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Umbrella .

Dreaming of wearing an umbrella in rainy weather foretells bad changes in your general living conditions.

This is a good dream if the umbrella is open. Generally, an umbrella in your dream means good protection, and gains coming soon. Having an umbrella in your dream it indicates that you are sheltered from any signs of trouble and problems.


In your dream you may have…

  • You have an umbrella.
  • Buying an umbrella.
  • You have an umbrella in your hand.
  • A silk umbrella.
  • An open umbrella.
  • You are opening an umbrella.
  • A sunshade umbrella.
  • A closed umbrella.
  • You are closing an umbrella.
  • A turned umbrella.
  • An umbrella protecting you from the rain.
  • You lost your umbrella.
  • A lost umbrella.
  • Repairing an umbrella.
  • A broken umbrella.
  • Lots of umbrellas.
  • Various colors umbrellas.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The dream was positive in nature.
  • You used the umbrella for a good purpose.
  • Your experience was positive and joyful.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you have an umbrella, this foretells financial benefits ahead. Buying an umbrella indicates financial difficulties. If you have an umbrella in your dream, this tells you to try using your friends. Giving your umbrella to someone suggests that you will have an important meeting in the near future.

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A silk umbrella portends honor and respect. If you dream of wearing a parasol instead of an umbrella, it means that you will have a love affair and a nice holiday too.

To dream of yourself being in the shadow of your or someone else's umbrella, it means that you will find support, a person close to you backs you, and you enjoy protection from someone. According to the Persian tradition, this dream announces wealth. Dreaming of an umbrella indicates that you are safe from worry, trouble, or the difficult issues of life.

An open umbrella in your dream tells you to ask help when you need it. A parasol means that you will soon find protection and help from others. Dreaming about a closed umbrella suggests that you should not worry much, because your wishes will come true. Closing an umbrella in your dream means that you trust a person close to you. A turned umbrella foretells a change of a situation.

If in your dream an umbrella protects you from rain, this portends that you will enjoy well deserved successes, and also protection against big failures. A lost umbrella means abandonment. If you lose your umbrella in your dream it indicates that you will have a problem at work.


Repairing an umbrella it means that you will manage to get rid of difficulties and life’s adversities. A broken umbrella foretells craziness or a danger ahead. Lots of umbrella in your dream tell you to protect yourself from envious people.

An umbrella is sometimes a defensive symbol in a dream, referring to your protection against emotions, represented in the dream world by the rain. An umbrella can omen excessive fear coming your way.

Using an umbrella indicates that you should be more careful as some dangers can come in the future. The umbrella foretells that you will overcome your worries and you will receive unexpected help. A stretched umbrella portends disagreements in your family. This dream is a warning to pay attention to your words and actions, so that you would not experience remorse later.

Walking in the rain with an umbrella means that you will enjoy some happy times ahead. However, the umbrella can refer to the fact that you are actually responsible for some misunderstandings in your house, and therefore you should watch for mistakes and repair them before getting into deeper trouble.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of umbrella.


Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Wet. Embarrassed. Astonished. Confident. Happy. Worried. Upset. Ashamed. Proud. Having fun.

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