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An attack is when someone takes an aggressive action against another using force or weapons.

Sometimes it is difficult to wake-up after dreaming of an attack. It can be considered a nightmare. Has a murderer chased you with an ax? Have you been attacked by an animal in your dream? Are new attacking other people in your dream? Attacks in dreams are associated with how vulnerable we are if you are feeling in control of your own self. One generally has the “attack” type of dream when they are required to defend something in waking life. A dream of attack indicates that you may be under attack emotionally in waking life. From a psychological point of view "being attacked" in a dream is associated with the ups and downs of life. There are certain details of important the questions we need to ask ourselves is did you attack somebody? Did somebody attack what weapons were used for the attack? is there some area of your life it is under attack?

What is the detailed dream interpretation of an attack?

If you find that in your dream, you were attacked, it denotes that there are several unresolved issues which you are harboring which need to be dealt with, once and for all. You need to make peace with others and be more emotionally “strong.” The key advice of a dream of attack means that you need to look at your life in behaviors see where you could eliminate stress. If you are being attacked by a murderer then you may encounter a difficult person in your waking life where you will need to defend yourself. If you are being attacked somebody you know then this it is a dream associated with your emotions.

If you are attacked in a dream, it denotes that, you have self-unresolved conflicts which you are struggling with; you need to gain a peaceful resolution in life. In a dream, seeing people attack you represents situations where you feel that you are being hurt emotionally. It could be an expression of fears that you are giving into. It could lead to you being angry or other people being angry with you. There is a feeling of being wronged around you which is hurting.

If in your dream, someone is attacking you, it foretells that people around you are questioning your personality and you feel there is a need for you to defend yourself. This leaves you with feelings of frustration, stress, helplessness, and vulnerability. There is a possibility that, you are undergoing a difficult time in your waking life. A dream where you are attacked gives you an opportunity to fight back, confront the situations which you might have been avoiding in real life. If you happen to dream that an animal is fighting you, it implies that you should be very careful with those who are around you. When you wake up to try and analyze a person in waking life who exhibits the same characteristics of the animal that fought you in your dream and take precautions when around them.

A dream where you are attacked by an animal and you kill the animal is a sign that you are achieving what you stand for, you need to re-evaluate your actions. If you see other people attacked in your dream, it implies that there is something in your character which is being questioned and you feel that you need to defend yourself. It is making you feel stressed due to the limited options you have at your disposal.

If someone attacked and raped you in the dream state it foretells the negative side of life has been exposed and it is causing you to feel worried about the future. A situation where you are unable to see your attackers means that you feel insecure due to the unknown. You might be in a new environment which is making you feel unsure of the future. We all feel like giving up sometimes in life. The fact that you can't see the attackers suggests some issues and problems in waking life. People around you are trying to be friendly, but your instinct warns you to be on your own.

If you are attacked and kidnapped in your dream this denotes your own potential or expanded awareness of repressing a conflict which is causing you to be frightened of your own emotions. A terrorist attack in your dream denotes that, there is something unstoppable and untraceable which is happening in your life and this is working against your hopes and dreams. In your waking life, try to approach the person and let them know how what they are doing is affecting your progress.

A plane attack in your dream denotes that, there are amazing changes which are coming your way. It could also show fears about being exposed to something that you have carried out which is not right. If the plane crashed after being attacked, it denotes that you are worried about failing. It could be that you are worried about your ambition failing or a loss of self-confidence or imbalance. For the plane to blow up in the dream indicates challenges with your own emotions.

This dream may appear as a warning of a broken business project. It can also relate to childhood problems which make it difficult for you to take the right course of action in life. If you watch from a distance while the plane is being attacked, it could mean that you have a feeling something important nationally is about to happen. This dream is not “literal” in its sense and normally means that you feel you are being attacked by others in your own mind. Dreaming of being attacked by an enemy in your dream, is positive if you are not hurt in the process. It can mean that you might be fighting hard with the feeling or urge to retrain for a profession. The "attack" actions maybe a wake-up call to say that things are not working in life.

When you see a war in your dream this foretells that there is change on a large scale which is about to happen in your life. It can also reflect your emotional state as to think the world is at war is rather concerning! This dream is connected to an emotional problem in life, generally caused by an addiction to something which is impacting on your life in a negative way. A war in your dream can also represent having different views in life. it can represent disorder and chaos in waking life. It can also suggest an abusive relationship or aggressive behavior if you are fighting in a way in your dream.

In the dream:

  • You were attacked in your dream.
  • Seen other people attacked in your dream.
  • Attacked by a monster.
  • Attacked and raped in your dream.
  • You could not see your attacker.
  • Attacked and kidnapped in your dream.
  • A terrorist attack in your dream.
  • A plane attack.
  • Attacked the enemy.
  • A war was featured in your dream.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Aggressive. Emotional. Amazing. Damaged. Insecure. Repressed

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2017