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Man Dream Meaning

What does a Man mean in your dream?

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To dream of an unknown man indicates that a decision needs to be made.

This dream also suggests that you need to learn something new. There is a sense of learning what areas of your life need improvement. Is it considered that a man's appearance is triggered by a sense of depression. This dream also suggests that a friend may appear in your life and be a source of inspiration.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen an old man.
  • Seen a blond man.
  • Seen a handsome man.
  • Encountered an unknown fat, tall, mature or bearded man.
  • Seen lot's of men.
  • Noticed a dead man.
  • Encountered a good man.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The man in your dream was good.
  • Your dream was positive.

Detailed dream interpretation

The man featured in your dream shows a sense of belonging; development and is associated with the different sides of your personality. It is important to develop yourself in the future. The dream is all about expressing your intellect in terms of logic and spirit. The civilized world as we see it is a technological environment which can mean that men are forced into making some hard decisions and judgments that are not always correct - from a moral standpoint. Tribes have this type of mentality.

The message of this dream is not to lose yourself too much in your own world, and consider others to the point of appreciating that other people in this world do not have the same thoughts as yourself.

The Eastern tradition suggests that to dream of an unknown man holds a negative meaning. If you dream of a fat man this means that you may fall prey to a difficult decision. To encounter a naked man indicates that you will be afraid of something.

The Persian dream dictionaries suggest that a bearded man is associated with difficulties in waking life. In everyday life you may find yourself being prosecuted and persecuted at home or at work. To see an old man indicates that you may experience strong jealousy.

Dream experts denote that men who appear in the dreams of women have an erotic significance in most of cases. A more recent European interpretation of this dream indicates that seeing a man is a good sign, as it provides security and strength to the woman that had the dream, and therefore she will know how to fight and to fulfill her desires.

A rich man in your dream indicates confidence, and a very old man is the sign of happiness. If the man is blonde, this is the sign of arrogance. A man with dark hair means flattery. A handsome man foretells contentment and fulfilled hopes. A fat man means abundance, and a tall man means jealousy.

If you trust a man in your dream, it indicates that you risk a lot in your waking life, and that you have to release tension. A young man means triumph, and a mature man is the sign of protection. Lot's of men in your dream are the sign of glory and honor.

Seeing a dead man suggests that you are able to cope with life’s difficulties. An honest man indicates that you will enjoy good things at work. An oppressed man means you need to take advantage of a favorable opportunity coming your way. Dreaming of a strong man is the omen of many ambitions and dashed hopes. A healthy man indicates you will have a special career filled with satisfaction.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of man

Astonished. Confident. Happy. Proud. Upset. Surprised. Content.

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