Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

To deal with this dream and its interpretation it is important to look at the spiritual meaning of a crowd.

On a negative front a group of people are likely to be considered an angry mob, which has some negative correlations.

Dreaming of being part of a crowd can indicate that some times we do not wish to stand out, or that on occasion we do not have a personal sense of direction in regards to how we should accomplish our achievements in the future – in regards to others.

The people which are around you in a crowd often provide their own interpretation.

If the crowd is happy and content and cheering then this is generally a positive dream if the crowd however are negative then this can imply that we are going to find difficulty communicating with others in the future will stop the other indication and meaning of this dream is that we may find safety in numbers if we drawing a crowd.

Your dream may have involved

  • A football crowd.
  • A crowd of people.
  • People in a public place - airport, cafe, supermarket or listening to a speech.
  • Seen many people.
  • Been naked in front of a crowd.

You are worried about other people in the dream.

Many people cannot remember the details of the crowd, if this happens. it means that things are going to move fast in your life.

What this means to your life

  • Someone has challenged your confidence in a situation regarding your career.
  • Success is around the corner if you do not get the results.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You don’t feel embarrassed.
  • You were not naked.

A football crowd symbolize that you feel you need to belong, you have been feeling alone in a number of situations. A demonstration or carnival shows that people highly regard you.

These dream meanings of a crowd pertain specifically to where you saw the crowd of people. This dream symbolizes energy that is scattered. If you see a crowd at a sports event then think wisely about possible illusions around you. You may have to make some sort of decision about a new career. The reason this is showing up is that you may have to deal with a lot of things over the next few months.

To see a crowd at a horse race means that things will happen in threes from a negative perspective. Your dishwasher's going to break, you trip over, you spill something from the fridge. These will feel like minor things they are not major but slightly catastrophic but you might have a number of things that come up that need attention. This needs to be dealt with, then this will result in an exciting job opportunity or a career change.

To see someone give a speech symbolizes reviewing things. You will carefully examine different people and situations. You may going over many different problems to decide what you're going to do. To see a concert then you will be looking over things carefully and consider a career change. This could simply be different jobs being offered to you. In time you could be considering negotiating a new pay increase if you do not wish for a career change.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012