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Dreaming of a prom can be a positive dream.

If the prom is going to happen in real life, can be an anticipation filled dream that is simply about wanting to have the prom experience. Perhaps you are planning for your own prom or wanting to go with someone special? Some dreams about prom dresses will feature a girl seeing herself in the perfect dress or a boy seeing the girl he is interested in a dress that he deems good.


Other dreams may involve dancing with the love of your life. If in the dream, prom is a disaster then this is a difficult time. We all love dressing up, especially in beautiful dresses, ties and tuxedos. The prom featured in a dream is an indication that you will be supported by a close family in the future.

In this dream you may have...

  • Gone to the prom.
  • Seen someone from the past at a prom.
  • Dreamt about your own prom.
  • Anticipated prom night.
  • Seen your children go to prom.
  • Wished the prom was different.
  • Been crowned as part of prom court.
  • Had a horror prom dream like Carrie or Prom Night.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You shop for a prom dress with your daughter.
  • You see yourself beautiful and young in your prom dress.
  • You see your wife in her prom dress.
  • You see your husband at the prom.

Detailed dream meaning...

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Having a prom dream at any age that is unseemly or scary is usually a dream about regret and not taking chances that you should have. You need to remember that the time to act has past and that you need to move on in the future. You cannot change yesterday and you need to stop dwelling on past mistakes.

When you are 16 or so and you dream about prom usually these dreams will have a wishing or fearful aspect that really means nothing. Other times, dreams about prom dresses will mean much more. To be an adult and having this dream means that other people are going to ask for your help. This will lead to celebration!

Seeing the prom as a current event when you are an adult is a good omen for relationships and fertility. It is said that when a man sees his grown wife in her prom dress in  dream that she is going to have a child. A woman that dreams of shopping for a prom dress for a daughter (especially if she has no daughter) is said to be pregnant or get pregnant soon.

The woman who has a bad prom experience dream shows that she will be avoiding a very difficult choice.


This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Coming of age or having an important passage of time in your own life.
  • Watching your own children grow up.
  • Thinking about your own children – planning for them growing up.
  • Regret about the past.
  • Protecting your estate or creating a will.
  • Feeling older or nostalgia for the past.
  • Fertility and pregnancy.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a prom dress…

Happy. Proud. Nostalgic. Protective. Honored. Nice. Pleased. Pretty. Hopeful. Excited. Anticipation. Attractive. Lucky. Lovely.

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