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Dreams about treasure chest

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In my dream, on a shelf lies a treasure chest crafted from cherry tree bark.

It’s about three feet long. It has a handle which is metal and deep chocolate color – even maybe black. There is something quite wonderful about boxes, especially if they contain treasure. I opened the chest to uncover an array of gold coins. My dream involved digging into the soil in order to find gold and jewels. When I woke I just believed that the gold was my own “goals” in life. The crucial thing about this dream is that you will not be defeated and that you outline your priorities. But what does my dream mean?

Chests are found in our history. They come from way back in time. Many treasure chests in the past were made from Cedar and Ivory and stacked in King Tutankhamen's tomb to help him in the after world. Each treasure chest holds history and psychological treasure chests have one constant goal and that is that they store things we value. A chest normally takes the form in dreams of a box with a lid. If the chest was used for safekeeping or storage in your dream this can indicate how you feel about your valuables.

Have you ever read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho? It tells the story of a man looking for happiness all around the world. However, in the end, he realizes that what he was searching for was standing right in front of him all that time. I like to use this analogy in regard to your treasure chest dream.

Sigmund Freud, the famous dream psychologist during the 1930's believed finding valuables such as gold in dreams indicates that you are focused on your inner wisdom. Treasure of any sorts in dreams is normally connected to discovering parts of yourself. The treasure could be a “goal” that you are trying to accomplish in life.

The lock is at this stage important to mention. If the chest is locked then this can indicate that you are locking away your feelings. A chest is only as secure as it’s lock and if the treasure chest required a key this indicates that you may need to adjust something to suit your needs. The chest may need to suit the needs of different trades or professions such as shoemakers, doctors etc. To see multiple treasure chests indicates multi opportunities to develop yourself. If there were any hidden or closed compartments in the treasure chest this can be associated with hidden emotions.

I also remember having dreams about finding a treasure chest after playing the game Fornite where you have to find treasure chests that are buried (season 8). If you play Fornite it is just a transaction-al dream of events that have happened in waking life. Basically, players open the chest to find weapons. If you have had a dream about digging a treasure chest (unrelated to gaming) then this can mean you will find your gold soon!

Is this dream good or bad?

Dreams about finding buried money or treasure can be very positive. Finding an object in your dream means (according to folklore) pleasant events in your waking life. However, every dream has both positive and negative interpretation. If you’ve dreamed about finding a treasure chest without any valuable possessions inside, it signifies that you may have false hopes about a situation in life. However, if you found jewels or gold inside the treasure chest, this indicates that business will thrive after a short period of financial difficulties.

Advice from this dream:

In my view, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Firstly: “What am I looking for in waking life? What is missing in my life?” Finding something buried of value might represent the things you see as valuable in waking life. Secondly, ask yourself what is missing in life. What do you want from life? The second question is: “Am I searching for something I buried inside my heart a long time ago?” Finding something buried of value might represent you as a complete person. If you feel lost, incomplete and insecure, it’s time to dig up the things that made you whole. I hope these questions will help you understand the dream.

If you’re searching for treasure in a dream, it signifies that you are looking to the future to your goals. However, if you were hiding treasure, it denotes trust. Someone will share a secret with you.

If you find iron or hard metal on the chest in a dream this indicates profit and successful implementation of one's ideas. If you’re searching for treasure in your dream, and you don’t find anything, it means that you’re going to spend more money to implement your ideas. According to Carl Jung, if you found buried treasure in your dream, you’re worried or suffering from anxiety in waking life. Also, you might experience financial difficulties. Sigmund Freud, for example, in his book indicated that finding money or treasure in your dream represents the effort and time you invest in a relationship.

If you’re digging the earth to find money or treasure chest it means that you may have false hopes. If you bury treasure or money in the ground, it is connected to your own qualities. This dream can indicate hidden talents and skills.

What does it mean to dream of treasure?

Most cultures associate finding buried money or treasure in your dream with completeness and integration, fulfillment and material success. However, if you find buried money in your dream, ask yourself: “Do I feel whole? If not, what do I need to feel that way?

The general interpretation of finding buried money or treasure in your dream is associated with personal success and fulfillment. For some people, it signifies the finding of some lost piece of their personality. And, finding gold denotes business success. We all have a wish to become wealthy and change our everyday life. A treasure chest is positive and suggests joy, and excitement. If you dream about finding gold, then this is positive.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you lack financial stability. It might reflect that you will find support or love going forward.

The spiritual meaning of treasure:

Treasure in a dream indicates enlightenment and magic. It foretells a change in your life. Maybe you will finally meet someone special, soul mate, perhaps. Or change your current perspectives.

If you found a treasure with magical properties, it indicates that you lack magic in real life.

Finding buried money or treasure in the earth can indicate wealth and a new romance, falling. Alternatively, it might reveal a future promotion.

To share buried treasure indicates partnership. The right people appear in your life when you least expect it. And together, you can conquer the world with your idea.

If you were digging for buried money or treasure near your home, it means that you will have a successful year when it comes to business and work. However, your personal life will suffer the consequences of your success. Find time for the people you love before they walk away and leave you forever. Nothing is impossible. Finding a way to balance your life is possible.

To find buried money or treasure in your home, farm, garden or within a land that you’re in possession of in waking life - is a positive omen. Harmony, peace, and joy will follow you in the next few months. It’s also an indicator of personal/professional growth. If you see a wooden treasure chest in your dream, it foreshadows a marriage. It can signify that you will marry someone wealthy and worthy of your trust.

If you find buried money, it reflects your own rich personality. It could imply that you wish to discover the most unexpected things about yourself once you start digging into your heart and dreams.

If someone who is unknown to you found buried money or treasure in your dream, it’s a negative sign in old dream lore. It can (sometimes) mean that someone is trying to steal something from you I am sorry to say. This dream reflects possible carelessness.

What about love? If you’re single and found buried money or treasure in your dream, it represents a lack of interest in establishing a romantic relationship with someone. Maybe you are currently enjoying a freedom and couldn’t care less about romance. Have learned how to love yourself?

If you found buried coins in your dream, this symbolizes good luck. The more coins you saw in your dream, the luckier you will be. If you find old coins, expect a new love relationship. If you find valuable coins, you will encounter important and favorable events in the future.

If you found counterfeit coins in a dream, it might reveal the fake hope you have about someone/something in waking life. This dream symbolizes disappointment about something that really matters.

If you were uncovering buried jewelry or exploring the treasure you found in your dream, it symbolizes creativity. It can mean that you are aware of your own talents, creativity, skills, and control you have over people.

To dream of finding a pirate’s treasure symbolizes a range of ideas you have about different projects. Or the birth of new ideas that will bring success in your life. If you were holding the cash or treasure on a pirate boat, it means that you’re not certain about the path you’re walking in life at the moment. Perhaps, this dream is a reminder to release your wishes and dreams, as boats represent our own emotions and dreams.

If you dreamed about finding stolen buried treasure and feel somewhat guilty afterward, this is a clear sign of low self-esteem. Such a dream represents a wake-up call. Perhaps it’s time that you work on yourself and learn how to love and appreciate yourself more.

If the buried money you found was torn to pieces, it means that you’re focused on the negative elements in life. Instead of focusing on making more money, try to enjoy life, and use your talents and abilities for the greater good. Negatively, money problems might occur. However, it won’t last for too long. If you dreamed about finding buried treasure or money in your home, it foretells relationship improvements and family reunion. It signifies happiness, joy, and pride as well. This dream can imply that you will find a way to make your friends and family proud.

If you found buried money or treasure under a tree in your dream, you’re probably looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

Finding treasure in your dream symbolizes material loss, according to the Islamic culture. However, although it means a financial loss in the professional field, it can denote personal success. For example, it can foretell inheritance, a new marriage or a kid.

In Christianity, the Biblical meaning of money or treasure is associated with greater good and compassion. If you dream about finding buried money or treasure, it is connected to the fact you need to ask for help. Alternatively, this dream may foreshadow possible greed. If you have more than enough, share with those who don’t have anything at all.

In summary, buried money or treasure in your dream has a range of different meanings and interpretations which I have outlined. Seeing treasure in your dream might symbolize wealth, greed, happiness, pleasant events, misery and failure, wealth and completeness. According to Freud, dreams of this nature are associated with our love life. I personally believe that when you have this dream, you secretly want to experience something unexpected, spontaneous, exciting and adventurous.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2019