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Conjoined Twins

Conjoined Twins.

Conjoined twins are identical twins, which are joined at the utero, in dreams, this is a fortune omen.

Though it is a rare occurrence, it does occur with a higher incidence in Africa and Southeast Asia. Most of them are born as stillbirth while a third of them die within the first 24 hours of their birth. Dreaming of conjoined twins denotes good fortunes.

Wealth will come back and back again! There will be no more distress and agitation. It could also mean that you are attached to someone, and you are over dependant on that person; you cannot do anything without consulting them.

A dream of conjoined twins can also denote that, you are feeling that, every choice you make in life is having an impact on another or that, every person’s choice is influencing your choice making.


You could be living someone else's dreams in life while repressing your real life and that is why you see conjoined twins in your dream.

If you are looking for a job and you see conjoined twins, it implies that you might not be lucky to get a job anytime soon.

In your dream...

  • Seeing two twins in your dream.
  • Giving birth to identical twins.
  • Conjoined at birth then separated.
  • The head joined.
  • Separation operation in your dream.
  • You are conjoined and joined with another.

Detailed dream interpretation..

A dream where you see two twins can denote that, you are having stable business success and your family is living harmoniously. When you wake up, you will gain confidence in your abilities as you discover dignity, and it will lead to you believing in your importance thus building self-esteem.


If you give birth to identical twins, it denotes that, you are going to have a big celebration in your community where you will celebrate with friends and relatives. Alternatively, it could denote ambivalence, opposites, and dualities. It also represents that you are going to have security in faithfulness and contentment in your life. It could also foretell that, you are in harmony with or in the conflict between decisions and ideas.

A dream of conjoined at birth then separated means that a bond between two individuals it could be emotional, marital, or even family bond, being affected by something that happens in their life. In most cases it could be due to lack of trust, disagreements or irritations which affect an otherwise bond which was meant to be there for better or for worse; being each other’s companion and support any time they need it.


Joined heads in a dream, denotes that, you are thinking the same as someone else whom you are attached to and this has made it possible for you to succeed in most life goals. Whenever you are stuck, the other person is always there to bail you out and make things happen.

Seeing a separation operation in your dream is an indication that, you need to be independent in making a decision that affects you and prevents you from over relying on other people’s fortunes or misfortunes. You should learn to be independent while chasing your life goals as this is the only way to handle life successfully.

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