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Understand more about the dream of a demonic attack

A demonic attack can be experienced by most of this some point in our lives and we may wake up confused even frightened. I am here to help you understand and decode this dream.

Perhaps you woke up in the night you’re unable to move or you have that awful feeling of being crushed. Maybe you could see a demonic attack in your dream, and, you just can’t understand why. During all this, you may feel a sense of anxiety (to be understandable!), apprehension and above all something dark and evil enters your bedroom. This presence could come in the form of a shadow or an evil-looking entity. Often, people have contacted me after feeling pressure on their head, chest or body. The demonic attack can also company the entity doing sexual acts on you. Some people have tried to understand sleep paralysis and the connection with the demonic attack. Only recently I watched a Netflix documentary where Kendall Jenner was discussing how she was experiencing sleep paralysis. What I am saying here is that it stretches over all walks of life and you will be glad to here is quite common.

Why did you have a dream about a demon attack?

There is a hidden world beneath our own vision. This is what I like to call the spiritual plane, supernatural or elemental world. This world is where we struggle with our own freedom. We can make daily choices about what we eat, how much we sleep many things we can control. However, there are hidden elements of life: Angels, Demons, and parasites. Some of them being positive and others, unfortunately negative. Sometimes, we attract the wrong type of energy which can result in a demonic attack at night. In biblical terms, the sin of the fathers moves through to the children, which I am not sure is true as why should the child be wronged for the fathers action. These types of entities hide and are strange creatures of the astral plane.

What is a demonic attack?

From my opening paragraph I am sure you now know what a demonic attack is, but if you skipped it, a demonic attack or as many people call it (spiritual attack) is a series of events arranged by the demonic kingdom in order to gain energy. I can summarize that a demonic attack is like illness they tend to not invade a person when they are “spiritually healthy” but when a person is going through stress or emotional problems this is when they are vulnerable for attack.

How to deal with a demonic attack?

In the spiritual world, as in ours, we need to face our problems head-on when we suffer from these types of dreams the details are of vital importance. A demon is another term for an angel, thus, the entity in the dream may be good or bad. the original of the English word “demon” is from ‘daimon” For some time during the early 90s I worked with a number of Christians who had a vast amount of experience in spiritual development. It was clear, that they believed that dreams such as these often occur when we are at our weakest. There was much emphasis on how the demons appear and why. There are many reasons that demons could visit dreams such as: problems in childhood due to neglect, emotional problems and shock, a background in occult work, pressures at work. The demon attack can also affect our material growth in life, touching financial stability and also growth and progression. If you are often passed for promotion or you are finding it hard to come by a “decent” job then this urges the need to understand how to overcome the attack.

What is the difference between sleep paralysis and demon attack?

The attack often occurs during a sleep paralysis – a common condition that many people suffer with. It is sometimes hard to differentiate a demonic attack from simple sleep paralysis. Biblically, it was written in the bible that the devil has different plots and strategies against us. Most people think of Satan as either an entity that does not exist. In the bible, it is believed the devil analyzes your actions, thoughts, and behavior since the beginning of time, tempting and manipulating human beings. The way to combat this is to keep ones faith alive and live with of course, all spiritual eyes open.

How do you know someone is having a demonic attack? If you wonder how can you identify a demonic attack, here are a few symbols that can show if your are under spiritual attack: A lack of spiritual passion. The attacked person is extremely frustrated and anxious. The person is confused and wonders the purpose of life. The demonic attack results in feeling tired. If a person is influenced by an unknown force he or she is deeply questioning their direction in life.

What are the types of demons that can enter your sleep?

In Christian terms, the bible states that the sins of the fathers will be given to his children. I am not sure I truly believe this but it is thought that demonic attacks run in families. There are multiple demons that can occur in your dream and here I will introduce to you the most common “types” of demons:

Spiritual foes – many people see demons and their possession as a creation of the mind. They believe that demons don’t actually exist but are rather forces that tend to destroy everything God once created. These demons increase people’s spirituality and strengthen their faith in God. Meaning, they are welcome in their dreams.

Emotional demons – the emotional demons are not a “positive” demon because they’re actually created by the emotions the dreamer tried to hide or suppress such as anger, powerlessness, and hatred. These demons are associated with your psyche that you’re trying to repress. However, they’re easy to beat because you have the power over your brain and emotions. Meaning, you can always release what you’re feeling and these demons will definitely disappear in your dreams.

Helper demons – you’re probably wondering how demons can be helpful. Maybe they’re not but their energy is. Your helper dream demon masks something that can be of use to you in waking life. These demons often come in recognizable forms. You must defeat them in your dream so you can feel better about yourself. Are you sabotaging your life? If yes, expect helper demons coming in your dream tonight.

What do demonic dreams mean?

To have demonic dreams holds with it an interesting interpretation. This dream can be in response to your unconscious mind sending you a hidden warning. To dream of demons might also represent how you “view” people in reality. Depending on the details of the dream, you might be subconsciously portraying the immoral and some “difficult” people are creating complex situations or there are people who are trying to “control” your life. You might be having demonic dreams if you’re going through a challenging period. Are you afraid of something that seems stronger than you? Your demonic dreams are sometimes connected to the need to open your eyes and gain proper insight.

What is the difference between demons in real life and dream world?

Demons enter our sleep are spiritually, not allowed to do so. The difference between demons in real life and dream world doesn’t exist because they are a product of our mind created to either to tempt us or warn us of possible dangers. In waking life, demons come in different shapes but mostly as sins we commit without even knowing. Once we become aware, they appear in our dreams as a consequence of our past behavior and regrets. In order to defeat against the alleged demon, I like to ensure that you forgive yourself and never give up on fighting for what you believe. We must keep our faith alive so we can defeat the demons.

What is the spiritual meaning of demonic attacks?

Although demonic attacks are seen as something worrying, they are very useful and can actually open your eyes, strengthen your faith and increase your spirituality. Even just visiting this page, means that you are trying to uncover what demons really mean. It is proven by many who’ve experienced demonic attacks, either in dreams or reality that these attacks have helped them to get back on track. The alleged demonic attack you have had in your dream gives you the power to bring spirituality to a higher level. But only if we succeed to keep our faith alive.

I recently read an interesting book my a 33rd-degree freemason called “the secret teachings of all ages” in his book described demons as an evil thing. He believed that the evil spirits are not more malevolent than plants and animals. These evil subhuman spirits are sometimes known as inclubus and succubus, which are male and female. As creatures on other planes. We sometimes don’t use our passions in life and these are transferred into darkness in the astral world. Every negative trait we encounter helps build the negative energy.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of a demonic attack?

Dreams related to demons are usually the remnants of dark ages. This is what we believe way back then when it is being instilled in our mind that demons really exist. Most of the time dreams will tell about possible events in the future, expose your enemies and you can think of the valuable knowledge that might be useful for every person. Demons attacking a person in his or her dream might cause fear to the person in charge. Yet, this kind of dreams might have another purpose in life.

Dreams will always mean many different things. Arrays of thoughts are being captured with a dream. Most of the time if you are going to dream about a demon attacking you most likely it is possible that this means that you are fighting with your own emotions. Demonic attack dreams symbolize guilt feeling and selfishness. It signifies that you need to think about your recent decisions in life and it is important that you are going to look after that decision if you are doing right about it. The demon often connotes a strong and selfish behavior.

The behavior of a demon is very uncontrollable therefore the dreamer must be aware of the moment that may happen to him or her. This will make the dreamer come up with a shield or barrier that will disturb his or her emotions. This kind of dream will impact on the emotions of every individual this will make the person become prepared. Most of the time, dreams is the thought that you are thinking about the past days in your life. If recently, you are thinking about a demonic attack then the feeling of betrayal, selfishness and doubts should be resolved.

The horrible dreams in life should be deal carefully because it might affect the future of every person. This is the reason why dream interpretation should be done carefully. Most of the time, people can be disturbed by dreams and it will make their life not normal. When dreams affect you this way it is necessary that you are going to rid of the thoughts that scared you off. One must make sure to it that whatever happens to someone’s life the person obliges to reconcile it are only you. The demonic attack can be fearful but it is very important that you are going to get over from this kind of dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of demonic attack:

Fear, doubts, guilt, selfishness, and envy are the feelings you can feel out from this dream. Positive changes are afoot if: The dream is deeply symbolic and it makes you become aware about your future. The dream may be interpreted as a way for the person to be prepared. It gives the dreamer strong emotions to counteract possible mishaps. If you dream about a demon that attacks then it could be linked to some bad feelings that are being repressed and you tend to be aware of it. The dream could be a possible solution and realizations about some moments in your life that makes you upset.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013