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To see a volcano in your dream, denotes violent confrontation or that you feel withdrawn from society.

The emotions you feel are about to "erupt". Your honesty and fair character may also be threatened or attacked. In dreams volcanoes represent your emotions. The existence of a volcano in a dream is a symbol from the unconscious mind to control your temper and emotions, it could mean pressure has built up in your life and you have been finding it difficult to keep everything together. Perhaps, the volcano has signified a harmful or difficult emotional condition, where emotions are going to erupt.


In this dream you may have...

  • Seen a volcano abrupt.
  • Flew over a volcano.
  • Been chased by lava.
  • Was swimming in the lava.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The volcano was not threatening.
  • You were sightseeing.
  • The volcano was beautiful.

Detailed dream meaning...

The title "volcano" originates from the Roman god Vulcan. This god was connected to male fertilization and protecting the crop in ancient roman times. The god is linked to any aspect of fire and is usually worshipped in order to avoid causing fires. The god is known to be connected to religion and helps protect against potential danger.

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Our unconscious mind often talks to us in images through our dreams and not in words. The meaning of this dream in ancient dream dictionaries has frequently suggested that a volcanic eruption denotes that tempers are likely to arise along with a pretty significant emotional confrontation, this could be that you have been wrong in a situation or someone offering an apology. Many of us are acquainted with the way a volcano erupts and this is frightening, as it seldom gives warning, it spews clouds of ash and gives off almighty heat.

Additionally, the volcanoes is also associated with the Hawaiian goddess known as Pele. The legend is that Pele had many siblings and thirteen sisters. In the ancient stories she wanted to meet her true love but she was fickle and ended up killing all her husbands. So what does this mean in connection with your dream? We can see through these gods that emotions are central to their interpretation. Additionally, this dream is associated with a powerful feeling of love or hate. Is this a negative dream?

It depends on what type of energy the dreamer has been experiencing lately. To see a volcano abrupt is a symbol of a message from the divine, or perhaps an explosive eruption of violence in the dreamers life. There is a danger that energy is being applied inside your psyche, this dream is a warning that you may need to review people around you for clues. Volcanic activity happens deep inside the earth's crust, where gases along with other materials accumulate and draw pressure. This is very important as volcanoes will always be connected with pressure. This pressure aims to keep the gas under control underneath the earth.

Volcanoes featured in dreams, therefore, could mean that the dream is under an immense amount of pressure. This pressure is coming from a number of directions. There's a sense of someone aiming to keep you under control and secondly, someone is covering up their emotional feelings.  In a dream state this might indicate that the dreamer has been feeling great pressure to keep control of emotions and tried to not get angry with the person that is hiding their emotions. There is a frantic need to release oneself from this pressure.


Often sometimes the earths pressure can simply explode. For this to be apparent in a dream means that the pressure of trying to always achieve has often ended in conflict in the family.

The important thing here's to recognize exactly what the pressure is and to move away from this pressure to let off steam before a surge of anger occurs. The contents that are found in the core of the volcano are associated with a build up of matter - in a dream sense our emotions. This is how you have been emotionally feeling lately, that everything is hidden and it is ready for abruption. Often our emotional emotions act in the same as volcanoes. If we are  feeling anger, we shut it off. If we feel trapped by a situation we live with it. We all know sometimes in life we become unhappy, our decisions, our career endeavors, our job and even our partner choice, but we often convince ourselves that this dissatisfaction is just a phase of life.

We eat too much, we don't take care of our bodies and deep-down we are convinced that everything will work itself out. The body sometimes provides clues to these problems such as minor heart attacks bad blood pressure but eventually this is ignored and emotions then become stronger in regards to the regret of not acting upon bad health. The force which is beneath the surface of the volcano in a dream is our emotions and how we are treating our bodies. If you're dreaming constantly of volcanoes the advice is to examine your feelings and decisions in life. Are you domineering others? are you controlling your own emotions? Make an effort to make contact with individuals that you have been abandoning and discover a proper way to communicate. From a spiritual sense don't ignore their alerts! Volcanoes in the occult world are commonly connected with representing the divine. Older dream dictionaries denote that a volcano can indicate a severe change that's happening inside the psyche. This change has happened in connection with a fundamental change in consciousness. Encounters using the divine could be awesome, and changes within the psyche can lead to effective, positive changes.

However, caution should be used if your performing spiritual work or when trying to connect with the divine. Volcanoes are amazing shows and magical to see erupting. Be an energetic individual and take care of your body. To dream of swimming in the lava means that you are likely to encounter emotional times but remain untouched in regards to your long-term outlook.


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