Knife, Dagger and weapons

Knife, Dagger and Weapons

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Any dream involving weapons shows that you need to approach things with extreme caution.

Did you see weapons? Use a knife in your dream? This dream meaning includes many tools that you may find in your dream. If you found yourself using a weapon directed against you, or you are in a fight where there is violence, this dream indicates that it is time to think about how others are treating you, and removing aggressive people from your life. This could be in either a work or relationship.

We all own a knife of some description. Whether that be a kitchen knife, or alternatively a penknife. Every day we generally pick up and we use knives. The knife can be a more functional or creative tool. If we think about the knife it is designed to cut flesh. It can produce the same effect as a handgun, but it is used to prepare food and help us survive. The knife is generally seen as a domestic tool but in dreams, it is normally betrayed as a weapon.

All knives can change shape and functionality. The knife in your dream could be a peeling knife, chef knife, fish knife, vegetable knife, or even a dagger. You may not even remember the details of the knife but more of the act of what is happening in the dream, which is common. Knives in a dream can have different purposes, for example, you might have found yourself with a pocket knife, or alternatively, you were hunting in your dream and therefore had a hunting knife. The knife blade could be made from different materials such as bronze, iron, steel, titanium ceramic knife. Such a dream indicates that indicate He needs to be aware of other people in ones life. After this type of dream take a moment to think about how people are treating you. If you stabbed somebody that you know with a knife in a dream it could indicate that you want to walk away from the relationship. 

The dream is all about removing aggressive people from your life, I myself had a dream whereby I stabbed somebody, which brought trauma to my everyday life as I loved this person. However, from a spiritual perspective, it was an indication that the toxic relationship had to be removed from my life and this is what my dream was trying to tell me.

There are various types of knife dreams and I will run through the most popular. The dream is about the rise of a toxic person in your life, this could be somebody you know or alternatively someone that you will soon meet. The knives themselves are all about violence and aggression. It could often point to the fact that there is somebody that is being aggressive towards you, and your unconscious mind is trying to protect you from the threat.

To dream that you are carrying a knife on your person indicates violence, aggression, and separation. In simple terms, the knife is a representation you need to cut away or get rid of people or toxic situations.

Dreams About Knives And Psychology

At the turn of the last century, Sigmund Freud wrote a book known as "the interpretation of dreams" in this book he argued that every dream we have is from the stimulate of our own external world. He believed that most dreams are unconscious forces and that every dream is innocent. Interestingly, much of his work was centered around surpassing dreams and his focus was on interviewing participants. It is thought from his writings the dreams about murder or violence are often a powerful message to our subconscious mind. Freud believed the dreams of this nature are due to the following:

  • There is an area of one's life whereby one has to let go.
  • There is a dramatic change that will soon happen in life.
  • There is a feeling that someone is showing aggression.
  • That there is guilt around a situation in waking life.

If you are being stabbed by a knife in a dream it could suggest that someone important is being somewhat toxic to you and you may be suppressing these types of feelings. Dreams about knives are all about recognizing that transformation must happen. Sometimes we have to go through pain in order to move on in our lives. If you are stabbing somebody that you know with a knife it could just mean that you intensely dislike this particular person.

If the person is simply unknown it could just be the fact you need to remove an aspect of and your personality that you are not quite happy with. Psychologists believe that if you saw a stabbing taking place then you are removing yourself emotionally from certain people in your life. If there is an element of "chasing" in the dream then this can indicate that you are trying to outrun an important emotional event.

Most of the psychoanalysis around dreams portray death or violence signifying habit or outdated practice that you need to move forward with. It is not uncommon to have a re-occurring dream of knives and this is likely due to being surrounded by aggressive or hostile people.

Dreams About Knives Are A Sign Of Toxic Relationships

Often, in daily life, we are surrounded by a huge array of different people and they may bring feelings of aggression and hostility to our lives. Below I have outlined specific weapon dreams. The way the weapon appears in your dream may have individual meaning which I will detail below.

Your dream

  • You have a weapon of any kind.
  • Someone attacks you with a weapon.
  • A knife.
  • A dagger.
  • An arrow.
  • A gun or pistol.
  • Dart.


  • Approach things with extreme caution.
  • Think about your attitude to others.
  • Conquer your fear.
  • Consider the reason why people would be aggressive to you.
  • Think about how you can improve some areas of your life.
  • Move towards a resolution with your enemies.
  • Reevaluate your life to make things better.

Detailed dream interpretation 

If you dream of people becoming aggressive around you and using weapons of various sorts, then it is clear you need to think of the reasons why this has happened; what are the reasons? Aggression is sometimes present in your lives in some way, and you may need to think about your attitude to others. This is a wake up call to perhaps think about what and how you can improve some areas of your life.


A knife is normally a sign of division, and seeing one in your dream means you need to review your life, cut things out, and maybe get rid of some things in your life. The knife itself needs to be reviewed. For example, a Swiss army knife is much more violent than say a table knife. Both are used in the same way, but the Swiss army knife has more areas that signify an aggressive behavior. You may feel that you are undertaking a psychological inner fight with yourself, not knowing which way to turn in times of need.

The dream about a knife indicates that you have more fight left in you. You may feel that you need some type of protection. If you are holding a knife in your dream, it means that you are trying to move away from a relationship, and end it for your own sanity. If you find yourself being attacked with a knife, this indicates it is time to reckon that you have a number of enemies around you. Make sure that you can clearly move towards a resolution with those enemies, or they will harm you in the future. If the knife edge is blunt, it means you are able to find a resolution, while if the edge is sharp, things are likely to be resolved much faster.

If you are a female and you dream of a knife, this shows that you are scared of something coming into your life. Ask yourself what it is. If you are a man, then this clearly shows aggression. You must learn to control your temper in some way. The knife does not have positive vibes. It may reflect the hard times and difficulty that you are experiencing in your life. If you are self-mutilating yourself using a knife in a dream, consider your actions and/or addictions, and how you can get over them. It is time for meditation, so take the hint from your unconscious, and modify or discontinue your bad thoughts or actions to others.


Dreams which involve daggers often represent a sacrifice in some way. If the dagger is turned onto you in any way, it signifies that you are going to find that you have to work with someone, in order to give back in some way. There are two main thoughts in regard to daggers. Firstly, this is a defense dream against something in the real world, and secondly, this is an attack on you personally. As with any weapon, the dagger represents the development of aggressive behavior. This could be an indication that you are feeling significant anger toward someone, or are afraid that others may deceive you or take advantage of your better nature. If you kill or wound a perceived enemy in your dream, your unconscious mind may be encouraging you to conquer your fear.


If your dream involves being a victim of an arrow, then this shows you have an emotion in regard to dealing with a relationship that is important to you. The arrow is generally associated with love, and it can mean that you need to trust your own instinct in order to move to the future with happiness.

Gun or pistol 

This weapon indicates that you are feeling sexual aggression in some way. If you are shooting yourself, this means it is time to reevaluate your life in order to make things better. Maybe you need a new home, job or relationship. To dream you are being shot by someone else it can signify some people are going to help you make this change in your life, and you just need to recognize them and lean on them to make this change.

This dream symbolizes that you also feel a degree of protection over some of the things in your life. A gun can also mean gang culture, and that it shows some badge to make things better in life in some way. Having a gun pointed at you can be disturbing, but this means someone is trying to influence you negatively. If a man sees himself being shot, or a gun is pointed at him in the dream, this may mean his territory is being questioned, and he may lose it. It is important for him to take a grip of this, and move forward with confidence.


This represents the need to want more out of life. A dart is often seen as a strength, especially if you also see the color red, which signifies luck. In a situation, you will make sure that you come out on top. You must rest now, but make sure that as things twist in your life, you can keep everything on track and everyone happy. Treat yourself to what you really want to do in the world. If you find yourself actually playing the game darts, it means difficult times ahead. This may be in relation to your expectations going forward. Something that sounds like a great idea will end up not as great as you first hoped. The dart also represents an offer or proposal of love. This could be an unwanted proposal which will shape you in some way going forward. Stop clicking your fingers, and expect that a person just appears in your life. It is time for a change. If that person is currently in your life, then it shows your relationships will improve over time. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of knife, dagger, and other weapons 

Furious. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. In a bad mood. Offended. Insecure. Upset. Angry.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012