Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman Dream Meaning

In order to understand the history and its meaning, we need to look at the history of the Abominable Snowman.

The abominable snowman is very much a "legend" in that we do not know for certain of his existence. The abominable snowman is also known as a Yeti. The good news is that it is a positive dream. The factors in the dream determine the true meaning.

If the dream was scary and frightening and this can suggest other people are going to challenge you in the future. If there are any negative aspects in the dream regarding the abominable snowman this can indicate that you feel that in life things are fair. Perhaps a person is dishonest and talk about you behind your back. It can indicate that other people feel fearful of you.

On a more positive note, this dream indicates that you will find situations more difficult to approach going forward.  If the abominable snowman was chasing the dream this can suggest that you will find a difficult problem in the future. If you dreamed of "Bigfoot"  this can suggest that other people are going to look to you for advice and also friendship. There is a focus on feeling positive and strong in life. If the yeti looks annoyed or angry this can indicate that you are feeling possible depression or anger.

Maybe somebody in your life is causing you problems of aggravation. The coldness of the abominable snowman indicates the way you’re feeling inside. Make sure nobody disrupts your life to the point of causing depression. To dream that you are making food or warming up for yourself or the snowman in the dream is a positive indication that you need relaxation in order to progress in life.

What is the history of the abominable snowman?

The abominable snowman is a wonderful symbol seen in dreams. The origin is not well known, but the theory has been around for the donkey's years. At times the abominable snowman is known as the Yeti, the Abominable snowman is a bipedal creature assumed to live in the mountains in Asia. It is said to live below the Himalayan snow areas of Tibet and Nepal, but at times, it is said to leave tracks in the snow. This creation is said to exist in various forms and shapes.

In 1921, this humanoid cryptid started being called the Abominable snowman by Charles Howard Bury, he wrote a book about the infamous tracks left by this unknown creature, which the locals referred to as “metoh kangmi.” But even though Charles wrote about the Yeti in 1921, the stories about it date back to the years before 1921. And, did you know… this theory has been around as early as 1832, the year where they are documented in a journal published by BH Hodgson. He was traveling with local guides when he saw a tall bipedal creature that ran after him. It had long dark hair, and he mistook it for an orangutan, which is only found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In recent times, that is 2007, Joshua Gates, a TV presenter came across the footprints belonging to the Yeti and collected samples of hair, which were analyzed forensically and confirmed that it contains an unknown DNA sequence. A Recent sighting of Yeti-like creatures across the world has renewed speculations that the Yeti is not isolated to the Himalayas. It is believed that the Bigfoot, which is another well-known humanoid could be related to the Yeti, sharing the same ancestry which dates back to the times when the Bering Land Bridge was still in use.

What does it mean to see the abominable snowman chase you in a dream?

Dreaming of the abominable snowman beast can imply you are under some pressure in your waking life. It also means you need to complete the impossible in life. If you are having stress in life or undergoing a difficult period in life, relax because you will find a clue to the dream that you are having.

What does it mean to see an abominable snowman chasing you?

Seeing an abominable snowman chasing you in your dream is a sign that, there is something in your life that is intimidating you. It could represent positive influences that are overwhelming and too dramatic for you to bear. It is a positive sight - which is too good to be true to the extent that, it is worrying you. On a negative note, this dream could denote that, you are facing a situation that is shocking, and you feel that it is unfair. A situation or a person whom you feel is putting you down can also result in having this dream of being chased. It could also represent an elusive fear that you are harboring.

What does it mean to dream of turning into the abominable snowman?

To dream of turning into an abominable snowman is symbolic of positive energy in your waking life that is going to intimidate you. Turning into the abominable snowman could reflect positive influences or change which is going to be sudden or dramatic for you. It is a change that is making you worried.

On a negative front, seeing yourself turning into an abominable snowman represents you are in shock due to an act that you think is being handled unfairly to your disadvantage. It could represent a person or a situation that is hurting you and making your life to experience toughness. I am now going to discuss “snow” in dreams as this can have an association with this dream meaning and snow is normally present when you dream of the abominable snowman. So click here for that meaning.

Feelings encountered when dreaming

  • Worried that people don’t like you.
  • The problem approaching others.
  • Worried about the fact you disliked people in your dream.

In your dream you may have

  • You saw an abominable snowman which means luck.
  • The abominable snowman was chasing you which means worry.
  • You were the abominable snowman indicates fear in life.
  • If the dream was negative in nature - a nightmare then you will encounter something unfair in life.
  • To be cold in the dream indicates a worrisome situation in life.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017