Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Buildings are one of the most common and diverse objects encountered in our dreams. Most people have multiple dreams that include various buildings during their lifetime, because buildings are such an integral part of our lives.

That is why it is important to analyze your building dreams carefully and completely. Although dreams featuring buildings are numerous, their meanings are specific. Try to remember as many details as possible about your building dream, so you can put all the pieces together. Like a jigsaw puzzle once completed, assembling all your clues can give you some helpful insights into your waking life.

In your dream, you may have

  • Seen or been inside a building.
  • Admired a well-kept building and its grounds.
  • Observed an empty or deteriorated building.
  • Gazed out the window of a building.
  • Walked around various rooms inside a building.
  • Come across a building undergoing construction.
  • Entered or exited a building.
  • Had trouble opening or closing a door in a building.
  • Wandered up and down hallways, tunnels or staircases in a building.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dream of a spacious manor or perfectly manicured grounds.
  • Your dream includes a castle or fortress.
  • New construction or a new house appears in your dream.
  • The dream is positive overall.

Detailed dream interpretation

Buildings in a dream portray significant emotions regarding your problems and represent the changes you are making in your waking life. The building can also represent part of your personality, especially upstairs. For example, to see a house you previously lived in within your dream indicates you are starting to feel insecure. If the house is small, you are likely to feel trapped within your waking life. To see an empty house in your dream indicates that you feel uncomfortable in every aspect of your own waking life.

Environmental surroundings along with your feeling and response to the home in your dream may contribute crucial hints as to the cause of this dream, but it's also important to remember the purpose for which the home in your dream is used in your waking life. For example, forts as well as fortresses advise protection and also, whereas industrial facilities advise function and program. Although high-rise structures are believed to be to be phallic symbols, maybe you had a dream of an apartment? If so this kind of dream holds various meanings: high rises are homes as well as office buildings mean that you will reach great things in your life. To live in a lighthouse means that there is an offer for hope to sailors on the ocean. To enjoy your home in your dream means that you will rise in life. Places of worship and also spiritual buildings provide us hope and peaceful representation, libraries as well as galleries provide us together with information in waking life, which means you need to learn something.

To see a court means things need to be sorted out in your family. The process of law in the dream may be a need for you to show others sympathy. There is also a need to sort out your tax, bureaucratic or even legal concerns if you dream of seeing a court. Hospitals are facilities regarding therapeutic action, as well as symbols of improving your health. Properties, cottage, flats, mansions as well as palaces provide several types of interpretation. Generally to find yourself in these buildings means that you desire something in life. Jails tend to be places that outline your criminal mind and you the lesson here is to learn the consequences of your actions.

To dream of a beautiful building with a tidy green lawn or lovely gardens indicates you are certain there will be a time of abundance in your waking life. It also means spiritual enlightenment is in the cards and presently, you feel false. To dream of courtyard indicates that you need to be more protective of your possessions.

If your dream features a visualization of a derelict building, this can mean that you are feeling empty in a relationship. If the buildings featured in your dream are in ruins, this is likely to signify you will have financial or romance issues in the future. If the building is dirty, it shows that your image is likely to suffer to some degree. If a dream includes a new building, this shows promising new possibilities in your future. If you dream of a building under construction, you may feel the need to complete something in your life, such as your education or a project. To see any type of construction within your dream is an indication there are relationships in your life that you need to work on more.

If you look out of a window in your dream, it may represent your view of the world, but if you are on the outside looking in, then the window represents your view of yourself. To dream of a balcony, windowsill or window is a direct indication of support within your life. The balcony or windowsill is a symbol of your strong personality. If you encounter any type of demolition within your dream, this indicates you are going to encounter some difficult times ahead, but things will turn out well in the end.

If you move rooms in your dream, or move to a bigger house, this suggests you are feeling vulnerable and it may be time for you to make some real changes in your life. A dream that includes passages or tunnels shows you want to differentiate your personal space from others. This dream could also mean you are passing from one stage of your life to another. If you dream of endlessly climbing or descending staircases, you may feel like you are getting nowhere, because you are procrastinating or sabotaging yourself.

To dream of the front of a house indicates you need to think about how you display your mannerisms to the outside world. If in your dream you are outside the house, perhaps in the garden, there are aspects of your personality you feel the need to hide. If you see yourself going inside or leaving a house, it is important to you to improve your personal environment. Sometimes, this could also show the purchase of a new house on the horizon.

If you meet somebody in the house, this may mean it is time for you to think about yourself. If there are different activities within the house, this signifies you are going to have an argument with somebody close to you in the near future.

To see boarding house or motel in your dream signifies you may not feel at home within your own living space. To dream of a cinema shows you have resources in your current life you feel the need to protect. To dream of an igloo indicates you feel warm on the inside, but others perceive you as being cold on the outside. To see a tower in your dream is a direct association with your personality and your soul. A tower in your dream is also a symbol of your masculinity.

A front or back door indicates your emotional capability. To open or close a door demonstrates your sexual attitudes. If you do not open the door within your dream, you do not want a relationship at this time. If you find the door stuck in your dream and are unable to open it, you have a desire to become more innocent in your life. If in your dream, you seal, bar or lock the door, you are trying to protect yourself against others. If somebody or something, such as an animal, forces the door open and they get inside, you feel it is important not to let yourself down. If you actually escape in your dream, you will find a solution to a problem or situation.

Historic Buildings

Historic buildings are an emphasis regarding spiritual energy, so if a historic building appears within your dream, this means that your conscious is drawing your awareness of the ability inside your mind. Dreams about aged or historical structures are associated with the past: days gone by and also old friends and encounters. To be in a historical building means that people are going to come back into your life. There is also possible dangers right now in regards to a friendship. The building may also represent an unimportant way of life or perhaps your old fashioned way of life. The actual building may possibly be a castle. If this is the case this will point to your defenses in life.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Problems you need to solve.
  • Changes in your life that you need to make or are currently making.
  • Personal growth or moving from one life stage to another.
  • Relationships and the way you feel about them.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a building

  • Insecurity or entrapment.
  • Spiritual enlightenment and hope.
  • Vulnerability and the desire for protection.
  • A desire to change or improve.

By Flo Saul
Oct 4, 2012