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Dreaming of winning the lottery is a fantastic positive dream! It indicates that material gain will soon be yours. Winning the lottery in a dream is associated with freedom, happiness and gain. Encountering winning numbers in one’s dream is connected to your own destiny and character in waking life.

If you have woken up and wondered what the dream of playing the lottery could signify? Are you going to be the one! Are you going to be a lucky winner? Gambling in dreams often connected to how we need to seek freedom. I have received countless messages from users saying, “I dreamed I won the lottery what does it mean?” well, as well as likely gain in the dreamer’s life, numbers all hold specific vibrations. Hearing or seeing numbers flicking through our dream mind can indicate that you will increase your ability to attract success in waking life. Most of the older dream books indicate that this dream is about financial gain. Yes, it is a great omen!

I just wanted to discuss a little bit about the lottery before we move into specific dream meanings. The lottery has been around for as long as we have been on earth. The game was created from the Italians in 1530 known as “La Lotto de Firenze.” The lotto has, of course, spread throughout the world as a popular game and state lotteries are supervised by large auditors so we know that the whole thing is not fixed. There are three types of lotteries that can appear in your dream as follows:

Instant games in dreams can indicate that you will have gain in life and this will be instantly achieved. If you won money through a lotto scratch card this can also indicate that things are going to seem “instant” going forward. It could be a decision or simply a task that you have.

Dreaming about winning the lottery through digit numbers

This second type of lotto means that you need to pick some digit numbers 0 to 10 and various one digit games. In my experience, dreaming of winning money through digits ( 0-10) can indicate a new fresh start in life.

Dreaming about winning the lotto (revolving bin and the numbers are mixed in a container)

This is the traditional lotto and winning this can indicate that your gain will be substantial. If you scroll down I have outlined more specifically what this dream means.

What does it mean to play the lottery in your dream?

Participation in a lottery draw in your dream forecasts possible financial gains in life. Such a dream can mean you may encounter minor problems if you are struggling to place your numbers on the lottery. If you cannot see the lottery numbers on your ticket (for example they are blank) then the dream can mean you feel you are missing something important in life. If you do not win the lottery in your dream, but play the game then you will get results but it will take time. It might also indicate a solution to a difficult problem in life. Don’t worry, things will work out. To lose a winning lottery ticket in a dream suggests you will be able to mastermind your projects or goals. I have a very old dream book from the 1930s. In this dream, it indicates that you might have to face fate, good or bad, rich or for poorer. On a more positive note, this dream can also suggest that you will gain wealth and it is a time to be “creative in life.” This dream is also connected to luck and gaining rewards - prosper financially. If you did dream of specific lottery numbers then go ahead and play them!

What do dreams of specific lottery numbers mean?

Please take note of the numbers in your dream, this could mean something! To dream of a set of lottery numbers specifically 1-10 may suggest that you are focused on wealth and material gain. In dreams we can sometimes hear or see potentially “lucky” numbers that could be used for actually playing the game. You could have found it difficult to “motivate” yourself in life and you need to try to focus on unlocking any blocks.

To see specific numbers such as the lower numbers (1-10) suggests that you have been acting rationally. To see mid numbers (10-30) suggests that you have many influences in life. You may wish to evaluate your potential income in life. Buying a lottery ticket and seeing specific numbers can also imply that you will have success in harmony.

Dreaming of higher numbers such as lottery numbers in the 40s and 50s indicate a luxurious living experience. This dream also is a wake-up call to try to nurture your creative side.

If you bought multiple lottery tickets in the dream it can suggest that your instinct is somewhat powerful and the money will soon be yours. This could also be a dream of warning, you need to be aware of overspending your money. In your dream, you may be given a lottery ticket and this indicates that luck and prosperity are really in your power. Sometimes we perceive this world from our own perspective and to be given a lottery ticket reminds us that there are external monetary forces that can be taken for the greater good. To find a lottery ticket in the dream indicates that you are going to suddenly have a sense of acceptance of a difficult situation.

What does it mean to win the lottery in your dream?

As I have mentioned before, dreaming of winning the lottery is a fantastic omen. You may have been feeling you are in troubled waters in this dream indicates you are about to move into more calm focus in life. It is a given that you dream of the lottery is a suggestion that your financial position will improve. On the surface, this dream signifies that you are going to have much success. The positive side of this particular drain is that actual material wealth will be yours. It is important that you combine your efforts with others in order to create the success required. To see a person you know winning the lottery in your dream is an indication that you are about to achieve at work.

Dreaming of winning millions on the lottery

If you dreamed that you won millions and millions of dollars then this is a signal that shortly you will be obsessed with detail. It also signifies riches and happiness will come your way.  If in your dream you hear a voice or have a message from spirit that you are going to win the lottery follow this advice - make sure you play because you never know!

What does it mean to see a lotto machine in a dream?

A lotto machine tends to draw the balls through the force of gravity. This is somewhat significant when interpreted the dream, it can indicate that you feel that there is a loss of money which is out of your control. To see the balls rotating a lotto machine suggests that you will eventually be able to create the right environment for success. Try to be proud of what you achieve in life. There is nothing wrong with living a successful happy family life, even if you do not have the material wealth that you desire.

What do ancient dream interpretations say on lottery numbers?

Here I compile some ancient dream meanings of playing the lottery and winning money. Dreaming that you are playing or that you win the lottery means you will do amazing with your life.

  • Seeing yourself playing the lottery and losing is the sign of damage and gain.
  • To play lottery numbers in one's dream is also a positive omen it represents great times ahead.
  • To miss playing the lottery is a warning type dream to prevent taking any risks. If the dream theme is a lottery game of any sorts then be careful in life.
  • A lottery game in your dream signifies that things are likely to take you over in regard to your financial situation.
  • To dream that you win the lottery implies the end of your financial problems! If you lose the lottery, this is a sign that you have problems with your loved one.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of winning the lottery?

The dream of a lottery is associated to risk, luck and chances. You should ask yourself what aspect of your life needs improvement and how you can make a big profit. A lottery in the dream could omen loses and disappointments ahead. It can be a warning of a risky endeavor that might have bad results for you, or it can mean that your wishes are unrealistic. Playing the lottery in general in a dream means that you will enjoy a comfortable evening, or that people usually like you.

Seeing the words "Lotto" in a dream implies you have a chance to get lucky ahead. It means you might acquire possessions, but it can also be a bad omen for lovers, as it could suggest that you are involved in an unhappy relationship. Sometimes a lottery is a sign of a loss or disappointment you might experience soon. If you dream of other people winning the lottery this indicates that you will enjoy good social standards and this will attract lots of friends in your life.

Losing the lottery in a dream suggest's that you might become the victim of unpleasant people. If you are a young woman and you win the lottery in your dream, this could mean your lover or husband is not dependable, and you will have to take charge of your own finances. In summary, dreaming of winning the lottery is a lucky omen. It could be your internal subconscious mind saying that you need to relax and enjoy your life more.

From a dream psychological perspective this dream can mean that you have an inner sense of peace. That something has finished and you have won. It also means that you need to keep a careful note of the numbers as there has been accounts that people have actually won the lottery. Most of the older superstitions (folk lore) said that winning the lottery in dreams is negative.

Good luck playing the lottery! Oh…don’t forget to buy that lottery ticket!

In your dream you may have:

  • Played the lottery.
  • You see others playing the lottery.
  • Lost the lottery.
  • You win the lottery.
  • Someone you know wins the lottery.

Elements that may be afoot:

  • Do not take any risks.
  • Stay away from quarrels.
  • Pay more attention to your partner.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of the lottery:

Needing. Lucky. Tired. Challenged. Upset. Happy. Surprised. Content.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013