Dream About Being Kidnapped

Kidnapping Dream

Dream About Being Kidnapped

In dreams, it is possible to be kidnapped and this just becomes a nightmare. It may be a sign that you feel pressured to do or say things you don't believe in or don't want to do in real life. Often, being kidnapped in dreams is triggered by guilt over things you have done or are about to do. The act of taking someone away can be witnessed by another person. Taking advantage of opportunities isn't something you're doing. It is also possible to experience a dream of being kidnapped when you feel that you have been unfairly credited for your work.
Recently, I had a creepy dream in which I was kidnapped. To be honest, I have never experienced a dream so terrifying. The kidnapper grabbed me in a dark unknown room with no way out and no idea who he was. Whenever I tried to run away, my kidnapper would appear out of the shadows and drag me back. It took me a while to calm down after I woke up in a cold sweat. 
There are many dream experts who believe it is important to keep your dreams alive, but there are also those who believe that you should let them go. I read that Graeme Mitchison and Francis Crick, discovered something known as the double helix, both these experts studied dreams together. It was discovered that nightmares like being kidnapped are the brain's only way of preparing itself for new tasks. The subconscious erases or deletes obsessive and controlling tendencies when you dream, so in essence, this dream is super positive. As a result, of your dream, we can conclude that our subconscious mind has changed ideas in order to accept an idealistic view. Memory is stored in the Neocortex of the brain, which must be unloaded.

Why did you have a dream that you were kidnapped?

I believe if you are kidnapped in a dream then we never know when or how risk will strike. There are threats all around us, whether they are actual physical dangers or more abstract ones such as developing bad habits or risky behaviors. I believe there is a spiritual message in this dream, that we should be aware of our surroundings, sidestep people who might take advantage of us, and above all ---- trust our instincts. My motto in life is if something doesn't feel right then it is usually not. In any situation, we can ensure our safety by taking these precautions. 
I have learned to always be aware of potential danger and take steps to protect myself. If something feels off, trust your gut. You never know when the unexpected might happen. Staying alert is possible by minimizing any risks that may arise and this I feel is the hidden meaning of the dream. Let me explain. It could be that you are feeling stressed out right now.

What does it mean to dream of someone trying to kidnap you?

The dream of being kidnapped but not succeeding may indicate that you feel vulnerable or out of control. When you feel this way, someone or something may be trying to take away your freedom and self-sufficiency. There may also be external factors at work that are beyond your control. This dream is also about keeping on trying in life, it is about the fact that we need to discover ourselves and immerse ourselves in our accomplishments. The dream could be a sign that there is a "harsh truth" coming your way, that has remained hidden for some time. In life, we sometimes find it hard to keep on going, and we don't reach out to others. Life is about how hard we try to focus.

What does a recurring dream of being kidnapped mean?

Traumatic experiences in your life may be the root of "being kidnapped" in a dream that turns out to be simply terrifying. Dreams can replay traumatic events and wake you up. There may be an event in your past that you recall, but you don't recall it. The experience can cause nightmares and make you forget about it. In your dreams, you can experience everything that your subconscious mind remembers in the day without even knowing. I sat in the bath earlier thinking about the many kidnapping dreams and watched the water trickle down into my hot bubble bath, this dream is like this analogy --- that we trickle away in life. How easy would it be to just focus into "nothingness" and move forward in life.
Many dream experts believe that recurring nightmares may be a result of your soul recalling something you have already experienced and is trying to figure out what it is. There is a possibility of reincarnation here. Recurring dreams are believed to be the result of memories from past lives. You may have experienced trauma in another life that resurfaces as a nightmare in this one.

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped and killed?

Dreaming of your death is extremely rare. It's common to dream about death when you're going through a time of transition, change, or upheaval. There are times when souls can recall past deaths and replay them over and over until their subconscious accepts them. You feel like you're trapped in time. Although you may not be aware of who you are, your mind remembers who you once were.

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped by someone you don’t know?

When you dream of being kidnapped by someone you don't know, you may be feeling overwhelmed and powerless. This could be someone that you don’t see, a person unknown even a serial killer! What this means spiritually I believe is that there may be no control over an aspect of your life, such as your career, your relationship, or your financial situation. The “unknown” person can indicate that that you never complain, maybe you just crack on with life. 
The dream of kidnapping can yield a feeling of being stuck in an unhealthy situation and can also reflect fear and anxiety about the future, insufficient money or resources, or even a sense of not wanting to move forward in a situation. Occasionally, dreaming of being kidnapped by a stranger may indicate a fear of being exploited, crossed, tricked, or taken advantage of. I feel that “being kidnapped” is the dream that could be telling you to gain control over areas where you feel helpless. How many times do you speak up?  In order to protect your interests, you may also need to be more assertive and speak up for yourself. 

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped and then being able to escape?

If you dream of being kidnapped, you may be feeling overwhelmed by a situation in your life. A dream of escaping the kidnappers could point to a situation of control and it is time to reclaim your power. I also believe that escaping the kidnapping is a great omen, this is the ability to overcome challenges in your life and find a way out of unpleasant or difficult circumstances may also be implied by this symbol. Being kidnapped and then escaping can generally illustrate the fact you must regain control and have faith in your ability to overcome barriers in life. The “escape” in the dream can indicate trying to get away from something in life. We all sometimes wish to escape all the difficulties. 

What does it mean to keep dreaming you are kidnapped?

Kidnapping dreams can happen for many reasons. It is possible that a nightmare could have its roots in a traumatic experience you had in your past. Traumatic events can replay in dreams and awaken you, just like this dream has stirred things inside you. When you dream, your unconscious mind recalls what you have experienced in waking life. There may be more than one event that triggers feeling kidnapped.

According to Freud, if you are having the same dream of being kidnapped repeatedly, your soul is trying to figure out something that it has already experienced. Spiritually speaking - there is a possibility of reincarnation here. In that this “kidnap” dream is simply recurring as they are clearly memories of past lives. Past lives are quite interesting, mediums believe if you suffered trauma in another life this can resurface as a nightmare in this life.
What does it mean if you or someone else were killed in the dream?
Death as a dream symbol is what I consider as being unusual, I don't normally come across many dreams that involve death when people contact me. Dreaming of kidnapping and someone being killed can be connected to change in life, just like the death card in the tarot deck. The dream of being killed by the kidnapper is about transition, and upheaval but through this good things will happen. 
What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped with a knife?
The weapon used for kidnapping is interesting, and if a knife is used then it can indicate a spiritual time in life. The dream is about you and how you navigate relationships. The knife represents how small we are, our flaws in life, and the passion that we feel. Sometimes people are critical of us, sometimes they get angry with us, and the king in the dream is about making sure you cope with modern life. After all, we are "normal" people, right? We are most likely to focus on our flaws and not our purpose in life. The knife in the dream is about our purpose.

What does it mean to dream of the kidnapper hurting you?

Dreams of a kidnapper hurting you are a sign that you feel exploited in your daily life. Perhaps you feel helpless or powerless to defend yourself in a difficult situation. Our "sleeping" subconscious mind is a powerful tool (which we sometimes uncover when we sleep) and this dream may be telling you that you are abusing a gift or responsibility you were given. If the kidnapper tried to kill you or cause you harm then this can suggest that you are out of balance. These sorts of dreams can mean we feel terrified, or stress out in the dream. The theme of the kidnapper wanting or trying to hurt you in the dream is normally about how we feel anxious in waking life. This dream could be telling you that it is time to release yourself from a toxic attachment. Boundaries may need to be set going forward. 

What is the biblical meaning of being kidnapped in a dream?

There are many references in the Bible to kidnapping and it is condemned as a grave crime. We learn, for example, that anyone who kidnaps another person is to be put to death in Exodus 21:16. Similarly, Deuteronomy 24:7 states that the victim should be compensated for whatever was taken from him through kidnapping. Therefore, being kidnapped in a dream can indicate a controlling situation where you are feeling like the victim. As another piece of scripture, I found, Proverbs 6:30-31 cautions against kidnapping as one of seven things that God dislikes and of course --- discourages. All of these passages make it clear that kidnapping is something God does not condone and that those who commit it will suffer severe punishments.

Being kidnapped in a dream is therefore a warning from God about something that may harm you in the future. It could be a sign that danger lurks around you, or that the enemy is trying to steal something you value. The act of being taken captive can also symbolize feeling trapped and unable to move forward. You may also need guidance or strength from God if you are struggling to overcome a difficult situation. The Lord is offering you a reminder to stay alert and prepared, by being kidnapped in a dream.

Summary of dreaming of "being kidnapped"

For me to conclude this dream meaning, Being kidnapped in dreams is a sign of anxiety and lack of control, but also a warning biblically to be alert. It is a positive dream to me because it helps us manage our anxiety and worries and gives us a spiritual message to just be AWARE!  A dream of being kidnapped could indicate that you need to make a change in your life. According to my older dream book interpretations, this dream could be a sign of good luck or transformation.


By Florance Saul
Dec 4, 2022