Brown snake dream

Brown snake dream

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Freud believed a snake dream is connected to our sexual energy.

The snake is associated with the penis, therefore, the dream is characterized by our sexual desires in life. Freud research and dream work basically concluded that the snake dream is focused on the sexual frustration in life. The advice was that if one had a dream of this nature. A brown snake is rather "common." in dreams and in real life. The brown snake is the second most venomous snake in the world. Often found in the countries of Indonesia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

The brown snake is very common in biting its prey. In terms of dreams in order to understand what dreaming of a brown snake means we have to not only turn to the interpretation of a snake in general but also look at the aspects of the dream and how the brown snake was portrayed. In a dream, the snake could be variable colors. This is not to say that the snake will be completely brown or bronze it could display itself with various patterns including yellows, greys, blues, silvers or even black. The actual color of the snake is important when we are trying to define a meaning. Equally, the habitat of the snake within the dream is just as important.

In your dream

  • You saw a brown snake in the wood.
  • A brown snake was attacking you.
  • A brown snake was attacking others.
  • A brown snake bit you.
  • You see a brown adder.
  • You see a brown python.
  • A brown boa was featured in your dream.
  • A brown cobra was in your dream.
  • A brown corn snake was seen in your dream.

Detailed meaning of a brown snake in the dream state

To see a brown snake in woodland indicates that you need to protect yourself against somebody who will cause you some minor difficulties. If the brown snake is seen in the grass then this is associated with somebody trying to hide the truth from you. Interestingly, the brown snake is not found in deserts (in real life.) If however in your dream you saw a brown snake in a dessert then this can be considered a dream of ambition. If you know in the dream the brown snake is poisonous and this is associated with a problem or issue with somebody in waking life. It can indicate some failures especially when it comes to work.

The brown snake (if poisonous) indicates that there are areas of life that you need to review. If the brown snake is dead in your dream it can signify an upturn in passion, towards a deep involvement in life with other people. This may mean that you will grow emotionally, competitively and also sexually.

If you kill the brown snake in your dream then this can suggest that there will be a loss but out of this loss will come success and happiness. If you are bitten by a brown snake in your dream then this is associated with independence. There is some chaotic energy around you at the moment and this could possibly leave you in some minor depression. The advice here is that you must get yourself out of the darkness and try to focus on light. This could be achieved through meditation.

Other people in your life cannot be trusted if you see the brown snake swimming in water. The water itself represents emotion and your values in life. As a snake is considered a dangerous omen it means that your emotions are going to be challenged. To be bitten on the hands or feet by the brown snake indicates that you are going to feel that you have failed the task. It can also symbolize a loss of knowledge and also a sense of understanding ourselves better. The brown snake is associated with our material possessions.

A copper colored snake indicates that you fear change. Perhaps you've been working towards something in life and you are worried about losing what you have achieved so far. The brown snake also represents a more powerful and commanding a life. If the brown snake has a zigzag pattern and this can suggest that you will be more understanding of others going forward. If the brown snake is light in color, therefore light brown then this indicates you are worried about letting go of the situation in life.

The good news is that the brown represents earth which means that we need to be more grounded in life. Do not prevent yourself from achieving what you can. If the snake is dark brown in color then this can indicate that there is some energy that has been blocked or re-channelled. It may be that the dream refers to a specific person in your waking life. Somebody that finds it difficult to communicate with others or is blocked in life. As Brown represents the earth you can indicate that the problem will be resolved in the future.

In ancient dream dictionaries dark brown snakes can signify your own qualities.

A brown adder seen in a dream is connected to how we communicate with other people. There is somebody powerful and commanding in your current life. To see a brown python indicates success and also the need for grounding. A brown boa constructor seen in a dream suggests sorrow. It represents pain and possible heartache in the future. A brown cobra in your dream is often connected to pain which then turns into joyful memories. If you see a brown corn snake in your dream it can sometimes stand for protection, either protection of people or events in life. You must deal with your problems instead of hanging on to the past.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017