Laundary dream meaning

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Seeing yourself doing laundry in a dream is usually associated with a purification process.

You should ask yourself what is it that you need to clean up in your life, or what is it that became dirtier than acceptable. Doing laundry is the process of purification in the dream. Seeing huge amounts of dirty laundry in your dreams could refer to an injustice you have been made. If the laundry you see is clean, this is the omen of good luck and positive events coming into your life, changing your problems into good situations.

Laundering in dreams can indicate that you are gathering up things in life. Washing clothes and linens in a dream are connected to cleaning something in your life. Pay attention to the clothes in your dream. Their color and the type of material. How dirty they are? The dirty they are the more complex the situations will be in life. If you could see loads of clothes in heaps or you were washing many items this can suggest that others are depending on you. The water could be dirty, clean, warm or hot. If the garments are delicate then this could suggest that there is going to be a delicate problem your future. If you are ironing out wrinkled items of clothing skill and this can imply that smooth times are ahead. If linens are featured in your dream it should not be ignored. Linens represent difficult times ahead. Perhaps you are hanging or folding bed sheets you and if this is a case in a dream it suggests that you are trying to compartmentalize life issues. So, using, gathering, washing, drying, ironing and generally cleaning clothes in a dream can suggest that simple things are on their way but you need to clean your conscious.

What does it mean to dream of hanging clothes?

To dream of hanging clothes means that you’re ready to expose your inner feelings and future plans to the public – we all know the phase “throwing out our dirty laundry.” Meaning some embarrassing times are ahead. This dream can imply that You’re no longer concerned what everyone thinks of you and your aspirations in life. You are your own aspiration. And it’s your life. It is hard to sometimes realize that we only live once. Maybe you are done living according to stupid environmental rules. Your dream also denotes your inner healing and cleaning. To dream of hanging out washing in old dream lore indicates that you are a fine person.

What does it mean to dream of cleaning your clothes?

To dream of cleaning your clothes represents your inner healing. Are you intoxicated with negative thoughts, negative feelings, and you wonder why you’re feeling anxious all the time? Cleaning your clothes indicates “cleaning up your life” think about those who bring negativity to your life on a daily basis. Aren’t they the reason behind your anxiety? Sometimes you feel like you’re better on your own. And you’re absolutely right. Cleaning your clothes indicates healing and moving your problems into reality. Often, these dreams occur when one is feeling nervous and anxious in life. Sometimes this dream means that in time someone will bring out the best in you. It’s time you start fresh, somewhere you always wanted to go. Find a way to move forward as soon as possible.

What does it mean to dream of a washing machine?

A washing machine seen in your dream symbolizes a person who makes you feel better about yourself in waking life. The circular movement of a washing machine can imply walking away from a person close to you. A spinning washing machine can indicate a new horizon. There is actually someone who cares about how you feel, or what you have to say. Your dream reveals new beginnings and fresh starts.

What does it mean to dream of being in a laundry room?

To dream of being in a laundry room suggests you need immediate cleaning. You need to get away and clear your mind. Otherwise, you might do something that you will definitely regret. It’s one of these times when you think the whole world’s against you but it’s not. Trust that it’s not. The only one who’s against you is yourself. You’re your best friend and your worst enemy. And, I will say that a laundry room in a dream denotes you will succeed. And, problems will get easier with time. You will get stronger and overcome any challenge on your way. Just relax is the spiritual message – things will clean themselves and problems will be in the past.

What does it mean to remove a stain in a dream?

Trying to remove a stain in your dream signifies your efforts to fix a mistake. Or hide what you’ve done. Or forgive yourself for being somewhat naive. The “stain” per say is a message that you can conquer problems in life. Trying to remove a stain represents overcoming sorrow and regret. First, you need to forgive yourself, in order to be truly forgiven. I hope this helps.

What does it mean to clean food stains?

Trying to clean food stains in your dream represents your wish for doing something that really matters. You want to change your lifestyle and lead a better, healthier life. To see food stains on your clothes in a dream indicates that you believe that you need to change your eating habits, in order to get into the perfect shape. And you’re right. Are you thinking about becoming vegan? Or vegetarian but you’re concerned what others would say? If yes, stop caring about other people’s opinion and do what’s best for you and the environment.

What does it mean to dream of laundry detergent?

To dream of laundry detergent means you’re in need of something that will help you clean your spirit and start all over. You feel like you need to change but don’t know where to start. Can’t you see that you’ve already started with expressing the willingness to improve yourself and your life? Be proud of yourself, and keep walking the right path. As for directions, let your intuition guide you. Your intuition never gives false directions. Along with your heart, she makes the perfect guide.

What does it mean to dream of removing blood off clothes or fabric?

Trying to remove blood from clothes or fabric in your dream symbolizes overcoming hatred, revenge, and frustration. You’re trying not to spill blood where it’s needed, but it’s stronger than you. If you continue to ignore your strong desire to get back at those who’ve hurt you, your pain will go away, eventually. Do you honestly want to waste more of your precious time on those people?

What does it mean to dream of bleach?

To dream of bleach reveals your recent attempts to heal and clean old hurts and negative emotions. Your dream reflects your efforts to overcome your pain, and your choice to let karma take care of the negative things in life. But what you don’t know is that pain needs to be felt. Allow yourself to grieve. Enjoy the way you’re feeling. Bleach indicates your sensitivity.

What does it mean to see a laundry basket in a dream?

To dream of a laundry basket implies that you have a lot on your mind that needs to be put away. You always worry about things that never happen. You need to enjoy life more. Be more. Do more. To see a full laundry basket in a dream (full of dirty garments) implies a time of relaxation.

What does it mean to dream of a laundry chute?

To dream of a laundry chute foretells your strong attitude and high self-confidence. You never allow others to tell you what to do, nor determine how you feel. I would say you are probably the most independent person in your circle. Other may not like your character sometimes, but others admire you so this is positive.

What does it mean to dream of a dry cleaner?

To dream of a dry cleaner means that some of your plans need a second, professional opinion. To visit a dry cleaner in a dream suggests you will accomplish something - but you’re unsure of your next move? Ask for a professional help to get it done right. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at risk, and all your dreams could be wasted. Alternatively, a dry cleaner (as a person) in a dream may advise you to take better care of yourself.

What does it mean to fold laundry in a dream?

To fold laundry or sort any other type of clean clothes in your dream, it indicates that you’re trying to understand yourself and your past actions. It could mean you surprised yourself with something you’ve done. I believe this dream indicates that emotions are born inside you. You’re trying to understand how you truly feel. Take your time!

What does it mean to do someone else’s laundry in a dream?

To do someone else’s laundry in your dream reveals your caring nature and your kind attitude. You always take care of others, but who takes care of you? So, key message is to focus on yourself more.

What does it mean to put away laundry in a dream?

To put away laundry in a dream symbolizes withdrawn emotions and cold behavior. You’re changed. You don’t react to unexpected situations the same way as you did before. You’ve grown. And you’ve learned that not every situation or person deserves your reaction, nor comment. It can mean you appreciate your inner peace more than anything else. And you won’t allow anything to shake your balance.

What does it mean to dream of clean laundry?

To dream of clean laundry foreshadows an event or person that will change your life forever. You will be inspired by this event or person and gain wish to do more than just paying bills and leave unnoticed. Give your life a meaningful purpose and dedicate your life to accomplish your mission.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of laundry from the 1930s?

Dreaming of seeing dirty laundry indicates that some people gossip about you. Dirty laundry means bad relationships and possible lack of care. However, if the laundry is clean, this is a sign of good health and prosperity in the near future. Seeing a pile of laundry suggests that your family life is in order, whereas filthy laundry means quarrels, and maybe a loss or separation could occur in the future.

To dream of watching yourself hanging washed laundry to be dried, this could omen some worries according to dream lore. Seeing the laundry drying suggests anxiety. Ironing freshly washed laundry means that you will have some joy ahead, but also good health. In general, hanging laundry in a dream portends some big news coming your way, and it can simply refer to prosperity. Washing laundry, however, could be a bad omen, suggesting bad endings. If you dream of a laundry basket filled with dirty clothes, this means something in your life needs immediate cleaning. If the basket is filled with clean laundry, this indicates that you will successfully defend yourself from gossip and defamation. A laundry basket could omen refusal in love, or that some people might use you for their own benefit.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of laundry:

Busy. Surprised. Worried. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying.

Your dream:

  • You are doing laundry.
  • You have huge amounts of dirty laundry.
  • Dirty laundry.
  • Clean laundry.


  • Be ready for a change.
  • You felt good in the dream.
  • This dream had a positive outcome.
  • The laundry ended up clean while dreaming.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013