Lost child in a dream

Finding a lost child in the dream state

What does a lost child mean in a dream?

Lost child dream

Lost child dream.

To experience a lost child can be rather worrying in the dream state.

A lost child is connected to your "inner child" and fears in life. A child in a dream it is a collection of your subconscious mind which is related to your inner child, it can be a symbolism that you may need to revisit certain child memories re-examine where areas of your life have made you vulnerable to others. A lost child if your own can be rather worrying. I have had this dream many times and it is common for parents and can be associated with our hidden anxieties in life. If you dream you return the child to its parents and this can suggest difficult times ahead it’s very much in the child and the way you’re feeling eternally.  The child is a symbolism and in ancient dream meanings is associated with richness and happiness.  

Detailed dream meaning of a lost child in your dream:  Finding a lost child in a dream indicates a new beginning life it present happiness an expression of joy you have found the child. So what does the child represent in the dream? The child can symbolize how you feel about yourself and life. It can be connected to your goals and possible career options going forward. A child lost or crying in a dream is a distinct warning that you may wish to analyze your current actions in life. There is a difficult situation in life that will result in a delay. Think about any decisions that you need to make and your future. If the child lost is not happy then this suggests that you may have a situation where your “reputation” in life is on the line. Children in my view, represent the innocence that we feel within it can suggest that you may have inner desires this not being met at the moment.

What does it mean to dream of a lost child? There may be characteristic of yourself that has resulted in a certain element of beliefs. Many people dream of their own children, normally there is a degree of fear that plays in the dream state. As parents, we are always worried about our children and it is not uncommon to dream that they are either lost or hurt when extreme cases they die in the dream. If we look at the psychological viewpoint of a child featured in a dream some of the famous dream interpreters such as Carl Jung or Freud believed that a child is a repressed form of our own inner child. If your own child is found by somebody in the dream and this can suggest that you need to feel supported by others in order to succeed in life. This could be close family or friends. If you see other people find your child in a dream then this denotes happiness and indicates factors that you are not currently aware of.

What does it mean to dream of not being able to find your son or daughter in a dream? Other people may work against you if your child is not found in the dream. If you see yourself as a child in the dream then this can consequently mean that you have an issue with your inner child. Maybe you encountered restrictions or sorrows in your childhood you need to address.  If you are confronted by a lost child in the dream asking for help then this indicates you should not rush into a situation too quickly.

What does it mean to dream of a lost girl? If the child is female in the dream then this indicates your female side of your character. It can suggest that you need a great deal of communication and thought before taking any actions.

What does it mean to dream of a lost boy? If the child in your dream is male then this indicates that you are going to have a mixture of favorable and unfavorable events in the near future. The outcome will be mixed in relation to a career.  

What does it mean if you dream your child is lost from school, nursery or play date? To turn up to pick up your child from a play date or nursery setting and realise that their lost is a suggestion that there will be favorable indicators in your future but you cannot show that you are vulnerable. The child in this sense is connected to your inner child as we have already outlined and it can indicate that you need to spend time alone in order to come to a successful solution of a problem.

Your dream:

  • Your child is found by somebody in the dream.
  • Other people find a child in the dream.
  • Your own child is found in the dream.
  • You are a child that is found in the dream.
  • You are confronted by a lost child in the dream.

Feelings during the dream of a child lost: Worry. Despair. Worried about the child. Panic. Concerned about the child’s welfare.


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