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Seeing a laboratory in a dream is the omen of a problem that you created for yourself, and that you will solve only if you put all your force into it.

A laboratory symbolizes a process in your life that is still in its experimental stage, but it can also refer to a very regular existence.

Dreaming of working in a laboratory could mean that you might have a compulsive life at the moment that stays in the way of your creativity and even dreams. The question you should ask yourself is what are you currently experimenting, especially in regard to your feelings and ideas, and what is the expected outcome of these experiments you are currently doing. If the experiments in the laboratory dream are successful, this foretells a positive outcome ahead.

In your dream you may have…

  • You are in a laboratory.
  • You work in a laboratory.
  • Someone you know is in a laboratory.
  • A big, professional laboratory.
  • You have a laboratory assistant.
  • Animals in a laboratory.
  • Doing experiments in a laboratory.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Nobody is hurt in the laboratory.
  • You have positive results in your laboratory work.
  • You feel happy in the laboratory you see in your dream.
  • You laboratory experiments are successful.

Detailed dream interpretation

Seeing yourself working in a laboratory in a dream could also mean that you should approach your life a bit more systematically and in a more organized manner. The dream also tells you that despite the talents you are endowed with, you should still be careful because you are at the moment in a developing process. It could mean that you will need a big power and strong initiative to gain control in a given situation from your waking life.

If in your dream you are a scientist working in a laboratory, this tells you that you should put more feelings in situations that are important to you. Spiritually speaking, a laboratory could signify that you are involved in a fake and artificial spirituality which lacks the involvement of your heart. You should definitely consider putting your heart into what you are currently doing. Working in a laboratory and discovering interesting things indicates that you will soon have a good approach of your personal matters and plans. The laboratory could also suggest that you might have to deal with some unpleasant situations ahead.

Dreaming of a laboratory indicates that you could be put in a difficult situation at work and that the outcome of it is quite uncertain. If you see yourself in a laboratory, this is the omen of wasted energy and no results ahead, which in turn means you could achieve much more than you currently are achieving. Working in a laboratory means that you might have the right skill to make the right maneuvers in a difficult situation.

If in your laboratory dream you have a lab assistant that helps you in your work, this foretells good progress is expected to come in your way. Researching an illness in a laboratory or diagnosing an illness could mean danger. Either way, dreaming of a laboratory indicates vast knowledge. If in your dream you have a laboratory, this means immediate profit.

Seeing a chemistry laboratory in your dream could be the omen of danger, exhaustion and excitement. A laboratory and a researcher mean reciprocal misunderstandings with your partner. If the laboratory has lots of instruments, this omens big gains coming from your work, as well as that your work will pay off. If you see yourself having lots of scientific experience in a laboratory it could suggest that some hidden dangers are coming into your waking life, but you will overpass them.

Being in a laboratory in your dream indicates well deserved gains. If you dream of yourself working in a laboratory, you will be able to solve an older problem. However a laboratory could also foretell an illness and a danger of some sort.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of laboratory.

Scared. Busy. Happy. Enjoying. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Working hard. Discovering things. Smart.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013