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To see a magazine in your dream suggests that you might be exposed to varied experiences in life.

To dream of reading a magazine is normally related to the world around you - thus, the dreamers external influences. A women's magazine featured in your dream can be a sign of a number of female influences in your current life. The dream meaning depends on the extended details of the dream - to whether it will concerns your personal well being or not. If the magazine was in the field of enterprise or business, then this dream relates to your financial state. To be featured in a magazine (like fortune magazine) relates to your personal relationship with other people or the way you look.

You may dream of

  • Reading a magazine.
  • Buying a magazine.
  • Selling a magazine.
  • A magazine displaying specific topics or news.
  • Watching a magazine stand from a distance.
  • Featured in a magazine.

Positive changes may happen if

  • You are personally reading a magazine
  • You are featured in the magazine

Detailed dream interpretation

Magazines are a sign of new experiences. To dream that you are reading a magazine suggests enlightenment and peace in life. This means that you are presently at peace with a particular area in your life.

To dream that from a distance you see a magazine on a display stand or window symbolizes success. To see a magazine in a waiting room suggests the power of thought. It could mean success in whatever you wish through persistence and believing that you can achieve anything.

To dream that you see yourself being featured in a magazine symbolizes the reflection of your personal image. It suggests that you will make every effort to know yourself better. If you see yourself in a picture in a magazine means that people close to you will ask for your help. To read an editorial in a magazine means it is your inner self trying to tell you that there is more to discover. Working on writing a magazine is associated with having new relationship or an acquaintance, friend or lover. It can also mean a new relationship in life.

Dreaming of reading, buying or selling a magazine means having a new acquaintance or a meeting with someone will draw your interest. This meeting could mean something that you most desired. It can also mean a meeting that is associated with your economic state. If you are into business and venturing into a new one, then it suggests that your presently adapted ways may reap and attract success. This calls for you to stay focused on what you aim to have and exert more effort to learn or be adept in a new undertaking.

Feelings that you have when dreaming of magazine

Excitement. Puzzled. Mindful. Honored. Expectant.

By Florance Saul
Feb 16, 2013