Dreams of Franz Kafja

Dreams of Franz Kafja

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Dream Accounts: Franz Kafja 1883-1924:

Franz Kafja wrote in his diaries on the 21st of September 1917 of a dream that he had about his father.

Franz was born on the 3 July 1883 and died in June 1924. He was a famous major fiction writer. Franz suffered from many nightmares which includes dehumanization and strange labyrinths. This is what he recalls: there was a small audience...before which my father was making public for the first time a scheme of his for social reform. He was anxious to have this select audience, an especially select one in his opinion, undertake to make propaganda for his scheme. On the surface he expressed this much more modestly, merely requesting the audience, after they should have heard his views, to let him have the address of interested people who might be invited to a large public meeting soon to take place.

My father had never yet had any dealings with these people, consequently and described his scheme with that extreme solicitude which is the mark of the amateur. The company, in spite of the fact that they weren’t at all prepared for a lecture, recognized at once that he was offering them, with all the pride of originality, what was nothing more than an old, outworn idea that had been thoroughly debated long ago. They let my father feel this. He had anticipated the objection, however, and, with magnificent conviction of its futility (though it often appeared to tempt even him), with a faint bitter smile, put his case even more emphatically. When he had finished, one could perceive from the general murmur of annoyance that he had convinced them neither of the originality nor the practicability of his scheme.

Not many were interested in it. Still, here and there someone was to be found who, out of kindness and perhaps because he knew me, offered him a few addresses. My father, completely unruffled by the general mood, had cleared away his lecture notes and picked up the piles of white slips that he had ready for writing down the few addresses. I could hear only the name of a certain Privy councillor Strizanowski, or something similar.

Later I saw my father sitting on the floor, his back against the sofa, as he sits when he plays with Felix. Alarmed, I asked him what he was doing. He was pondering his scheme.

Franz Kafja 1847-1865, 1911. So what does this dream mean?

This dream is clearly about his father. This is a spiritual dream which shows that there is a key message. The fact that he recalls this in such vivid detail shows that the message was the name that he was given in the dream. If you experience a dream such as this remember to listen out for the name / or names that are important.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012