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Dream meaning of an Avocado.

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Dreams of avocado's relate to happiness.

An avocado is a large type of fruit defined in the berry category, it has a single seed. An avocado is sweet and nutritious and despite being a native of the South Central Mexico, it is available all over the world and loved as a good source of nutrition. In the dream, an avocado symbolizes happiness and an expression of creative energy. 



In the dream…


  • You may be the one with the avocado.
  • A familiar person eats an avocado.
  • A strange person might be the one with an avocado.
  • Peeling an avocado.
  • Eating avocado.
  • Seeing a large avocado.
  • Cooking with an avocado.
  • Selling an avocado.
  • Buying an avocado.


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Detailed dream interpretation...


An avocado is often associated with not telling the truth in a dream. It is a symbolism of a lie. This is the ancient dream interpretation from the 1930s. Of course, there are many elements of this dream that need to be reviewed when trying to define an more "modern" interpretation. To peel an avocado skin in one's dream indicates that you will find it difficult to understand people around you. Someone could possibly deceive you. If you notice avocados on a tree it can suggest that growth is coming your way. To dream that the avocado is not ripe inside is an association with decisions that are likely to be erratic. 


Try to take some time before making some key decisions. To go to the market and buy an avocado indicates that you will have some successful business transactions. If you are selling an avocado in your dream this points to possible uncomfortable negotiations with somebody. If the avocado is growing from a tree then this suggests that you are going to have a romantic proposal soon.

To see a large avocado in your dream is connected to energy that is required to overcome deception. To have a dream of an avocado which is a reoccurring dream indicates that you need to be careful in life.

A situation where you see yourself eating an avocado in a dream suggests that you will experience happiness in waking life and this will in itself give you the creative energy to create positive situations around you. 

People will benefit from your expertise because you will be able to impact them with positive energy which will result in happy times. To cook with an avocado in a dream indicates that you should work towards achieving your own goals in life. You will soon be in a position to work on defining your goals and thus, you will start to work on becoming more prosperous.

To cut an avocado in your dream indicates a blessing. And with this blessing coming your way, you should try to be generous to your friends and relatives. Share your achievements and let them be able to learn how to achieve progress in life, your way. 


Things might seem so tough in life if the avocado in the dream is bad, this is due to the fact that, you maybe full of negative energy, which at the end of the day, will make it impossible to achieve even the simplest of tasks put before you. Once you start on the wrong footing in the morning, there is no way things will out during the day, you have to be positive from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. You will be shocked at how things work out for you throughout the day.

Seeing an avocado being held by a familiar person in your dream is an indicator that you should learn the secret behind the success of your friends and relatives because that is what you need in order to succeed in life. Learn from others is the key message. You need to be happy and also somewhat aggressive in order to accomplish your day to day activities and this, you can only achieve this through socializing with positive people who you know in your life. They will be able to impact their positive energy.

When a strange person is seen holding an avocado in your dream, it denotes that you will need to travel or relocate. It seems that you are surrounded with unhappiness thus, making it impossible for you to progress in life. This “travel” has to be completed as soon as possible because you will start seeing development in your life which will help you achieve your goals. Maybe take a holiday away?

Feelings associated with your dream...

Progressive, happy, aggressive, generous, impacted and blessed.


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