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To dream of an ex-partner is quite a common dream.

We all have different relationships with life and old partners lovers hold an extremely emotional bond towards us, therefore, to dream of an ex-partner is a rather common dream. Whether this partner was an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife or even just an ex-lover it can be quite a traumatic dream as we moved on from the relationship life and then suddenly our subconscious mind is focused on the previous relationship that we've had.

Often dreams of ex-partners are encountered when we are feeling particularly down with the relationships we currently have. The relationships in our waking world may concern us. These can not only be a sexual relationship but also a friend. Maybe you have fallen out with a friend? Are you certain whether a close friend wants to spend time with you? In this case, the dream proves to be quite common in nature. Dreaming of an ex-partner is associated with our emotional connections in waking life.

It is important to note at this point that sometimes in the dream state we can transport to different spiritual dimensions and at times the dream of an ex-partner indicates that we have transported to a dimension whereby we are still in contact with the ex-partner.

You may feel that this is rather surprising and can be disturbing. So how do you know that you've transported to a different dimension? In our dream state, we sometimes have what we call vivid reflections. If the dream is very prominent and you wake up and feel that you are actually in the dream and it was real then you must consider that this dream was actually a dimension jump.

Another perspective is that we connect with our emotions during the dream state it may be that your ex-partner has been thinking about you recently which has resulted in this dream.

Dreaming of an ex-partner can be quite emotionally draining as we believe in life we have moved on and then suddenly an ex-partner crops up in a dream and brings about a whole new realm of emotions to deal with.

In order to quantify what the dream actually means it is important for us to look at the certain aspects of the dream. It can mean that you are dreaming of an ex-partner of your current lover or possibly that your husband has got your ex-partner pregnant. The dream can take many different shapes and forms and the actual details surrounding the dream is ultra important so let's look at possible dreams that you have had of ex-partners.

Possible dreams...

  • You could dream that your ex-partner has cheated on you.
  • You could dream that your boyfriend in real life is sleeping with his ex-girlfriend.
  • In your dream, you could possibly be marrying your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.
  • In your dream, you are a perfect couple with your ex-partner.
  • Your ex-partner emerges as somebody else in your dream.
  • Your ex-partner and yourself have children in your dream.
  • You get a divorce in your dream.
  • You and your ex-partner are making love in your dream.
  • You and your ex-partner having blown mind blowing sex in your dream.
  • Your partner is missing in your dream.
  • Your partner wants to get back together with you in your dream.
  • You want to get back together with your partner in your dream.
  • There are problems in your relationship in your dream.


Detailed dream meaning…

As we have already concluded dreams of ex-partners can be quite emotionally draining. It must've been a concern for you in order to look up this dream meaning in this dream dictionary.

As we have already concluded an ex-partner dream can indicate that you are feeling emotionally sensitive at this time. Another perspective that we need to review our emotions in regards to this dream. Whether see you next partner indicates that we feeling troubled in our current dream state it can also indicate that we do not want our current lover to become an ex-partner. If you have suffered emotional problems with your partner in real life it is quite common to have a dream of an ex-partner. The details of the dream are very important in that you may have had a magical intimate connection with your ex-partner in your dream such as having sex or making love or even getting married then this could simply mean that you are missing your ex-partner.

Every dream is important for us to understand and if the dream is particularly vivid as we have already suggested it could be a premonition of a different dimension. Perhaps you are wondering what would have happened if you stayed in the relationships or you tried harder or did not make the mistakes so the relationship did not end. To dream that your ex-partner is missing is a symbolic dream in that in real life they are missing. There is no deeper meaning to the dream it just means that you are missing the intimacy of a particular partner. We all have spiritual connections when we have sex with somebody and for you to dream that this ex-partner is missing indicates that you could be missing the actual sexual contact.


To dream that you are marrying your ex-partner in your dream can suggest that you have encountered a few worrying times. Lately, you have wanted to analyze what's important in life. To dream that you get engaged to your ex-partner in the dream state suggests that the relationship you currently have with somebody else is not working. If you don't have a relationship with anybody else it can just suggest loneliness.

If your ex-partner is sleeping with somebody else in your dream this indicates that you have some insecurities that you need to resolve. Try to make sure you address any issues there are currently in your life. To live with an ex-partner in your dream is the suggestion that you feel you want more security in life. Maybe your current relationships are not going well and your subconscious mind is focused on a time of your life when you did.

Having sex with an ex-partner can feel quite enjoyable. If your dream you with content and happy with the sex this can indicate you need to look further in your current relationship. It indicates that during this time you are not feeling 100% secure. Every dream about an ex-partner is important. It reflects how we are feeling emotionally about relationships around us. Trust your own instincts is the key message of this dream. If you have a reoccurring dreams of an ex-partner this could suggest that you are simply missing the relationship that you did have with him or her.

If you are reliving past experience with a partner in your dream this can suggest that you are possibly going to have a new career. A job interview or job appointment will likely present itself in the future. If you dream of yourself and your ex-partner fighting then this indicates that this is not a time for making any important decisions. The upheaval of the argument in the dream indicates you need to wait to be patient and listen to your inner voice before making any difficult decisions. If you are in love with your ex-partner in your dream but you are not in real life then this can suggest you feel you are losing out something. It could be related to a career, job or even possibly a trip away.

The partner is symbolic of something that you want. To dream that your partner gets revenge in your dream it is connected to dealing with a complex situation in waking life. It indicates that at this time you need to be vigilant especially when it comes to relationships. To dream that your ex-partner is mental or crazy is a suggestion that you have emotional baggage at the moment. Somebody is trying to blackmail you will make you feel inferior. To dream that your ex-partner is pregnant with your baby indicates that there is a female that is going to be important to you in life if you are female yourself and you dream that you become pregnant by an ex-partner indicates that you are looking for some thinking but are finding it difficult to find. This could be a relationship or a new job opportunity.

All in all, it indicates that whatever happens in life you need to look on the positive side. To see more than one ex-partner in a dream suggests that you are going through an extremely difficult time at the moment. For the fact that more than one Ex-partner cropped up in the dream indicates that a new start new beginning is required. To dream that you are getting back together with an ex-partner is a positive dream it can suggest that your emotions are currently balanced and you need to review your own emotions in life. Moving on in life is hard to do and a dream involving an ex-partner indicates that the move might be on the cards. To dream of somebody else's ex-partner such as your parents for your friend's ex-partner suggests that you are finding it difficult to connect emotionally with other people at the moment. We have already outlined the dream of an ex-partner connected to your current boyfriend girlfriend husband or wife it can just be symbolic of emotional fears and insecurities.

To see an ex-partner years after a split is a symbolic dream and has no real meaning on the time factor. As we have already outlined it may be a spiritual dimension whereby you are focused on moving towards different planes - this is quite common. It could just indicate that you have moved to a different time zone where you may perhaps stay with an ex-partner. As we have concluded this dream interpretation of an ex-partner is connected to emotional ties. It can suggest that in waking life you have been feeling vulnerable and that it is time for you to become more solid in your approach to others.

Feelings encountered during the dream of a next partner...

An ex-partner dream can take on many different types of meanings depending upon the context of the dream. As we already concluded you may feel different dimensions during the dream state. These emotions could be: worry, understanding, emotional, sex, connections, difficulties, what, new beginnings and starting again.

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