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Naked Men

Naked Men.

Clothing is the cover-up or mask of our conscious mind that the subconscious seeks to make sense of.

There are no shirts or pants for the psyche and so one of the most direct ways in which the mind will bring something to the conscious mind’s attention is by making it naked. When you are seeing another person naked (versus being naked yourself) there is a key that can be unlocked based on the gender. Seeing a man naked if you are a woman will illicit different feelings than if a man sees another man naked. Often seeing other people naked will indicate hidden feeling or desires depending on how both people feel about the nudity in the dream. The key to naked dreams is how you feel about the nakedness.

In this dream you may have...

  • Seen a man you were attracted to naked.
  • Seen another man naked. (for men)
  • Seen a male person of power such as a boss, police officer, or teacher naked.
  • Seen your father naked.
  • Been exposed to by a man or had an unwanted advance made.
  • Been chased by a naked man.
  • Told a man to get naked.
  • Seen a naked man in the water.
  • Felt fearful of a naked man.
  • Wanted to touch a naked man.
  • Hugged or kissed a naked man.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You had positive feelings about the man you saw being naked.
  • Helped the naked person put on clothing or find clothing.
  • Saw a naked man in water. (especially if seeking a relationship)

Detailed dream meaning...

For a man:

Seeing another man naked in a dream can sometimes be awkward as in the dreamtime state your psyche will try to sum you up based on the other man present. Seeing a naked man that is in better shape than you, which causes you to feel uncomfortable, indicates feeling powerless. However, if the person you see in your dream makes you feel uncomfortable and you know them then there is a likelihood that the person is going to be dropped in power or that they will no longer have power over you. Feeling thoughts of desire for another man, and you are straight indicates that this is a good person to go into business with and that you will make a good partnership. If you are gay, then the dream of this man indicates that you should pursue a relationship.

For a woman:

Dreaming of a naked man with desire in general will refer to the need for a relationship or wanting more from your current relationship. If you know the man that you see naked, this is another good sign for marriage or a long term relationship starting with this person. If you are getting married and you walk down the aisle and your partner is not wearing any clothing, it can be an indication that you do not fully trust them – or that they are holding something back.

For all:

Seeing a man naked in water shows a masculine energy that is wise and emotionally open. This will usually indicate good tidings for you in love or childbearing. It can also indicate that the man specifically standing in water has good news for you or will help you emotionally or spiritually in some way. If you can see his whole body in the water then it is a positive sign for fertility.

Seeing a man who is lost and seeking help can mean that they are going to lose status in their life. The person you see in the dream, if you do not know him – can indicate that you are going to lose money and you need to be careful of your finances. If you help to clothe the man, it a good thing though – meaning things will look up financially.

Being chased by a naked man or placed in a situation where you are fearful of the naked man can be an indication of a general fear of men or not trusting men. These dreams can be especially hard to interpret because it will depend on the man in the dream. Try to use other dream indicators to piece the full puzzle together and see if it is a message or caused by trauma caused by a man in your past.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Looking for love or hoping to find a mate.
  • Finances and fortune.
  • Fertility.
  • Marriage.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a naked man...

Shock. Fear. Curiosity. Desire. Scared. Insecure. Passion. Helpful. Uncomfortable.

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