Dream meanings Acrobat

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This is another dream that we are very eager to comprehend. Dreaming of an acrobat is not a very common situation.

Some people do not care and they simply neglect this dream, but it should not be done. The acrobat dream brings you many signs about your future. Acrobat can convey you both good and bad possibilities.

As we are aware, that an acrobat is a person who does the dangerous or unbelievable things in real life. So by dreaming of an acrobat, we can assume that there will be significant change in our life is going to happen. If you see an acrobat with a funny look there may be some bad consequences.

If you have seen your dream of an acrobat with old and with a sad look there will be nice or beneficial changes of our life.

In your dream you may have seen

  • An acrobat with a bunch of flowers.
  • An acrobat performing in the religious place.
  • A girl is talking with an acrobat.
  • An acrobat performs in the deserted hall.
  • An acrobat walks along the rope with a long pole.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream

  • An acrobat with a smiling face going along a crowded road.
  • If you see an acrobat running very fast while some others chasing him and they are not able to catch the acrobat.
  • An acrobat is doing some stunt in a very high and a dangerous place, where people including you looking on anxiously.

Detailed interpretation

If you have seen a dream of an acrobat with some flowers, you can expect some sad or sorrowful situations in the future. We can assume the flowers are the symbols of the sorrow and the acrobat represents a certain high event or person in your life. If you have dreamt such a dream, you must take care about the health of your loved ones.

A religious place is a location, where people experience calm and quietness. But the symbol of the acrobat represents some future calamity in your life, so your usual lifestyle may get changed by certain outside influence. This has got both negative as well as positive aspects if you have dreamt the acrobat in colorful dress you will be able to enjoy some positive changes in your life.

As I mentioned before, an acrobat is a sign of a sudden change in one's life. If you have seen a dream of a girl speaking to an acrobat, you can expect positive developments in future. You can expect some sort of calm down or abrupt stop of your action or a problematic situation that used to harm you.

Sometimes we take decisions, expecting future success, and most of the time we have to undergo drastic failures. Our dreams signal us about the success or failure. This is symbolization. The acrobat and the performance represent our future action and the symbol of the empty hall represents the vitality or lack of success.

The balancing acrobat, the traditional dream shows you about a situation that you are going to be in. It advises us to be very cautious to get the things in order. If you have such an experience, you must be very careful about your day to ay activities.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an acrobat

Excitement, feeling of the childhood. Horror of the heights, amusement.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013