anyway. As a result of your new actions, you will be able to gain confidence that you are more than you think you are.

Ask yourself: "What can make me happy?" What can I do more of? What do I need to do to become the best me? Think about your values, dreams, and resolve to act like someone who is already working towards these goals, no matter what the circumstances. This is how I live my life. This is how I move. It is my intention to respond to people in this manner. In the same way that this person would treat others, I will do the same for others.

If we decide to think, feel and act the way we want, we can become that person. We will not be acting "like" this person, but we will become that person. The rape dream urges you to make a decision. This is your chance to make the best decision of all. Forget your past. What kind of person are you now? How would you describe yourself? Don't think about who you were. What is your current self? What kind of person are you going to be? Make this decision carefully. Make sure you do it carefully. It should be done strongly. I have detailed many rape dreams here and I urge you to scroll down and read the meaning with this thought in your mind.

What does the dream of rape mean?

Freud believed that to dream of rape for a man is associated with a sadistic expression of sexual urges in waking life. For a woman, it is about control and power. So you had a dream of rape? I will walk you through the detailed meaning, to help you with this trauma dream and the advice from this dream nearer the end of my dream meaning.

To dream of rape can be disturbing, there is much emotion about this dream. It is these types of dreams that stay with us throughout the day. This is truly a trauma dream. We all have an innate need for intimacy and dreaming of a violent rape (regardless of if you are the rapist or being raped) can affect our well-being in waking life. 

I am going to cover the following so scroll down to find your dream.

  • Dream of being raped
  • Is the dream about rape good or bad?
  • The general meaning of dreaming of rape
  • Details of the dream of rape
  • Details of the rape dream and what these mean
  • Dream meaning of forcible rape
  • Dream about seeing or witnessing a rape
  • Dream about being a rape victim
  • Dream about being accused of rape
  • Dream about being a rapist
  • What does it mean to dream of gang rape?
  • Dream of seeing an ex-partner raped in a dream?
  • The person crying out rape in a dream
  • Sexually abused by family members in dreams
  • Forced to have sex in a dream
  • Dreaming of rape in jail in your dream
  • Sexually attacked in a dream
  • What does seeing someone being raped in a dream mean?
  • What does being chased then raped in a dream signify?
  • What does being enslaved then raped in a dream mean?
  • What is the dream psychology on rape dreams?
  • Advice on how to deal with this dream in waking life.

Dream of being raped

Obviously, being raped by somebody in the dream state can be disturbing. It basically means that you need to take charge of the world around you will control things in a much better way. Trying to think of the rape dream as a challenge to your own control. First of all, it is important to understand that rape in dreams are is associated with not only the actual physical act but also the mental act. Rape has for a long time been associated with our culture. The penetration of the penis (or another object) into the vagina without having the consent of the woman or man can signal that there is something out of control in daily life.

If you have had a past experience of abuse or trauma then the reliving of this event in your own dream can be a way that your mind is trying to work out what you have been put through. Assuming that you have not had any kind of abuse or have been raped, then the dream of rape can actually mean many things spiritually. This can range from a desire to lose control, taboo thoughts, or even an unconscious fear of being violated. In my opinion, to dream that you have been raped according to Sigmund Freud is a sadistic expression of sexual desire.

To dream of rape that is odd, or to have a dream that is highly weird or crazy is associated with control and the sense that you need to find approaches to difficulties. If you are going to the police or seeking help due to being raped then this is associated with releasing your psychic power in life. Dreaming of being raped by someone you know in real life can indicate that they or yourself are feeling out of control. Being raped by an unknown person in a dream can suggest that there is an aspect in life that is out of control. Being raped by a past partner can indicate sexually suppressed feelings or a lack of control in one's love life.

Heterosexual rape in dream: Rule of thumb, if you're dreaming of being raped by a man (if you are a women) and a man dreaming of being raped by a woman (if you are a man) is all about "control" in waking life. It can indicate that you have the personality to take charge of the world around you. At the very least, this dream has materialized in the subconscious mind because there has been doubting over-controlling some situation through the force of your own personality.

Homosexual rape in a dream:  Next, let's look at more about the "sex" of the person carrying out the rape, a dream of being raped by the same sex, for example, women raping a woman, or a man raping a man holds no further meaning than what we have already outlined. It is all about control, and the dream signifies that it is important to understand any contradictions that have been brought together and howled under control. In most dream situations rape is about control. I'm glad to have cleared this up. This is not to hide the negative undertones of such a dream. Generally, depending on the details to dream of a man being raped by a man is associated with forces in waking life. This dream means that you have a "powerful will" and that you are successfully controlling a situation with force, so well done! Dreaming of being raped by the opposite sex is associated with success against all of the odds. As concluded above it about taking charge of the world around you. 

Any dream of sexual assault is connected to feeling vulnerable in waking life. There is a situation "out of control, " and it is time for you to move on in life. You may be facing situations that are proving difficult. Don't worry, with this comes the opportunity to correct things. If you were raped in a dream but survived and fought back, consider ways where you are overcoming your own barriers in life. These dreams are perhaps the scariest because you feel like they are real and you experience the rape from beginning to end, and it can feel as if you were really violated.

Often there are ways in which you are being threatened or taken advantage of, and you feel that perhaps you are making a big deal out of a situation. When you are reacting this way to your dreams chances are that your own fears about a person or situation are founded, and you should keep up your guard.

Is the dream of rape good or bad?

You should not feel guilty or disturbed by these dreams as the dream does not always have a negative connotation. Understand that this, these types of dreams can be quite powerful and moving through, and often they cause a visceral reaction once you wake up. I hope I got my point across well, and this dream can cause a number of worrying feelings. If your thinking anything like me then you are probably wondering if this is a prediction. No, it is not the dream is 99% symbolic. Ok, let's now move on.

Dream about being a rapist

People are traumatized when facing such crimes and it can take over our senses. Remember though, this was a dream. It is simply telling you that you are feeling powerless in a situation in waking life. It could be due to reasons of panic attacks or feeling helpless. If you have experienced rape in real life or abuse from anyone then this could have been a panic dream, where you are detraumatizing flashbacks. Being a rapist in a dream is all about your control of situations in waking life. It can mean that you have either been affected by the violation in other areas of your life - such as work or a friendship. The effect of this dream can go into the very core of our existence, likened to a splinter from wood. In waking life, you need to understand why you had a dream you were the rapist and what areas of your life that you need to control. Once you can identify this, the dream is urging you to control that aspect of your life. I hope at the very least this dream gives you some awareness that you are feeling out of control in an area of life. 

This dream as I have mentioned is a form of power and dominance. Of course, this doesn't mean you need to go around raping people in real life, but you should consider ways in which you should be more assertive, confident, or willful. Saving someone or helping someone after a rape is a good omen for your life. While the dream can be traumatic because you are witnessing someone being open or having to take charge to protect others, this is a sign of positive times in your life. Often these kinds of dreams are about someone who denotes that you are in the process of maturity.

​​​​​​What is the general dream interpretation of rape?

It's normal to be freaked out by a dream of rape, but believe it, or not these kinds of dreams are more common than you might think. The psyche often has to work on issues of power and control and when there is a situation in your waking world that needs immediate resolution. Dreams about getting raped are about control in your waking life.Rape can appear in a range of guises in the dream. You may see the actual physical act of rape or have witnessed rape. This means a lack of control and direction in life. If the rape in your dream is homosexual in nature then this is connected to feeling a loss of control with the actual masculine side of your persona. If you encountered marital rape during the dream, and your husband and wife raped you then this indicates that you are losing control over a situation. Any type of forcible rape carried out on yourself in a dream is associated with a lack of being in control, normally at work. If you don't work it can mean that you lack control in a relationship or certain area of your life.

Dreaming of repetitive recurring dreams of rape is connected to feeling "violated" in waking life. Are you feeling victimized?

Details of the dream of rape

I am going to now look at some closer aspects of the details in the dream, these might have featured in your dream. If the rapist was wearing a mask or cover their heads then psychologically this means you are feeling a lack of control in various aspects of your life. I am a great believer that sometimes you will get a powerful spiritual message in your dream. When you dream of being raped this is an open spiritual call that you are having control taken away from you and now is the time to fight back. To see people you know in the dream of rape can indicate that others may turn to you for advice as they feel out of control. 

If you are dealing with a legal battle such as custody or divorce or feeling like you are being gravely taken advantage of then, this is not a time to try to come to terms with the trauma it is causing you. Remember, you should always look after number one! Now is the time to act and demand that your personal needs are met and that you will be given what you deserve. I am going to put it simply: this is a kind of dream that indicates that you need to gain control in the situation back before you are screwed. Now, you may dream of actually liking the rape, when this happens it is normally associated with the "dead bedroom" syndrome in that you are feeling you are not getting enough sexual gratification. Let me turn this dream around, it may mean that you are lacking affection which affects your emotional well-being. If we look at this dream from a more psychological view, the rape imagery can be connected to self-control.

This is not to say that there you may feel depressed or that your mental state of mind is challenged after having this dream. Rape is quite a difficult experience to go through. To dream of being raped and the experience you suffered in the dream was frightening can be associated with challenging experiences into a more productive area of life. To encounter violence connected to the dream of rape indicates that you must channel experiences into a more productive direction in life.

If you are abducted or kidnapped or legally forced into rape, such as getting raped by someone you know then this is deemed to be associated with understanding your inner desires. If we look at the words abduct and also kidnapped it comes from Scandinavian and Latin words, for this to occur in the dream indicates a new phase of life.

Dream of different types of rape:

  • To want to be raped in a dream indicates you wish someone to take control of a situation you have been struggling with. To be raped in real life and have flashbacks is perfectly natural. You need to try to work through the trauma with a therapist and gain control over the situation. To dream of incest or rape of family members, indicates that you do not trust someone close to you. It can signify possible "trust" issues in the past.
  • To dream of rape connected to animals suggests that you need to take charge of your own destiny. Sometimes rape dreams are a sign of pregnancy. Weird and crazy rape dreams are common during pregnancy, and the mind tends to be overactive due to hormones. Again, do not be concerned with these dreams, but consider what areas of your life need to be simplified so that you can cut down on stress.
  • Dreaming of being raped by a demon is a psychic dream that indicates that your soul is trying to find ways to control someone's inappropriate behavior in life. You have some fear or worry that someone in waking life will take the "control" away from you. This dream can be disturbing and is playing on your subconscious mind. If you perform any type of magical psychic work, then it is possible that you can be raped by a demon. The two main demons are incubus (male sexual demon) and succubus (female sexual demon) at times these Demons focus on the attack to confuse the dreamer about sexual orientation. The way to protect yourself against "demon rape" dreams is to say "slam" when they appear. Next time, do this and you will be surprised.
  • To be raped at a party in a dream indicates that you need to break down a person’s resistance so that they are able to obey your commands.
  • If the rape dream involved murder then this can highlight that you are going to in’s people in a work context. The murder itself represents a subconscious end to a problem in life.

Dream meaning of forcible rape

It is my ultimate hope that this dream meaning can convey a new understanding which opens up your possibilities in life. Witnessing or experiencing forcible rape can be a terribly challenging dream. The aftermath of such violent twisted behaviors perpetrated in dreams can challenge us in daily life. As I've already mentioned the dream is about control, therefore forcible rape presented in a dream is often about how you control your life. It could even possibly mean that you feel violated by those people who are supposed to love and protect you.

What does it mean to dream of gang rape?

A gang rape featured in a dream is an indication of somebody using their very strong character to exert a destructive time on other people. I am sure you will agree that this dream is focused on aggression and in older dream analysis indicates a weakness of will.

By the way, to commit rape in your dream indicates that you were worried about sexual problems in a relationship, additionally, this can to some degree indicate possible uncertainty in a relationship. If we look at a more mystical interpretation which is really where I get excited the older dream dictionaries from the Victorian era indicate that rape is often associated with pride. In one ancient dream account, I read from the 1920s by an author called Dr Gregory states "if a woman dreams of being raped it indicates that somebody close to her will threaten her pride." Even though this is quote old-fashioned it can still have meaning today. To dream a friend is raped indicates that goals can truly demand our best efforts If we focus on ourselves. The dream can also be associated with an event of the past where we feel a lack of control.

​​​​​​What does it mean to be sexually abused by family members in dreams?

What a terrifying dream! Ah, the burning question is what does it mean? To dream of being raped by a parent (such as a mother or father) can be a shocking dream, it indicates your desire to be rescued by others and to control people in waking life. Don't worry, the dream itself is symbolic in nature and is just connected to your subconscious mind so do not think about it too much. To dream and relative raped, you indicate that you are looking for protection from other people. The dream itself is symbolic and connects with your relationship with that particular relative. If you have suffered any type of traumatic abuse in the past in waking life it is not uncommon to have these types of repetitive dreams.

What does being forced to have sex mean in a dream?

Dreaming of being forced to give sex can be associated with sexual frustrations in life. You will find it very difficult to express your desires with a partner is the meaning of older dream books. Forced to have sex with many partners in a dream can indicate that you are at a loss on how to deal with control in life.

What does being sexually attacked in a dream mean?

It can be rather disconcerting when you dream of being sexually attacked. This could mean being raped or alternatively being touched in an inappropriate manner during the dream. On the whole, this is associated with your own inner confidence. It can indicate that you are being controlled by somebody in the dream. If you are being touched sexually in a dream then this can signify that you need to take a break and consider whether you actually invest any more of your time and effort into your projects.

If you dream about being molested then this is connected to a blockage in life. Try to persevere with your projects. Rape dreams are often when you feel that somebody is controlling you in waking life. Don’t try to take things personally if you dream of being molested by a family member in a dream. As we have already concluded rape is associated with many different feelings towards the opposite sex. Nine times out of ten it means that you feel violated by somebody. It may also represent an aspect of yourself learning to recognize when you control and when you don’t.

What does seeing someone being raped (witnessing a rape) in a dream mean?

So you could see someone raped? It does not sound like a nice dream. Let's look at the meaning, to see another person being raped in a dream can be harmful to your subconscious mind. To see someone sexual touched in a dream can to represent an aspect of yourself that you need to learn to recognize. the person being raped in your dream is somebody knows then this can indicate the desire for control over them. Dreaming of seeing someone raped and not being able to do anything (you are helpless) can suggest you are lacking self-control. To dream of stopping a rape indicates you are getting control back in your life. To carry out rape yourself in the dream and see yourself as the third person can again be an expression of your own desire to control others.

Dream about being accused of rape

Many people who are experiencing dreams of rape report that they are accused of rape, when they have not committed the crime (in the dream world). Obviously, we are in the dream state and all things can change at any time does it mean if you are accused of rape in a dream? Such a dream can mean that you are in need of help and advice. When you feel you are wronged in a dream it can be an indication where you feel you were not being listened to in real life. Generally, being accused of something that you didn't do in a dream it could mean that there is something in your life where you are unable to gain the full picture.

What can it mean to see a romantic partner raped in a dream?

This indicates that a relationship may be stretched in the future. If you are the rapist in a dream, then this is a desire for more control as well. Your mind is "acting out" that you take control in a dream state. This needs to transfer to your waking world.

Let's turn to more modern and ancient dream dictionaries in order to interpret this dream. It has been stated that this dream is a reflection of one’s attitude to the opposite sex. It can often suggest a sense of resentment towards a lover and that your own self-esteem is being challenged. Is it being challenged? How are you feeling about yourself?

What does being chased then raped in a dream signify?

Of course, there are times when you are being hunted in a dream. This can occur in rape or any other way. You will be relieved to know that being chased by a rapist in a dream is associated with how people love to control you. At least you can do something about this. The chase is connected to the energy that you need to focus on - to reach the goals in your life. Being chased and then raped in a dream indicates the stresses and strains of daily life. On the positive side, if you have this dream and you manage to escape the rapist it indicates that any difficulties in life you will overcome. If you are in fact raped in the dream (after the chase) then this can indicate the self-questioning doubts of your mind. You need to understand what is missing in your life.

Are you slumped on the sofa every night? Do you have the "get up and go" required in order to fulfill your own goals? The fact that you were chased indicates you are feeling rather restricted in life. It means the modern day of life has taken its toll. Being raped as a finale to being chased indicates that you are letting somebody else take control. We normally have such a dream when we are afraid ourselves or moving forward in life. If you encountered abortion in your dream, due to the fact you are being raped suggests that you are going to be a victim of life. This is not necessarily connected to the rape itself that you may encounter some emotional problems going forward. Building relationships with you will alleviate these problems.

What does being enslaved then raped in a dream mean?

Hopefully, we can attribute this to the focus of love and lust in waking life. If you are being raped or enslaved in your dream and you are African American then this denotes that you are feeling others are taking advantage, normally because of the history connected to the problem of rape and the stereotype of African-American slavery. Yes, it is not uncommon to have such dreams. It is society that has often labeled the man unable to control their sexual desires but this is not necessarily true, it’s just a stereotype. The promiscuous nature of females and males comes from far-reaching history. Did you know a large number of people do not report a proper rape to authorities, but what happens if this occurs in your dream? Well, you are trying to be innocent in life, you need to take the reins of control and NOT blame yourself.

What is the dream psychology on rape dreams?

For a female, Freud believed a “rape” dream was a representation of possible sexual fears. For a man, it is connected to a symbol of feeling destroyed or controlled by another. Just remember that a rape dream is distinct from any other dream. The imagery in the dream can be connected to the famous Carl Jung’s notion of what is called “Active Imagination” in that the dream can occur in order to find the healing qualities of the subconscious mind. This dream will challenge your mind. It is connected to your natural capacity in the waking world to deal with the difficulties experienced in the dream. After having such a dream it is common to feel a sense of depression. Remember though, that this dream happened for a reason. You don’t need a dream psychologist to unravel this dream, you really need to look "within" to find out why you had this dream. Spiritually and psychologically analysis of rape in dreams point to the fact this dream is telling you to listen to your inner voice. This dream is about feeling out of control in waking life. You may find there is an insane amount of information that I have written below. This is for good reason. Embrace this dream, spend some time interpreting every aspect and draw your own conclusion on what your soul needs to heal and not feel powerless in daily life.

As I have touched on already rape in dreams is consciously connected to trauma. When you dream of rape this can be a reaction to your own past trauma which was either sexual abuse or molestation, so if this happened to you I am deeply saddened. It takes allot in life to move forward after having such trauma! From another perspective, Carl Jung believed rape dreams were all about control and energy. If you are a man and have dreams of being raped by another man and this suggests that somebody's actions are not well-meaning in life. The rape itself can also signify being controlled by another. Are these dreams haunting you? I can imagine that you are still rather upset, in real life to be a victim of rape in a dream can be rather traumatic, in the dream state I know that you experience the same feelings of panic to a lesser degree.

What does dreaming of rape in jail / prison mean in a dream?

Turning to the subject of rape in jail or prison we need to address the deeper aspects of this dream. Many men or women often face the fear of rape in jail which is a concern. Maybe you had a dream of being attacked in the toilet or in a communal shower? Yes, even the thought is worrying. Rape in overcrowded prisons is common. Sometimes assaults are not even recorded. In dreams, prison rape is more about control in life. It is more about power. To dream of being raped in prison is associated with awareness. Awareness is one of the dreams basic meanings. Self-awareness is important along with the ability to distinguish the most important aspects of life.

Advice after having a trauma dream of rape

I'm going to share with you strategies and how you can gain self-control. Maybe you feel that you are the kind of person who shouldn't do something if there is a perceived risk, no matter how small that risk be. The dream of rape is connected to our internal obsessions and compulsions, It often occurs when we try to organize our life but we are lacking some type of control.  I'm going quickly mention an exercise that you can carry out after having this dream which may help you recognize areas of your life whereby you feel a lack of control.

Try to note down a list of unwanted thoughts, images, or impulses that enter your mind repeatedly. Don't be too concerned about whether these are distressing thoughts. Afterward, try to evaluate each of your thoughts on how you can solve them. Most of us have worries, daydreams, or something that impacts our emotional state. Often these thoughts present themselves in a dream state as unwanted trauma dreams. These dreams are uncontrollable and we do have a loss of control over our daily life it can affect our mind. Such obsessions are often known as ego-dystonic, which refers to our own self-concept and the person that we are in the way that we behave. After you've listed any unwanted thoughts think about the following questions.

  • To what extent does the thought into your mind against your will?
  • How upset or distress are you by the thought that this could happen in your life?
  • To what extent are you in control of these thoughts?
  • And finally, to what extent does the thought go against your values or personal goals.

I do hope that this will help you process the dream and give you some peace of mind so you do not have such a dream again. Blessings x

Who am I?

Before I go, my name is Flo, a psychic from England. Over the last twenty years, my life has been focused on studying your dreams spiritually and from a psychology perspective because many of my dreams come true. Firstly, I am sorry you suffered this dream and you feel compelled enough to research the meaning. I have written a detailed overview of what the "rape" nightmare might signify to you. Over the years, many of you have contacted me and emailed across your dream of rape. I have collected here some of the most popular, you may wish to take a quick peep to see if your dream is in the top rape dreams that are sent to me! Here goes: Witnessed someone being raped. Raped someone. Been a victim of rape. Heard about a rape circle or rapist on the loose. Been afraid of being raped. Felt like you deserved to be raped or like you were asking to be raped. Wanted to be raped. Threatened or were threatened with rape. Recovered from rape. Talked about rape. Felt powerless in a sexual situation. Been sexually frustrated. Seen a gang rape.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You survived rape.
  • I have covered specific meanings of rape dreams.
  • You might struggle to get your head around all the meanings above, but remember every aspect of your dream is important! Thank you for visiting my site. Don't forget to check out other interesting parts. Blessings x Flo x

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of rape

Terrified. Scared. Dominant. Powerful. Powerless. Used. Dirty. Deserving. Determined. Alarmed. Caution. Accusatory. Angry. Violated. Taken Advantage Of. Mean. Vigor.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Feeling taken advantage of.
  • Having no power or control in your life.
  • Being concerned about your family or loved ones.
  • Letting go.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012