Lost Purse

Lost Purse

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

This dream shows that you need to make a decision about something important soon.

The lost purse, bag, phone, iPad, iPod or anything else that you dream you will loose is all about security. Are you loosing your security? This may indicate the need or requirement to search for something important, in order to reach a decision. Are you ending a relationship? Thinking of moving careers? The "lost" items in your bag or purse indicate that you are worried about losing your own security blanket.

This dream also shows that whatever you are searching for may have consequences attached to it. If you dream that you have lost a purse or cannot locate any money then this involves that you will be searching and looking for something important soon. This dream implies that you should come to a decision concerning something important, and this may suggest the need to hunt for something in waking life. Maybe you need to understand what career you need to embark on.

In your dream, you may have

  • Lost money.
  • Cannot find your purse.
  • Lost your credit card.
  • Been with others who have lost their purse.
  • Inability to find the purse.
  • Constant searching for the purse.
  • Lost bag.
  • Lost iPhone.
  • Lost mobile phone.
  • Lost ipad.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You find the item in your dream, the results will be a happy ending.
  • The item you lost gets handed back to you by another person.
  • You find the item in the dream which results in a positive ending.
  • The fact that you have lost an item changes the way you feel and the dream results in happiness.
  • You accept that you have lost an item and you do not think twice about it during your dream.

This dream is connected with the following scenarios in your life

  • You may lose a job or position of authority in the near future.
  • A relationship that you are having at the moment with another is complicated and causing you stress.
  • You are finding that your independence is becoming more and more challenged. It is important to recognize that this dream symbolizes the start of new beginnings.

Detailed dream interpretation

This kind of dream implies that to loose money may have several negative effects attached to it. The "value" in the bag is the identification of something that you will loose in life. This dream suggests that there may be an event where you will need to release something which is associated with an individual. This kind of dream is connected with trying to find something in waking life. Maybe you are looking for a romantic relationship, loved ones, as well as an ability to try something new in life.

When there is an association in between materials value, for instance, a bag, then the signifies you need to review your financial responsibilities in order to boost the way you use oneself soon. In the event the item that you simply loose is connected to something which is essential to you in the waking up life, then it's important to recognize that straightforward delights in your life at times bring peace of mind. To dream of loosing an iPad, iPhone, laptop or mobile denotes the same meaning. Whatever you have lost in your dream is focused on the feeling something is lost in life. It may be that this is for the better!

A bag normally contains all items that are deemed valuable and is associated with loosing anything in value in waking life. You may need to loose these items in order to grow as a person.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012