Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

The dream about a graduation cap is positive, and it refers to big accomplishments. Seeing a graduation cap in a dream means you will soon see your good fortune and luck.

Wearing a graduation cap in a dream can refer to a period of transition in your life. You will be moving from one stage to another in your development, and this dream suggests you that you are ready for that big change.

The dream of a graduation cap suggests that you will shine in the field of your business and that you will obtain a good social position.

In your dream

  • You toss your graduation cap up in the air.

  • You receive a graduation cap.

  • You are wearing a graduation cap.

  • Lots of people wearing graduation caps.

  • A beautiful graduation cap.

  • You see someone wearing a graduation cap.

  • You forgot to wear a graduation cap at your graduation ceremony.

  • A white graduation cap.

  • You have many graduation caps.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are very happy in the dream about a graduation cap.

  • You toss your graduation cap up in the air.

  • The dream had a generally positive feeling and you are happy.

  • You recognize your accomplishments in the waking life.

  • Remain focused in everything you do.

  • Follow your dreams and wishes.

  • Move a bit faster in your endeavors.

  • Be active and trust yourself.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of a graduation cap is a positive one, connected to your achievement in life, as a graduation cap is the sign of successfully completing something, in this case graduating from college.

It is a sign that you will successfully progress on your path, and your accomplishments will be noted. Seeing yourself happily wearing a graduation cap suggests that you are content with yourself in the real life.

If in your dream you see someone else wearing a graduation cap, this is a symbol connected to your accomplishments, in the sense that you might not be entirely content with them. Seeing someone else wearing a graduation cap can mean that you feel your accomplishments do not deserve a reward, hence the graduation cap is seen on someone else’s head, not yours. This dream can also be a sign of envy and jealousy from your side.

Dreaming that you want to wear a graduation cap, but you cannot because you did not complete all the college work and hence you did not qualify to graduate is a sign that you do not trust yourself sufficiently.

You should reevaluate your accomplishments and give yourself some more credit. The dream suggests that you should not change yourself to reflect your accomplishments, but rather be happy with what you have. Seeing a white graduation cap can be a negative omen, referring to a failure ahead.

If in your dream you are at your graduation ceremony and you forget to wear a graduation cap indicates that you are not prepared to progress on your path and move on to the next stage in your life, and therefore you are trying to hold yourself back, even if subconsciously.

Losing your graduation cap in a dream means that your illusions will be dashed, and your dreams may not come true.

The dream of tossing a graduation cap up in the air is a sign of happiness and appreciation. It can portend happy life ahead, with lots of accomplishments.

Feelings that you may have had in this dream about graduation cap

Successful. Happy. Content. Proud. Enchanted. Spiritual. Hungry. Busy. Tired. Surprised. Joyful. Grateful. Appreciative. Anxiety. Denied. Inadequate. Challenged. Having fun. Cold. Afraid. Upset. Surprised. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Insecure. Careless. Do not know what to do next.

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017