Baton or Wand

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A baton or wand is symbolic of spiritual authority, control, and development of ideas. The baton is often associated with readings of tarot cards.

This is the only suit of the minor arcana that means this dream represents work. Therefore, if you dream of a baton, it is likely to be connected to a sense of control over your waking life. If the baton is used to strike somebody, then this dream represents that you may need to take a more forceful approach with another person.

Your dream:

  • Seen a sports baton.
  • Encountered a police baton.
  • Seen a baton used as a weapon.
  • Hit someone else with a baton.
  • Seen a broken baton.
  • Seen or been a cheerleader with a baton.
  • Seen a wizard’s wand.
  • Seen a music conductor with a wand.
  • Seen a drummer with a baton.
  • Encountered someone juggling fire batons.


  • You use the baton for a positive act.
  • The wand is used to help someone.
  • The baton was used to lead a marching band or musical group.

Detailed dream interpretation:

A baton used in Olympic sports is often associated with the responsibilities of work. It is time for you to take full responsibility of your life. If the dream involves a police baton, then this shows you have a more positive attitude toward new events in your life. If you are a female and dream of a baton, even a cricket bat, this can suggest that you are likely to be looking to a male figure to help you create more authority in your life. Batons are also associated with Egyptian priests. If you dream of Egypt in relation to wands, then it is important to look at all aspects of the meaning.

Dreaming of a baton can be a sign of health. If the baton is actually used as a weapon, it means separation. Finding a baton in your dream foretells that you could be defeated by enemies. Hitting someone with a baton in a dream means injustice. Many batons are a sign of prudence. If you buy a baton it could mean losses in business, but also possessions. Seeing a broken baton refers to ineffective help and failed projects. If you dream you see a cheerleader or a drummer with a baton at a parade, it is a sign that you may have small family quarrels. If you see a music conductor with a wand, it means that you aspire to more in your life, and you will achieve it.

The Egyptians believed that the souls of men went into other bodies at death. Those that had been virtuous would go into exalted bodies, but the vicious would pass into reptiles and other contemptible creatures. After remaining in a state of punishment for a certain number of years, they were supposed to pass into more exalted beings. Praise was not bestowed indiscriminately upon every person who died. Character judges sat on opposite sides of a lake, and, while they crossed the lake, he who sat at the helm was called Charon, the one that conducted the souls of deceased persons into the infernal regions.

The Egyptian priests, taking advantage of the people's credulity, taught that the sun, moon, and whole host of heaven were endowed with intelligence, and exerted an influence over the destinies of men. The priests pretended to work miracles, and obtain oracles and omens. They also laid claim to the power of interpreting dreams.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a baton or wand:

Happy. Enjoying. In control. Feeling good. Scared. Powerful. Worried. Upset. Surprised. Uncontrolled. Crazy. Exhausted. Magical.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012