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Deals are negotiations between two or more people. The dream indicates that you can expect some debates in the future.

This can be associated with gambling or taking some type of risk connected to high returns. If a woman dreams of making a deal, this highlights that she is driven by her career. If a man makes a deal in his dream, then this indicates that skills are required in order to negotiate with people in a work situation.

To dream of giving out playing cards among players indicates that someone is trying to trick you. You may need to listen to others when it comes to judging people’s character. To win a book deal in your dream is connected to success in the waking world. Dealing in diamonds in your dream indicates that you will be taking action against someone who holds something valuable to you. To deal out chips in your dream is a positive omen, especially in you are winning. It tells that you can be sure that money is coming your way soon.

In your dream you may have

  • Dealt cards.
  • Dealt chips.
  • Negotiated a price with others.
  • Sold an item.
  • Bought an item.
  • Dealt in diamonds.
  • Dealt with other people.
  • Negotiated prices with clients.
  • Seen more than one deal.
  • Bought a car through a good deal.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The deal was made in your favor.
  • You received financial gain from the deal in your dream.
  • You got a good deal on a purchased product.
  • The deal affected your business positively.

Detailed dream interpretation

To have a dream that you are dealing with a group of people indicates that sometimes you need to listen to others. According to ancient dream dictionaries, buying or selling any items in your dream is mostly a good omen. If you dream of bartering a price and you walk away satisfied, then you are likely to have some positive times ahead.

A dream involving more than one deal is linked to the way you are feeling inside. It is important to listen to the inner child. To get down on your knees and listen to yourself while meditating, you need to get more in tune with your inner feelings. A dream that is connected with a television program that allows winning money through a deal suggests that you are sometimes not living in the real world. Make sure that you make decisions with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

If your dream is associated with a deal that is related to property, such as buying or selling a house, it can indicate that you may change your location in the near future. If you are a woman, it suggests that you may feel you need to make your home more of a safe haven. It is time to light some candles and relax in your house. If you are a man, striking a deal is a positive omen. To buy a car through a good deal is associated with gaining something important in the waking life. If in the dream you are feeling warm and sheltered, it means that are you thinking of other people.

In the context of the dream, the deal can also be associated with important people. If you dream that you are in a business meeting and a deal is about to take place, you need to consider how to improve your relationships at work. If you dream of deals that are connected to horses, such as betting on horses, then this is connected to a confidence that you need to restore as fast as possible.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of deals

Provoked. Lucky. Unlucky. Challenged. Exhausted. Incited.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012