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Going to the high school prom is a major event for any high school student.

Attending the prom is an interesting time in somebody’s life. It’s a transition from being a child into an adult, in essence, is a sense of becoming. This transition should not be glossed over when looking at the environment. What I try and do here is broaden the understanding of the prominent dream in order to provide a rich body of dream interpretation. Proms themselves can give us a clue to how we have as a society grasped commercialism.  If we look at old proms, they were generally in the high school gym but they have now moved to luxurious places. Expensive cars such as BMWs, Range Rovers, and Ferraris. No more is the French fries and Coke’s. It is given way to à la carte meals.  The problem is now associated with beauty, consumption, and romance. In dreams to dream of a prom indicates the end, a new beginning, romantic relations, luxurious times and great investments. Interestingly, there are even magazines dedicated to buying the prom dress. In fact, in 2008 they concluded that the average prom deck dress was around $200. 

Dreaming of a prom can be a positive dream. If the prom is going to happen in real life, can be an anticipation filled dream that is simply about wanting to have the prom experience. Perhaps you are planning for your own prom or wanting to go with someone special? Some dreams about prom dresses will feature a girl seeing herself in the perfect dress or a boy seeing the girl he is interested in a dress that he deems good. Other dreams may involve dancing with the love of your life. If in the dream, prom is a disaster then this is a difficult time. We all love dressing up, especially in beautiful dresses, ties, and tuxedos. The prom featured in a dream is an indication that you will be supported by a close family in the future.

I’m Flo and I have been studying dreams for 20 years both from psychological and spiritual perspectives. In every dream, I carry out extensive research. Something caught my eye when I was writing this dream meaning. When I researched his dream, I came across a disturbing story about a girl who had a baby during the prom. She consequently put the baby into the garbage can and went back to the prom to have a dance. This was a major news story and can give you some clue to our obsession with the prom – in society.  Generally, the prom is associated with white middle-class teenagers who are celebrating the end of an era, back in my day proms did not exist. I kept thinking of this girl who chucked her baby in the garbage to have that last dance with her crush and why the story got so much media attention. I believe the story got so much traction because the baby could not have survived. The media shines a light on “prom” time every year. Associating prom with success and graduation. Images of the prom are generally distributed throughout Facebook (yes, we have all seen them) and it’s not surprising that we all have a dream of that prom during the prom season. There is so much media images can affect our dream state. Interestingly, the dream psychiatrist Sigmund Freud wrote a lot about how external images affect our subconscious mind and consequently appear in our dreams. So, if it is prom season then this may be why you had the dream about the prom. I have broken this dream down into certain parts in order to make it much easier to interpret. If, however, there is something I have forgotten to include then do all make sure that you leave me a Facebook message below.

What does the prom mean in your dream?

Maybe you stepped into a mall to find that perfect dress or tuxedo in your dream. Sequins, tulle skirts or a long gown. Whatever dress that was featured in your dream can imply a secret to how you feel inside. The grander the dress the more focus you will have on your new start in life. Going to the prom is a massive event. In my view after reading many psychological and spiritual books on events, balls and problems these generally indicate a time of celebration. The celebration of the end something to conclude and it will be extremely beneficial to you. If, however, your dream turned out to be a complete nightmare the dress didn’t fit, you were attacked, or you are unable to get to the prom – or there were some disconcerting factors around your dream then this can point to overcoming some obstacles in life. Rocking up with your favorite celebrity in the dream can indicate that you want so much more than you are achieving at the moment. If your current love is perhaps escorting you to the prom then this is a transition dream that you want everything to live to be completely perfect. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case as I’m sure you’re aware. Perfection is very hard to accomplish no matter how hard we try. If you have left high school many years ago in your dream of attending a prom then this can suggest a new job may be on the horizon. 

What does it mean to dream dress?

The prom dress in a dream can indicate how you are feeling about life itself. In fact, research has shown that buying the prom dress is equivalent of buying one’s wedding dress. If you are still in high school dream of a prom dress then this can indicate that you are looking towards getting to the end. If you have left school when you dream of a prom dress can indicate that no matter what happens the end site. Dreaming of a prom dress when you are of the age around going to prom can be an anticipation filled dream that is simply about wanting to have the prom experience. Perhaps you are planning for your own prom or wanting to go with someone special. Some dreams about prom dresses will feature a girl seeing herself in the perfect dress or a boy seeing the girl he is interested in a dress that he deems good.

For a woman, the prom dress is often a symbol of her own youth. Depending on how her prom went – say if she went to prom and was prom queen then the dream once she is older is usually about needing to reconnect with her youth or feeling her age. For the woman that didn’t go to prom, this can be a desire to feel romantic or wanting romance in her own life. Prom dresses for men will usually have a sense of nostalgia when they went to prom with someone and seeing the prom dress that his date wore. A prom dress is a representation of losing virginity and putting yourself on display as well as purity and innocence. Dreaming of a prom dress can mean different things, depending on who is wearing the dress and the age of the dreamer. For example, dreaming of a prom dress and being an 18-year-old girl is going to be a different meaning than a 50-year-old man has a dream about one.

What does it mean to dream of a high school prom when you are an adult? 

If you see in the dream a past prom event when you are an adult is a good omen for relationships and fertility. It is suggesting that when a man sees his grown wife in her prom dress in a dream it can mean she is going to have a child. A woman that dreams of shopping for a prom dress for a daughter (especially if she has no daughter) is said to be pregnant or get pregnant soon. Even though problems were significant in the 1930s the prom wasn’t really a big thing until the 1960s recent times.  In the 1940s the middle-class had significant buying power after the world war. Therefore, there was the discovery of bad teenagers and the schools themselves were associated with the control. The prom was in my research associated with adult tuxedos and dancing in beautiful evening gowns to an orchestra. This was socially how the school helped contain the adolescents and teenagers – something to look forward to. Stretch limos were quite prominent at this time. And, as I have said dreaming of being back at the prom can be associated with new starts and a job on the horizon.

What does it mean to dream of a stretch limo at the prom?

The chosen vehicle is arriving at the prom is quite significant in real life. And, if you dreamt of a stretched limo it can indicate that wealth and prosperity are coming your way according to old dream dictionaries. 

What does it mean to dream of someone wearing the same dress?

If someone appears wearing the same dress this can indicate difficulties and surmounting problems, but, through it all you will find a way to focus moving forward. This is, of course, a spiritual meaning. Proms are associated with women on display. The entrances of the problems are given much decoration and it is clearly a princess moment in life. To be crowned the prom queen can indicate a focus on yourself and how you interact with others. Things will improve. As young women, we are often denied control of our own desires and body. In this dream is all about self-desire and identity.  This dream could mean we are finding it very difficult to control our lives. When we are teenagers we normally have little control. The prom dreams this sense is like transforming ourselves to be given adult freedoms. The dress is very important. The prom in real life can cause upset and anxiety if there isn’t a dress that looks good or does not fit, the same goes for when we dream. Most dresses for prom are picked to make a statement, additionally, the hair is another important element. In dreams, these “symbols” are associated with identity as I have already mentioned.

What does it mean to wear a tuxedo to a prom?

To see yourself or your partner wearing a tuxedo at the prom can indicate a dimension of your life is about to get better. This is normally a job or alternatively, you are about to be “noticed.” I believe seeing yourself getting ready for a prom in a tuxedo indicates your smart. The prom represents that you are struggling or have been trying to possess your own identity. Alternatively, your own sense of power by visually exerting yourself. In the 1920s and 1930s tuxedos were common problems. There is also a focus on communicating your own desirability to women. It is all about self-definition. Engaging in a prom jungle dream of you are male can signify self-definition and self-control.

What does it mean to go to a prom with your crush in a dream?

To dream of kissing your crush l his associate with your love life. After a period of discord, things are starting to get better. If you do not have a partner at the prom in a dream this can indicate that you will find it difficult to communicate with others in the future. Especially lovers or partners romance.

What does it mean to have a nightmare about a prom?

Other dreams will be prom disasters. When you are 16 or so and you dream about prom usually these dreams will have a wishing or fearful aspect that really means nothing. Other times, dreams about prom dresses will mean much more. Attending a prom dream at any age that is unseemly or scary is usually a dream about regret and not taking chances that you should have. You need to remember that the time to act has past and that you need to move on in the future. You cannot change yesterday and you need to stop dwelling on past mistakes.

When planning for the future for our children often prom dresses will be dreamt about simply because they signify our own children aging. This dream can be one of regret that you have not planned enough or fear that you won’t see your own children age. Usually, prom dress dreams for an adult though will be an omen to plan out for the future for your children. It is not a dream that comes with a dire reminder that you are going to pass and you need to act now, but rather it is a way that the psyche tells you that you aren’t getting any younger and you want to plan for the future for your children.

In conclusion, during prom season people talk about dresses, their hair, dates, including the definition to fit in. If you are a teenager then it is not uncommon to dream of the prom. This is really a reflection of what is going on around you.  There is a focus on distinction and self-identity. The dress is equally important because it carries the “statement.” The statement of both control and desirability. The dress normally has to be original and many women go to great lengths in real life to ensure that they look beautiful. If you dream of getting ready for the prom can indicate that you will be focusing working hard towards something life. In the end, this dream can denote some great times ahead. I do hope you enjoyed the dream interpretation if they miss please contact me in the Facebook comments below. I will just quickly mention a few more things.

Having a prom dream at any age that is unseemly or scary is usually a dream about regret and not taking chances that you should have. You need to remember that the time to act has past and that you need to move on in the future. You cannot change yesterday and you need to stop dwelling on past mistakes. To be an adult and having this dream means that other people are going to ask for your help. This will lead to a celebration! Seeing the prom as a current event when you are an adult is a good omen for relationships and fertility. The woman who has a bad prom experience dream shows that she will be avoiding a very difficult choice. I will close with the possible Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a prom dress: Happy. Proud. Nostalgic. Protective. Honoured. Nice. Pleased. Pretty. Hopeful. Excited. Anticipation. Attractive. Lucky. Lovely.

Your dream

  • Gone to the prom.
  • Seen someone from the past at a prom.
  • Dreamt about your own prom.
  • Anticipated prom night.
  • Seen your children go to prom.
  • Wished the prom was different.
  • Been crowned as part of prom court.
  • Had a horror prom dream like Carrie or Prom Night.


  • You shop for a prom dress with your daughter.
  • You see yourself beautiful and young in your prom dress.
  • You see your wife in her prom dress.
  • You see your husband at the prom.


  • Coming of age or having an important passage of time in your own life.
  • Watching your own children grow up.
  • Thinking about your own children – planning for them growing up.
  • Regret about the past.
  • Protecting your estate or creating a will.
  • Feeling older or nostalgia for the past.
  • Fertility and pregnancy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012