Lost child dream

Lost child dream

What does a lost child mean in a dream?

To experience a lost child can be rather worrying in the dream state.

In the dreams of a lost child - time stops, it's like you are frantically looking for them, stuck in a black hole. Why, where, how, when. Have they been taken? Are they just missing? Will I find him or her? You probably saw yourself looking for them, running even calling the police. In dreams, we sometimes never get the answer of what has happened to the lost child, or maybe you find a child. In life, people go missing, and this is a heart-wrenching reality. While the percentage of people are found safe, some are never found. These are the people that we have edged in our minds through the media. 250,000 children went missing in Europe in 2013, and 365,348 children in America. That is some sobering statistic. On a positive note however, the Committee for Missing children scrutinized this figure and concluded that 97.8% of children are found. Therefore, I want to tell you that if you had a dream of your lost son or daughter this whole situation is unlikely to happen in real life - It's not likely to happen don't worry.

A lost child of your own can be rather worrying. I have had this dream many times and it is common for parents and can be associated with our hidden anxieties in life. There are many reasons why you have had this dream. If you lose your own child it could be that you feel separated from them in waking life, worrying about them or what they are doing. A lost child who is found in the dream is connected to your "inner child" and fears in life. A child you find in a dream is a collection of your subconscious mind which is related to your inner child, it can be a symbolism that you may need to revisit certain childhood memories and re-examine where areas of your life have made you vulnerable to others.  If you dream you return the child to its parents and this can suggest difficult times ahead it’s very much in the child and the way you’re feeling eternally. The child is symbolism in ancient dream meanings is associated with richness and happiness.

Dreams about losing a child

If you drive a car you need a license, you need to carry out practical tests and pass the test. However, parenting requires no training or qualifications. Parenting is a struggle, meeting the emotional, physical, and material needs, on top of that, we have an inherent need to do what is best for our children. Yet at times we are clueless as to how we deal with the challenges of our children. When our child grows emotionally and we have a strong bond the dream about losing a child will often occur. This could be in the sense of the challenges we face daily. Sometimes we don’t know how to respond when our child is going through emotional or psychological and spiritual needs. We love our children and want the best for them. It is common to dream they are lost, you cannot find them, and you panic. Yes, it’s an emotional dream. When we turn to older parenting styles much has changed. There were excessively authoritarian approaches but today things seem more flexible in the modern arena. Ultimately this dream is about your own family dysfunction and your fears around having to maintain a certain level of awareness in your child’s daily life.

Dream meaning of a lost child

  • A lost child can represent a deep family dysfunction or the conscious way of recognizing the anxiety of being aware at all times when caring for your child
  • The dream about a lost child can indicate your growing child’s emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs
  • The dream of a lost child can be about control and the lack of control when your child is not with you
  • The dream is rarely a premonition but that is not to say that you need to be extra vigilant in the future
  • The dream can show you in fact love your child and want the best for them
  • The dream can be in response to a feisty temperament from your child or that they have full-blow tantrums and difficult to soothe
  • Spiritually the dream of a lost child can suggest that you are careless when it comes to your children and need to be more away
  • In times of deep crisis, the dream of a lost child appears and can indicate that something is missing in life such as finance, power, and loss
  • The child could represent other parts of your life that you are worried about and it is important to think about your own blessings
  • The dream could point to problems with the Father of the child or that you feel left out somehow. If an ex-partner left you then the dream of a lost child is common

Detailed dream meaning of a lost child in your dream

Finding a lost child in a dream indicates a new beginning life it presents happiness an expression of joy you have found the child. So what does the child represent in the dream? The child can symbolize how you feel about yourself and life. It can be connected to your goals and possible career options going forward. A child lost or crying in a dream is a distinct warning that you may wish to analyze your current actions in life. There is a difficult situation in life that will result in a delay. Think about any decisions that you need to make and your future. If the child lost is not happy then this suggests that you may have a situation where your “reputation” in life is on the line. Children in my view, represent the innocence that we feel within it can suggest that you may have inner desires this not being met at the moment.

What does it mean to dream of a lost child?

There may be characteristic of yourself that has resulted in a certain element of beliefs. Many people dream of their own children, normally there is a degree of fear that plays in the dream state. As parents, we are always worried about our children and it is not uncommon to dream that they are either lost or hurt when in extreme cases they die in the dream. If we look at the psychological viewpoint of a child featured in a dream some of the famous dream interpreters such as Carl Jung or Freud believed that a child is a repressed form of our own inner child. If your own child is found by somebody in the dream and this can suggest that you need to feel supported by others in order to succeed in life. This could be close family or friends. If you see other people find your child in a dream then this denotes happiness and indicates factors that you are not currently aware of.

What does it mean to dream of not being able to find your son or daughter in a dream?

Other people may work against you if your child is not found in the dream. If you see yourself as a child in the dream then this can consequently mean that you have an issue with your inner child. Maybe you encountered restrictions or sorrows in your childhood you need to address. If you are confronted by a lost child in the dream asking for help then this indicates you should not rush into a situation too quickly.

What does it mean to dream of a lost girl?

If the child is female in the dream then this indicates the female side of your character. It can suggest that you need a great deal of communication and thought before taking any actions.

What does it mean to dream of a lost boy?

If the child in your dream is male then this indicates that you are going to have a mixture of favorable and unfavorable events in the near future. The outcome will be mixed in relation to a career.

What does it mean if you dream your child is lost from day care, nursery, or play date?

To turn up to pick up your child from a play date or nursery setting and realize that their loss is a suggestion that there will be favorable indicators in your future but you cannot show that you are vulnerable. The child in this sense is connected to your inner child as we have already outlined and it can indicate that you need to spend time alone in order to come to a successful solution to a problem.

Dreams about lost children can indicate the following

  • Your loss in the dream is about something you need to handle in waking life. Loss is simply what happens in your life daily. 
  • There will be lost connections or painful situations in the future.
  • The lost child could be connected to your own internal anxieties.
  • Dreaming of a lost child can mean you need to be vigilant going forward

There are certain truisms in our dreams,  one of which is that losing a child can often feel like a bereavement in the dream state. Our lives are generally comfortable, secure and the loss of a child in a dream is against the natural order. Each day that we live on this earth is a learning experience and we never sign up for what we anticipate. Along the way, it is very natural to have dreams of losing a child and this is associated with healing. I'm here to help you point to the road where we can now share what you have enjoyed during the dream state. I hope this spiritual dream meaning the sheds some light on your dream visions.

Dreaming of losing a child can happen in so many different ways. I have provided an overview here of the different dream meanings. Think about the dream what does it look like? There are five reasons you could be experiencing this loss dream. 

Divorce of separation impact our children

The grief of a relationship is powerful. It is easy to get stuck, bitter, angry, and depressed. If the children are spending part-time in your ex-partners care it is often connected to feeling separation from our children. When circumstances are at their worse we can often find ways this can enter our subconscious mind. You can keep growing through the separation and find a joyous life. Enriched in the lessons that we must learn when our children are having to live in separate homes. To dream of your child being “lost” but unsure of how or where you just appear to be searching for your child could represent separation anxiety in waking life. Now our children are a large part of our lives and we sit with them for hours, listen, read, play, and are completely consumed in their life. 

Dreams about your child lost and then murdered or dies

This is a complete nightmare. There was a TV show by John Walsh called America's most wanted which he created after the murder of his son. What I am trying to hint at here is that you could have watched something or read an article in the media that triggered this dream. The dream of death is generally around transformation and to dream of your child lost and then murdered or dies can be very traumatic. You may find meaning in asking deeper questions about the dream and have the fear that the dream is a premonition. Ultimately, meaning comes through finding a way to interpret all the symbols of the dream. Firstly, if your child is lost this could represent your own internal fear of something happening to your child. 

Our dreams represent our own hidden knowledge and insight into our own world. Children often appear in our sleep when there's spiritual significance. In spiritual symbolism, children represent the characteristics of our own inner child and the feelings that were going through life. there to bring The lost child dream brings awareness to the parts of our psyche which is hidden.

As a parent, we will experience some form of separation anxiety. Perhaps you are going through some milestones in real life. It could be that your child is going to school, walking, developing, or progressing in their schoolwork. The worry as a parent intensifies as they get older and parental anxiety is sometimes the result of the dream of a child being lost. If you are trying to prevent something negative from happening to your child in waking life such as bullying then this dream is common. We all want to do the best for our children and protect them from anything dangerous in waking life. When it comes to dreaming we can sometimes see tragic events. If for example, you dreamt of a school shooting, pool drowning, a child abducted or kidnapped these are all known as trauma dreams. 

Is the dream of a lost child good or bad?

Dreams sometimes reflect what we see and feel in the waking world. If you have experienced a traumatic event in waking life - it is common to have dreams of this type and they are connected to our internal anxiety. The content of the disturbing dream where you've lost your child can create similar experiences and sensations to what is going on in daily life, frightening, inconvenient, disturbing dreams, among those people who are going through a spiritual storm. 

The after-effects of such nightmares can often follow this during our waking life the next day. Dreams can feel real and as if you are experiencing the loss of your child. There is a study by Hartmann in 1996,  who looked at these types of dreams and concluded was that when we sleep the brain focuses on the connections more effectively than our conscious mind. In other words, when we sleep we are reviewing the information that is being fed to us while we are awake. The study also looked at the state of our dreams and that this is a way that we can work through traumatic events. Dreaming in essence is a healing process but also problematic when we have nightmares of losing our children. There is no easy way to cope with the loss of a child during sleep. Often when we awaken from a nightmare of a lost child we run to their bedrooms to see if they're still there. When a person has repeated nightmares of losing their child it can bring to light issues that you're not aware of in daily life.

If you are over comparing your children with others in regards to milestones this could also be a trigger of this trauma related dream. Dreams are often an afterthought and that “it is just a dream.” One of the most difficult characteristics of being a parent is to let go of a child. If your child is in daycare you may have some anxieties over if your children are safe.

The age of the child during the dream

The age of the child is relevant to the dream of the child is lost. Often these kinds of dreams occur when children are under the age of 15. This is because as parents we are completely focused on consuming the lives of children at this time. Obviously, here I have assumed that you live with your child. I have been contacted by many parents that no longer live with their children and having these kinds of traumatic dreams. In this case, the dreams are all about control. The real perceptions that are coded in our memories while we sleep help us understand how we can transfer worries and the fact we are naturally worried about our children in waking life. Finding relief from the effects of the dream can be somewhat bothersome. 

Why does a dream of the lost child appear?

The dream of a lost child can appear in many different ways. during the dream.  In general terms, the child in the dream could represent your own innocence and wonder, especially if you don't have any children in your waking life. Sometimes a child can also represent a union or marriage in your dream and be a symbolic sign of that union. If you are a mother and you dream of your child it can often indicate your own childhood. Have you suppressed your inner child? This is the question that you need to ask yourself. Our children are very precious to us and it's a good sign if you found your child eventually in the dream. Your inner child often suffers in waking life because we don't do enough to enjoy ourselves. If you become a child in your dream this could be a positive sign but telling you to not neglect your inner child.

Dreams about searching for your child

Perhaps in your dream, you were searching for your child who was missing, there could be the police or even the media involved. It is within reason to suppose that the “searching” action in your dream is associated with the desire to search for your own journey of bringing greater peace, joy, and personal transformation. It could be a worrying dream whereby you are running, looking for your lost child but they are not present. This dream often reflects our navigation of the ups and downs of real-life childrearing as this trauma-induced dream has entered our conscious mind during sleep. 

When you feel a particular closeness to your child, naturally dreaming of losing them would be your greatest fear. The dream itself is inviting you to explore ways to bring your spirituality to light. If you are not religiously inclined or you don't have children then it could be that you need to develop yourself and transform into a more confident individual. Finally, to dream of searching for your child and being able to find them is a positive omen. It connects with our relationship with our children in the waking world and shows that you have wholehearted engagement and presence in their lives. 

The running away action or searching action within the dream is a metaphor for your guidance and support towards searching for their true meaning in life. In addition, if your lost child's dream involves any violence such as kidnapping and you are unable to find your child this can be connected to having a deeper understanding of raising your children in the future. If you pause for a moment to close your eyes and place your hand over your heart do you feel happy and excited about your parenting? If you are struggling as a parent, then this dream is common.

Dreams of losing a child in the crowd

Spirituality this dream is connected to your emotional feelings. Many of us on this earth are charmed by our sons or daughters, if you lost a child in a crowd then this can indicate that you need to embrace the reality of a situation. There is an idea that needs embracing. Our children will love us regardless but the crowd in a dream normally represents people and emotions around you. Are you feeling trapped? Maintain equilibrium is equally important at the moment and situations in life could be leaving you feeling worried especially in groups of people. This dream is also an indication that you could perhaps feel ostracised in life or you are worried about your son or daughter's feels left out. 

Raising children can be challenging but also fulfilling, if there are experiencing sibling squabbles at the moment then a dream of losing a child in the crowd could be the result of your anxiety. Even the most seasoned parent will encounter things such as worry, problems, threatening or stressful situations. The key to this is to try to stay calm but sometimes in our sleep our brains often bring all our anxieties to the fore. Everyone has dreams and if you are experiencing a recurring dream of losing your child in the crowd then disillusion can indicate that you are finding it hard to control the direction of the situation in waking life.

Dreams about your own child going missing

Becoming conscious of what happens in the waking world will give us an overview of an invaluable secret to the ancient arts of understanding your life better. Our own children and the relationship that we have with them helps us to stretch, grow or transform spiritually. If you have an unshakeable commitment to your children's spiritual path then the dream of your own child going missing could just be a matter of losing in life. Many of us subscribe to the belief that spiritual growth often happens through areas such as meditation, retreats, and yoga.

This is not necessarily the case, the greatest spiritual growth is to be a teacher to another. In parenting, we often need to figure out how we can cope when a child has a full-blown meltdown or spills a drink on our brand-new white sofa. Your own child could be a way for you to manage your expectations in life. Figuring out how to control your temper is often connected to parenting. There is something out that I wish to share with you. If more than one of your children went missing then this could be related to your own presence in life. It is important to live as peacefully as you can. Ask yourself do you fall apart or are you able to stay present when things go wrong? Do you respond rather than react?

You may also feel that you feel “lost” in the dream. The dream indicates that something complex is happening inside your mind. If your child is missing in a dream it can suggest you are trying to find your inner child. Separation anxiety can happen and it is natural to have a difficult time when not with your child. If you are missing someone in life and feeling lost the dream of a missing child can sometimes occur. Dreams are not reality. To dream of losing a child in a crowd can indicate feeling overpowered. Waking up from a dream of losing a child can indicate that you feel that loss and panic. Every parent in life has dreams of this nature it is only natural. Yes, it is an unsettling dream.

Biblical meaning of dreams about a lost child

Turning to scripture we can see there are many biblical references that can help us understand this dream better. In our current life, children go missing for all sorts of reasons. Children are featured quite prominently in the dream. Children are after all a divine blessing from God and children can be a symbolism that you are losing something else in your life. A lost child can often biblically represent money or problems in relationships when it comes to the dream state.

In Psalm 127:3 children are a “heritage” from the load it means that we need to focus on supporting their development and entrusted with the guidance that we offer as parents. The Bible further says in proverbs 22:6 that we need to nurture our children with their emotional, development, spiritual and physical needs. When we are worried about their growth and development this is when dreams of losing a child can appear. Another key area of Scripture is that in return to Proverbs 29:17 there is a focus on disciplining children.

It is often difficult when our child is having a tantrum and we are trying to cope with this nature of behavior. Scripture gives us the advice to approach our children with gentleness and faithfulness. Whenever signs in our dreams appear of loss it can often point to the fact that you are feeling undermined in a position or alternatively that you should look out for danger when you least expect it. 

In the Bible we also see that children are considered vulnerable, in addition, violence can cause real damage to the child. In the Bible, we see that singles out orphans. Children are also living as refugees in extreme poverty if we turn to the Scripture Zechariah 7:10.  the message here is that if you dream of a lost child then do make sure that you can protect the vulnerable. This is not necessarily your child but perhaps somebody else in your life such as a grandmother or somebody who has a delicate disposition. In biblical terms to dream of children is normally joyful and signals that there will be complete domestic concord awaiting you.

Dream about losing a child to death

Children are a blessing and we have an internal bond that connects spiritually to each child and parent. Dreaming of losing a child to death can be connected to milestones that they are currently going through. Obviously, in waking life if we witness that our child is satisfied, content, and happy then it is rather unusual to dream of a child being lost to death. Dreaming of a child dying can invoke feelings of panic and loss, we all fear this in waking life. Often, I've come across this kind of dream are a result of losing something important in life and the interpretation needs to be fully understood. Seeing any child in a dream is often connected to our own emotions, if you don't have any children in waking life then this dream can be connected to our own stages and elements in real life. If you think about dreams per se, they are often a reflection of our internal mechanisms and how we are affected in daily life. It could be that you are finding it difficult and emotionally challenging in some area of your life and this is the result of a feeling of loss. Systematically the dream occurred because you are feeling that you need to bond closer to your child and that you feel you are losing a sense of bonding. This dream suggests.

Dreams about a lost child on holiday

There are rather famous media references to children going missing on holiday. A child vanishing on a holiday can be a parent's worst nightmare. There were some famous cases of British children such as Madeleine McCann going missing in Portugal which is a cold case and never solved. Despite extensive searches, there was no trace of this child being found. Jaycee Dugard was another child who was kidnapped outside her California home and later found, after being held captive for years. The media covers such stories and this can often highlight our own subconscious mind during the dimension of the sleep. Therefore, the reason I mention this is because if you did indeed have a dream about losing your child it could mean that you are experiencing reflections of external forces on your dream state. 

If you dream about being on holiday and you found your child vanished without a trace then this could be directly associated with your anxieties about your foundation of truly loving relationships in your life. We all have feelings and the child in our dreams represents our own emotional stability. It means that our feelings are stormy when they should not be. On holiday you should be experiencing joy and happiness, not losing your child. When you are truly feeling loss feelings you are allowing the true anxieties to come to the surface. Therefore, my interpretation of this dream is that you are feeling unsettled at a time you should be experiencing joy.

Dream about a small child 

Dreaming of a small child is often reflected in our own inner child. Virtually all religions bear stories of children. In the stories children could be orphaned, abandoned or their lives are threatened in some way. For example, Moses was abandoned in the rushes. Jesus was not able to enter the Inn. In Greek mythology, the child Zeus was abandoned and threatened. Therefore in our culture, there are lots of stories about small children being mistreated. In the dream state, we can often see a child mistreated or lost as being a signifier of our own inner self. In order to understand a dream of a small child, it is important to turn to dream psychologists. Carl Jung for example believed that when we dream of children indicates our universal human experiences. This dream, in my view, indicates that we are feeling somewhat misunderstood or vulnerable in daily life.

Dreams about a child you don't have in real life

This is a very interesting dream but extinct in conflict with what happens in daily life. Often dreams of children when you don't have any real-life are associated with your inner child. The only way too often to fill our emptiness is to realize that we are essentially connected to God or a higher spirit. Therefore we can carry on our life and complete any unfinished business in order to heal ourselves. There is powerful energy to force an encore being. Spiritually, if you dream of a lost child but you do not have one in real life then this could be a spiritual message of change. If you see yourself in a dream as having a beaming, apple-cheeked toddler but in real life, you do not have a child at all can represent the spirit of your inner child who is speaking to you through your dreams. The child is a spirit that wants you to find your true self and honor what you do in the waking world. It could be a dream which reflects the inner child wanting to come out. Over time if you are not recognising your true feelings and wishes we can often have dreams about children or being a child. As the dream was a tragedy that you lost something you could simply mean that you have lost your inner child and this must be embraced and expressed.

Dream of an adult child as small

Many people have contacted me in regards to dreaming of their adult child being small again. Sometimes a child can represent the union of two people, especially if two people were married at the time of conception. Adult children can appear in many different ways during a dream if they are small and this points to the fact that you are growing in regards to the relationship with your adult child. An adult child in a woman's dream may also indicate the nurturing and caring aspects of rearing a child. If you are looking after your adult child during a dream, or you go back to the past in the dream state then this can suggest that you are feeling that your adult child has not matured and still needs nurture.  

Dream of a child losing limbs

This can be quite concerning. The natural world sees our offspring as a gift from God. One of our greatest fears is for our child to get hurt, subsequently to lose limbs or be hurt in any way is a parent's nightmare. Everything in your dream belongs to the fear factor but also provides an insight into your anxieties. It could suggest that you hurt yourself at some point in your childhood and this is where your subconscious mind is trying to deal with it. 

As parents, we have to prepare for milestones such as primary school, college and eventually leaving home. Dreams such as these are often a reflection of such a milestone and to dream of a child losing their legs or arms can signify a stepping stone of their development in waking life. The child in a dream often represents our own wonder of childhood and the openness and ability to nurture that child. Often, dreams can be quite strange and not necessarily represent the waking world, it is a completely different dimension that is a reflection of our own fears. 

Your child in real life never appears in your dreams

This is quite interesting that you may dream you never actually see your child during the dream process. Our subconscious mind is naturally quite interesting during the dream. Often we dream of symbolism that we see or hear during the day. The anomaly of dreams can mean we enter a paradox and want to know why our child is always missing. When we dream we find new pieces of information into our web of knowledge in waking life. Naturally, our brain shifts through memories, and dreams often inspire stories from our waking life. Your waking self and the elements that you are not aware of are called the self by Carl Jung. To not dream of people that are close to you in real life (such as your child) can indicate that the time you sleep is important for you to obey the unconscious mind and that equally you need to work on your whole self spiritually. The whole self (which Jung describes) is like we need to focus on our darkness and light. The whole self is associated with balance and also the fact that we need to see what goes behind our cosmic mind. Sometimes we can not dream of our child because we are denying a repressed part of ourselves such as our inner child. While we dream we exist in another dimension and the dream world cannot reflect how it is in the real world, instead, a projection of our fears and wants. 

Dreams about a lost child in the water

To lose your child in the ocean, river, stream, pond, swimming pool, or in any type of water is directly associated to aspects that relate to your feelings. For instance, to dream of a child lost in the water and you are trying to swim to find the child can sug lose your child in the ocean, river, stream, pond, swimming pool, or in any type of water is directly associated with aspects that relate to your feelings. for instance, to dream of a child lost in the water and you are trying to swim to find the child can suggest that you need to focus on the flow of your own life energy. The water itself is a good indication of how your healing energetically and also how we feel guarded and insecure around our own children. This is natural as the water often represents your whole emotions and the shape or movement of what's to come in your life. If the water itself was choppy or involved large waves and this can indicate that you are feeling threatened. Remember as well water was a sort of life as the womb that held your child, therefore, is a collective sense the water can represent your parenting styles. When children go through different milestones we emotionally rack to those.

How we relate to our moods and emotions in daily life can often be reflected in the water in our dream. It is rather common for mothers to dream of losing their child in a lake or river, this represents the deep emotion that we feel and the bond to our child. If example you do not have any children in real life that dream of a lost child in water can represent your own inner child. try to give yourself permission in order to let out your inner child. It can indicate that you need to feel lighter and more energetic and liberated in what you say. Try to get in touch with your inner child so you begin to feel more safe and relaxed if you dream of trying to find a child in water that you do not have. 

Dreams about a child not in the house

It is a parent's worst nightmare to wake up in the morning and not find the child in the house. Our house is a representation of our own self and connected to our own well-being. If you are frantically trying to run around the house finding your child and they are not there then spiritually this can signify developing techniques they used to do as a child. Try to allow yourself to draw, have fun, play games (even video games) in order to connect to your inner child. The dream can also be natural fears, it can indicate that feelings and healing is required. 

Try to open the door and invite the inner child to come out and be part of your life. I do feel that dreams about children being lost, reflective of our own parental anxieties, however, because the house was featured in Audrey it can often indicate a deeper, more emotional part of the brain during sleep. For survival's sake, try to have more awareness of spiritual development going forward. Who are you? How do you feel? What would you like in order to have fun? Try to picture your inner child and ask these questions in order to create fun in your life again.

Dreams of a lost child trying to find parents

If you dream of a lost child unable to find the parents, it indicates that your soul is willing to merge into the essence of all things, and attached to all that is in transit. This is a dream of meeting with the self-supporting existence inside - and it signifies your return to unity in order to find yourself again. It also suggests you are trying to find a union to the nurturing side of people's nature. If you've been going through complex relationship struggles then it is a dream which is self-supporting. The fact the child itself is unable to find its parents indicates that you may find yourself being a mother to others. It is certainly important to remember that physically you are not infinite even though you are spiritual. Sometimes difficulties can be resolved by talking to others, is the dream meaning if the child found their parent. At other times it is important to clarify our own internal understanding so we have experiences based on reason.

For our internal soul, it is really necessary to understand the unity of the individual and our own body. However, because you dreamt of a lost child this can indicate in many aspects the explosion of the seed and expansion into the world of duality. When the seed is the blueprint of perfection, (when I describe the seed I am talking about the creation of children) we can find our perfect self. This dream, in my view, is about the potential contained within you and the different dimensions. It reflects the feeling you have lost something in waking life internally that needs to be found to make you emotionally complete.

Dream of lost child at school

Dreams of school are often connected to how we learn as adults. Not much lesson but more about interrelationships. By way of the soul comes a focus on our relationships in life. The school can represent our own structure such as class structure, authority, and competitiveness. So whilst work itself is a principle of learning in dreams - this can be mirrored by the influence of a lost child in the dream. 

This dream is in relation to how we receive and nourish information in our life. The school can often indicate the behavior or reactions that we have developed in our own cycle of spiritual development. The soul connection in the dream is focused on our own inner child. The weakness of this dream is that in order to become strong we must masterfully link our soul to increase our own power as life goes on. Life is like a river; it gathers force as we move forward. The dream principle here is that you need to be able to create knowledge within yourself in order to progress in life. If the child is your own in the dream this can represent that you need to move your child into a direction of study, or teach the child something important. If you just see a child lost at work then this is a connection between the ego and everyday personality. So whilst the principle of this dream mirrors a need for learning it can also indicate part of your own school life and what you missed out on learning. What do you need to learn? 

Dream of your child being found by someone

Your own child being found by somebody during the dream often indicates self-reliance on others. Other people's relationships and relationship (original roots) and corresponds with our daily cycle and contact in life often appear in the dream world. By way of the soul link comes an indication of the relationship with our mothers and fathers. If another person found your child in a dream this can indicate you are feeling separated from your parents at some stage in your life. 

The need to make decisions is important which can be highlighted by the difficulty in choosing certain things in life. This dream can also mean that there is a need to receive affection from others. You may well feel betrayed and wounded from the experience of trusting your parents, especially the father and this can also be a reflection of this dream. However, the power that you hold lies in your heart and through this, you can start to be more open with others rather than to keep trying to protect yourself. 

The need for self-love appears to go along with the need for destruction. Our needs are very complex, and it could be painful for us to fully understand when we are in touch with our feelings. This dream results in the absence of certain feelings and can be connected to why you dreamed that your child was found by somebody else. 

You are a child lost or you were found in a dream

To be the lost child in the dream is often a reflection of our own inner child. Certainly, it is a well-known fact that children of all ages develop through creative play. While they are actually playing they look at their limits, test their developmental skills, and engaging creativity. This blossoms the child. When you are lost in a dream it can indicate that these areas of your life are missing. Remember when he was a child you created beautiful landscapes such as magical castles in the sandbox. Dynamically playing with paints, clay, and scribbling crayons are all things you can still do as an adult. It is very important to keep your inner child happy, this is especially true when getting to know what makes you feel vulnerable. Perhaps you were highly selective and you share only certain information with various people in your support network. If you feel safe inside then your best friend, lover or spouse may also have a positive relationship with you. If you are missing your parents in a dream and this is associated with controlling your behavior, thoughts, and feelings towards others. Often, a dream of being lost in the dream indicates that you need to feel safer and supported by others around you. The power of Venus south is synonymous with our own spiritual higher self. The inner self reminds us of what's important in life. If we start to open our heart to our own inner self then we open our heart to others.

Dream about losing a friend or another child

Dreaming of losing a child that is not yours, such as a friend or a relative is connected to our social relationships. Perhaps you are dreaming you are a nanny and this dream indicates the express problems that we often feel in daily life around trying to project our own value. In life, we often need to be seen and reassured and a need to be listened to by others. The dream of losing a child is not a negative omen and can mean you need to express yourself to others better. On another note, the dream of a stranger's child being lost can represent that you feel there is unfairness in life. There is a need for you to have fun like the child and make sure that you have the protection and safety around yourself. 

The element of loss in a dream is not directly connected to you but of others. It can suggest that other people will simply “lose out” if they do not engage in fun activities with you. The dream itself often occurs when we need to connect our own internal power through laughter and it is always sometimes useful to get in touch with the anger that is beneath us. 

Spiritually speaking the dream is a connection for practical physical self-expression, which includes showing other people your emotions. We all remain independent to some degree in life and this dream often occurs when we've had to go through separation in life and try to find independence, the need to make decisions is also important if a lost child that is not yours is found.

Dream about helping a lost child

Finding or helping a lost child in a dream indicates our protection of our inner child. There is a need for fun and activity in your life as well as protection safety but sometimes maybe you refuse to ask others for help. Perhaps you were in a large store or mall, I remember myself in real life being a frenzied parent trying to find my child in the middle of the supermarket aisles. Parents these days are naturally more protective than they used to be, generally because we hear of children missing all the time. There is a spiritual message within the stream that there is a danger of naïveté and your power will come from the touch of your own innocence. There is also a need to perhaps prove something if the child is not returned to their parents. It means that you deserve attention and that you are capable of many things. 

Physical activities also very important in this dream depending on the context of where the child was lost. If the police were involved then this can indicate the state authority. Are you feeling confident in your work position? The obvious thing when we find a missing child is to take them to the lost and found section, alternatively try to find the parents. If this did not happen in the dream something else appeared then this can suggest that you should not follow the status quo in order to get what you want in life. You may feel strongly about the absence of the parents and the dream but this is rather a spiritual force that you must empower in order to give love in a world where you're aware sometimes of his absence. To help the lost child is a beautiful thing to do in the dream and this indicates how you can help lost or scared people in daily life.

If you stand with a child and a place in our somebody to get security or a manager to help find the child's parents and this could city signify that you are looking at moving jobs in the future?

Dream about a child being taken away

If your dream involves a child being taken away and that they are lost or missing then this can have a profound state on your mental well-being when you wake up, especially if the child is your own. Dreams give gridlines on the multidimensional map of consciousness they show the way we need to go in the work we must do in waking life. At the same time sometimes dreams can appear decorated and be connected to paths where - we are not yet to follow. The dream of a child being taken away is associated with something in your life being removed from you. 

This could be a job, relationship, money, health issue. Despite this, we must all recognize array of manifestations. So, for example, in simple terms, we can start to look at the manifestation that this dream may produce. If you are going through a rocky relationship it can mean that even though it will be really tough at 1st to remove yourself from that relationship in the long run it is the best thing for you to do. This metaphor can be applied to various situations in your life. Life is like a river; it keeps running and never stops therefore we need to make sure that we can swim above water. If you do indeed find the child in dreams is a positive omen it can indicate that you have a meaningful relationship with someone special - after a lot of ups and downs.

Father is lost in a dream

If a child dreams that they have lost their Father this indicates there is a presentation of the Father figure in their life. The dream is about security and that change is going to accept in life. Generally, the dream of when a child loses their Father consists of the fact the child needs comfort and needs. These types of dreams happen when the child can feel insecure about clarity and security. It is not uncommon for children to have this type of dream if parents have split up. There is often establishment and officialdom when this dream occurs. The good news is that your child is on the road to strength.

Mother is lost in a dream

The main comfort in a child's life is the Mother relationship and helps in a child's development. The Mother is a teacher. And the child often looks to the mother for nurture. We've all heard of skin bonding when the child is a baby, this type of nurturing is important for the child. Society often believes that Mothering is not as important as in the past and sometimes we are rushed back to work and have to put our children in daycare. Our children could have these kinds of dreams if they are spending a considerable amount of time away from their Mother.

Your dream

  • Your child is found by somebody in the dream.
  • Other people find a child in the dream.
  • Your own child is found in the dream.
  • You are a child that is found in the dream.
  • You are confronted by a lost child in the dream.

Feelings during the dream of a child lost

Worry. Despair. Worried about the child. Panic. Concerned about the child’s welfare.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017