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The famous theorist Freud said that most games within the dreaming state are associated with sexual urges. Therefore this may have significant to your romantic life.

If you dream of being involved in serious games such as Olympic sports of any kind, this dream tells you need to make sure that you are approaching situations in your life in order to support others. Feeling good while participating in a game means that your future will be prosperous. If the game does not amuse you and you are bored, you are warned to be careful since a problem may appear soon.

In your dream you may have

  • Played games with friends.
  • Played games alone.
  • Played games with strangers.
  • Won a game.
  • Participated in a game.
  • Watched a game.
  • Seen a game between children.
  • Encountered a game with financial gains.
  • Encountered a poker game.
  • Encountered any game with cards.
  • Gone bowling.
  • Gambled at a game.
  • Played chess or other strategy games.
  • Played games with other children.
  • Played games with your partner.
  • Encountered backgammon.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You win a competitive game.
  • You and the other players behave as good sports throughout the game.
  • Playing the game is an enjoyable, peaceful experience.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you are playing a game in your dream with others, it is important to observe how people in your dream interact with each other, as well as the outcome of any game that you play. If you win, then a situation in your life is likely to turn out favorably. If you lose, then you will find some challenges or barriers in the way of success.

If the game involves any type of throwing implements, this shows that you need to close a door on a situation. A dream involving games of strategy such as chess or draughts tells it is important to make sure that you prepare for something in the future. It also indicates that you may have some type of residential move in the future.

It is said that it is a better omen to dream of assisting at a game rather than playing it yourself. If you are a woman and you dream of yourself playing or dancing, it is possible that soon you will enjoy marriage. However, dreaming of yourself playing games with your husband foretells a real fight. Gambling indicates future loss.

Winning a game represents unrealized expectations in regard to your profession. Participating in a game suggests harmony in your family, your desires and hopes. If the game is a gamble, it is a sign of loses and disillusions. Winning could foretell enemies coming your way, or quarrels with an older person.

Playing outdoor games means grief, and if you see children playing the outdoor game, this suggests sadness. Playing with children you do not know is a sign of good intentions. Playing games with your wife represents quarrels and dissatisfaction. A card game is a symbol of temptation and losing your wealth. Having face cards during the game suggests that you will be cheated very badly. A poker game means luck is avoiding you. A game involving dice tells that you have lots of illusions and you are haunted by uncertainty. Losing a game means your situation will improve drastically. A game between friends is an omen of instable relationships with people of the opposite sex.

Seeing a game in your dream could suggest immorality, fraud, money loss, sadness, but also marriage, or waiting to be married.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of games

Uncomfortable. Scared. Content. Happy. Cheated. Fearful. Sad.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012