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If you are fed up with being on someone's beck and call, whether it is your boss or family, then you might feel like a servant.

This dream also can show that you feel subservient and are susceptible to continual analysis and criticism. Think about whether or not this is a strong indicator of how you feel currently. To be a maid or cleaner in one's dream means that you always try to do things for others, at the expense of your own health.

In your dream

  • You are treated like a servant.
  • You have a servant.
  • You are a servant.
  • See many servants.
  • You fire a servant.

Advice from your dream

  • Modesty is your main behavior.
  • You respect others.
  • You do not feel superior to others.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of being a servant indicates that you are dominated by low self-esteem or even lack it completely. This is a warning dream that someone in your cycle of friends is completely careless of you, follows selfish interests, and considers you inferior. If you are served by a servant in your dream this can mean that others do not really recognize you for what you are.

A dream of a servant is an omen of modesty, humbleness and humility, but also possible feelings of inferiority that you should try to overcome. A servant can represent a possible praise that you might receive at work. Seeing a servant in a dream means a false experience, but also the danger of becoming dependent on someone.

If in your dream you are a servant, you might be deceived by friends. If you fire a servant, this indicates an improvement in your income. Seeing yourself being served by a servant can suggest that you are dependent financially, but also your modesty brings about feelings of inferiority and obedience. This dream warns you about wrong friends.

Employing a servant in your dream portends a visit ahead. Being a servant in one's dream foretell's avoiding work because one feel's used, and this brings misfortune. If you have servants in your dream and they are fighting with each other, this means annoyances and sorrow. Having a servant means that you should be careful not to lose your social prestige.

If a servant serves you, this means you are tired. If you are a woman and you are employed as a servant, this dream portends obstacles. You should try keeping your job during this time. As a woman, dreaming that you have servant is an unhappy sign. An honest servant means firmness and power to put things in order, but also financial wealth.

Many servants portend a possible illness or other kind of troubles. However, if you dream of being someone’s servant, you may have a gain. The Persian tradition says that if you dream of many servants, things will get worse, and you could get sick or have other troubles.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of servant

Tired. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012