Orange Dream Meaning

The segments within an orange can be seen as facets of our own life experiences, each segment a chapter of your story contributing to the wholeness of who you really are. Oranges have such deep spiritual meaning and I am going to discuss what your dream about oranges may mean.  Oranges are representative of all that is refreshing, bright, content, clear, and good in the world.

What is the general meaning of a dream about oranges?

There are normally 10 segments in an orange. Think about each orange as a segment of your life:

  1. creativity.
  2. unblocking energy.
  3. fruitful path.
  4. Good news coming.
  5. abundance and finally
  6. fertility.
  7. Being loved.
  8. Hiding away in life (have you been doing this)
  9. Career goals and desires
  10. That you need to cross the line to happiness

The dream could be around any of these elements of your life. If you have a dream about oranges, you will find that all of your wishes to be healthy and vibrant are going to come true. Orange dreams directly relate to health in all fashions. Therefore, dreaming of oranges implies that you are letting go of negativity, frustration as well as the feeling of not being content in much of your life experience. This is a good omen no matter how you look at it. The only time this could be a negative omen is if you find that the oranges in your dream are rotting, but this can be remedied if you decide to bury the oranges in the Earth which will cause them to of course grow and become little oranges trees in and of themselves.

When one dreams of peeling oranges they should come to terms with the fact that now in their life they are going to be going through an extremely prosperous and comforting time. All of the frustrations or misery of the past are going away and were the seeds that may have moved you to the point in your life where you find yourself, traversing a happy plane of existence that is sweet and tart like the blessed flavor that the orange has to offer.

If one lights the oil of an orange on fire in the dream, this combines the two opposite elements of fire and water which causes an internal balance of power like no other. To eat oranges indicates a new start in life. To throw oranges then this suggests a new start at work. Buying oranges in a dream indicates others will turn to you for advice.

What is the spiritual meaning of oranges?

The first thing I am going to discuss is that oranges are associated with all the above, but also spiritually the “orange” aura, and as I have said before each segment is about our own life. Therefore, seeing an orange fruit in a dream indicates that times are going to be a bit outrageous, and even rebellious, and each segment is connected to how we navigate life. 

This is a dream where things should not be taken too seriously. Oranges spiritually are all about creativity and that fruitful path in life and are connected to the sacral chakra, in some practices orange is also used to unblock energies. Often, once we dream of orange there will be some creative intensive energy coming across in life. To summarise this is why you have had this dream:

In many cultures, oranges are not merely fruit but symbols of unblocking something that does not serve you.  The good news for you is that oranges are often associated with good fortune, abundance, and fertility. This dream symbol could be traced to their vibrant color, close to gold, if you eat oranges in a dream this is inviting prosperity and wealth into your life. They are a staple during celebrations such as the Lunar New Year due to this belief -- offered as gifts to be connected to the wishes of prosperity for the coming year.

What is the biblical meaning of oranges?

If you are wondering what this bible says about dreaming of oranges, then colors (in the bible) often outline deep meaning. I feel this dream is connecting spirituality and the human experience of life. While the specific color orange is not directly mentioned in biblical texts, I will go about trying to interpret its significance. In the scriptures, colors are symbolic, with each color carrying its divine message. For instance, gold represents royalty and the glory of God, while red is often associated with sacrifice. The reason I mention this is that Orange is a color that might be considered a blend of these two, so for example - the fiery passion of red and the purity of gold, could mean biblically that oranges seen in dreams are a harmony of love and the divine. I believe so.

Is the dream of oranges good or bad?

In order to answer this question, I think the dream is good, after all, as I said before it means good fortune. If you think about the sweet fragrance and refreshing taste of the orange in your dream, these are seen as messages to “soothe the soul” and deliver you joy. It is really positive to be given oranges in a dream serves as a reminder to appreciate the sweeter aspects of life, even among hardship and crazy things that might have happened to you. I also want you to know that oranges can be used as a medium of divine intervention or a blessing, affirming that even in darkness, and some spells also include oranges to remove bad vibes.

What does it mean to peel oranges in a dream?

The act of peeling the orange requires effort, a gentle yet deliberate process akin to the unfolding of deeper knowledge or an inner awakening. It’s an act of revealing, of opening oneself to discover the hidden sweetness nestled within layers, a kind of metaphor for self-exploration. To eat the orange after peeling is associated with making us dig deeper and draw connections between the tangible and the unseen, between the simple daily acts and the deep truths they may hold. 

What does it mean to eat oranges in dreams?

When one eats oranges in dreams, this is a way of allowing the rejuvenator powers of the Earth to enter and cleanse you. When you focus on peeling oranges in your dream, allowing the Citrus smell to fall all around you, you are bringing to prosperity in wealth as well as within social circles. The energy that revolves around the consumption or even being in the proximity of the oranges causes full body revitalization.

What does it mean to dream of yellow oranges?

The color yellow often spiritually means warmth, positivity, and illumination. Like the morning sun, it speaks of beginnings and life's positiveness, it is a call when you see yellow oranges in a dream that things are going to be good. Oranges are the fruits of the Earth, often associated with wholesomeness and refreshment. The orange could be yellow because it has not had enough sun and if this is the case then the dream could be about getting more creative energy, in life --- that you need more fresh ideas or a rejuvenation of the spirit. It might be a reminder to infuse more zest into your waking life or an invitation to nurture your endeavors.

Were the yellow oranges ripe and ready for harvest, or were they still clinging to the branch? This specific detail could signify whether an opportunity or aspect of your life is ripe for the taking. It is my view that dreams are like holding a mirror to the depths of our minds.

In this dream you may have

  • Eaten Ripe Oranges
  • Eaten Oranges which were not ripe, symbolizing the fruits of your labor which have not yet come to fruition.
  • Took a Bath in the juice of Oranges, showing your willingness to be able to be healed in a full body, emotional and even spiritual kind of way.
  • Found a Grove of Orange Trees and decided to sample the fruit of each one, thus symbolizing your ability to try out what you like before choosing the direction that you want to go in your waking life.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You enjoyed tasting the oranges profusely.
  • You found more and more oranges in every nook and cranny of your dream.
  • You put bad oranges in the ground thus enabling them to be recycled by the earth and creating their trees thus showing your ability to create something out of nothing.
  • You put the oil of oranges in your hair, or on your clothes and under your nose symbolically connecting yourself with the oil of the Orange.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Reconnecting to the physical body’s desire for good health.
  • After having a time of binging or eating unhealthy foods, oranges will present themselves to remind you that the body needs vitamins and other nutrients.
  • The beginning of a new workout routine.
  • The start of a meditation regimen.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Oranges

Rejuvenation. Revitalization. Contemplation. Meditation. Health. Well being. Physical. Strength. Understanding. Clarity. Functionality. Focus. Ingenuity. Fertility. Growth. Happiness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012