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Rock in dreams indicates success.

Rock dreams are associated with strength and also success in life. We can look at the term meaning of “solid as a rock” which is associated with being strong and leading life. The rock dream is a distinctive association with how you are perceived in life. One can associate rocks as being significant to successes in waking life. To see large rocks in water such as the sea indicates that there is a positive outcome to a difficult situation. Depending upon the size of the rock you will start to feel at peace with life. The bigger the rock the more positive the dream. If you jumped over a rock then this indicates that you are distressed at the moment. It acknowledges that you are in the process of making plans to improve your lifestyle. If you lived in a rock in the dream state this indicates that someone else’s in controlling you. You are somewhat comfortable with this.

In your dream you may have (scroll down for meaning)

  • Seen a large rock in the sea.
  • Jumped over a rock in your dream.
  • Collected rocks in your dream.
  • Lived in a rock in your dream.
  • Been mining for rock such as gold.
  • Seen: iron, coal, diamonds, limestone, base metals.
  • Seen rock salt in your dream.
  • Seen natural rock salt lake in the dream.
  • Rocks were seen by a beach in your dream.
  • Seen golden colored rock.
  • Seen many rocks in the sea.
  • Thrown rocks in your dream.
  • Seen a shamrock.
  • Been rock climbing.
  • Seen a scene of a rockstar.
  • Been at a rock concert.
  • Been a rockstar in your dream.
  • Listened to rock music in your dream.
  • Seen a rock band.
  • Listened to punk rock.
  • Seen a rock garden.
  • Listen to rock ’n’ roll.
  • Dancing to rock ’n’ roll.
  • Dancing to rock music.
  • Mining for rock in your dream.
  • Climbing rock walls in your dream.
  • Seen rock shows in your dream.
  • Listened to rock music in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning of rocks in the dream

The rock is symbolic of “putting up barriers in life.” If you see significant minerals in your dream, this could be iron, coal, diamonds, base metals or limestone suggests that you’re going to have to make positive changes in order to arrive at your destination. This is a positive dream meaning that the outcome of a situation will be positive in nature. Salt rock in your dream can be represented as a cooking implement alternatively as a salt lake. Salt is all about purification in the spirit world. Therefore, this dream you see the salt it suggests purification is required - maybe take a salt bath?

Rocks seen on the beach in your dream indicates that life has been complex and you do not have enough time in life. Everything seems to get neglected. Try to plan your time better. To see more than one rock in the dream this suggests that someone wants to see you for advice. A gold colored rock is positive. This suggests money is coming your way. A shamrock is a lucky sign in the dream. The shamrock is a symbol which is associated with Irish folklore. This is the flag that symbolizes "Ireland forever."

What is the difference between a four leaf clover and a shamrock?

It looks similar to a four-leaf clover. The shamrock has three leaves rather than four. In dreams, the shamrock suggests the sun, father, and holy ghost and is associated with: passion, love, and hope in life. As a Celtic symbol, this suggests that you will have good luck. To see a four leaf clover in the dream indicates wealth and good health. In conclusion, the shamrock is associated with success. As the color is green it is associated with money. You will have attainment and contentment in life. To see a scene of a rockstar is a positive dream. This is associated with ensuring that you are encountering a great time in life. It is time for celebrations.

Throwing rocks in the dream is negative. It signifies that others are going to talk about you behind your back. Throwing rocks at others suggests that you need to protect yourself. If you throw rocks in the sea this indicates a fresh start in life. Attending a rock concert in your dream is associated with feeling joyful and motivated. Listening to rock music suggests struggles with others, especially if the music is loud. Listening to rock music in your dreams a positive dream. Listening to punk rock music means you have to motivate someone in life. A rock garden in the dream indicates a good relationship with others. If you are gardening and you see rocks it foretells that you are not comfortable with things in life. It is time you listen to others.

Listening and dancing to rock music indicates you will feel free in a difficult situation. The image that you present to the world needs to be more aligned with the changes that you feel within. To mine rock in your dream indicates the sum of money will come to you in the future. This is especially true if the material that you are mining is gold. To climb rock walls in your dream indicates that you have been unable to resolve conflict in life. The actual climbing on the rock suggests you got a long way until you smooth things over with a specific person. To simply see the rock in a dream denotes depression which is lifted. It can suggest that you have been hiding away from the world but that good times and success is on its way. Listening to rock music on your iPod or in the car suggests that you are ready to design your own future. Good luck is yours!

To climb a rock suggests that you are over a difficult time. This can mean reaching for a goal in life. You are climbing for something great. Rock climbing suggests struggles, ambition and possibly obstacles that may be in your way. You have something over others. To successfully climb a rock indicates you are trying to avoid negativity. You don’t have much time in life. If you dream of rock music this denotes that people are going to offer you help in a situation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Annoyed, frustrated, slightly concerned, sense of trying to achieve and growing.

By Florance Saul
May 17, 2017