What does a dented car mean in a dream

What does a dented car mean in a dream?

What does a dented car mean in a dream?

Many people have come to me about dreaming of car dents. Often, this is after dreaming of an accident. Some people have said the car has been returned to them dented. What does the actual dent mean? It is your instincts that will guide you in understanding your dreams.

A car in a dream is about you, and if this is dented could mean how you navigate life itself. Our dreams can us reconnect with the inner power that we have. The brain is active while you're sleeping, while your left brain 'kicks' you into reality. This helps us to know the difference between dreams and reality and could possibly mean that we sometimes look into our dreams for more information.

In your dream of a damaged car you could see the following

  • Car is dented or body work is not correct
  • Encountered a car accident and the car was damaged
  • A dent appeared in your car for no reason
  • The car bodywork needed repair
  • You go to a car body shop and repair your car

What does a dented car mean in a dream?

A dented car can be a sign that things are angry and coming to an abrupt stop--perhaps you are in a collision with someone at work or in your private life, the dent featured in the car in a dream can indicate that you are dented in some way. If you notice your car is dented in the dream if can mean that your subconscious warns you to be careful. Whatever it is, whatever the outcome of your crash in the dream, the suddenness means that the direction that you are going indicates that there is an opposing force that can alter things in a split second. A car accident in real life can cause injuries that could have long-lasting repercussions, this is the spiritual message if you see your car dented.

What does it mean to see a car with body damage in a dream?

Although you might not be aware of it, think about how you can mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically improve yourself. Like many people, you may have found your early life was filled with painful experiences. Did you feel insecure and unlovable growing up? Seeing a car with body damage can represent your full damaged insides in some way. The car represents your whole persona and how you navigate life.

 What does it mean to fix body damage on a car in a dream?

If you have encountered a car accident during a dream and consequently the car is damaged in any way and this can represent that you are feeling conflict with other people. Dreams are funny things and a car accident "nightmare" might indicate you are feeling worries in life. If your road trip ended up in any type of catastrophe then during the dream it can mean that you are feeling your ambition is diminishing. If you are fixing your car due to an accident or problem in your dream then this can suggest that you're going to have smooth sailing in life.

What does it mean to damage your car in your dream?

Damaging a car during a dream can often indicate that you are feeling the need to release worries in life. The car as a dream symbol is connected to our own thought process feelings.  as the car is damaged this can represent you are feeling somewhat worried in life. Of course, the car crash can also be connected to physical events in life, and occasionally dreaming of a damaged car can indicate that you need to have a better understanding of those people around you. I also want to say that it is important to consider the metaphor of the damaged car. Why are you feeling damaged?

Conclusion of dreaming of a dented car

In dreams, cars can be dented or damaged in any way you've also got to understand that cars and driving represent your own self and the control that you have in life. When the car is damaged it can often represent feeling out of control in some part of your life.  We all come into this world knowing that we weren't meant to suffer. We are quick to forget that life is meant to be enjoyed with purpose, awareness, and a sense of connection. Life will present us with challenges, but how we deal with them is what determines our quality of life, health, and work relationships. The way we look at our mental, emotional, and external struggles can either lead to freedom, happiness, and peace, or more depression, anxiety, and insecurity, this is what this dream is trying to tell you. Think about what you can control.


By Florance Saul
Aug 1, 2021